JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode two

We run as far as we could and only stop when we are sure he isn’t coming after us.

” Where are we going vee,” am really scared please dont let him hurt me,” Maya says clinging on to me with all her might.

” I swear i will never let anyone hurt you ever again,” i say kssing her forehead. ” Now lets keep on moving.”

The fact that it was getting darker and chilly only added to our trouble . I couldn’t trust my dads family because peter was one of them and my mum’ s one and only sister had left the country ages ago and dint even attend her burial.

The money i had saved up couldn’t last us long and i had to find a job and that means no more school for me. I had to take care of my sister and that was more important than my own life right now.

Later we walked up towards the town park and found a perfect corner to sleep .It had a roof top and that was more than we could have asked for since we were officially homeless!

“We are going to spend the night here and tomorrow we’ll head to the city so i can find a job,” I say to Maya as we layed some of her clothes on the ground to sleep on.

” Hey that’s my spot,” a weird looking guy shouts approaching us.

“It’s our now, ” i say pointing the gun at him.

” oookay….am Sorry. You can have it,” he says running off like a scared puppy.

“That thing is not a toy vee, ” Maya says.

“I know but it’s the only thing keeping us safe right now. Go to sleep tomorrow will be a new day ,” i tell her as i sit down and let her lay her head on my lap.

I spend the rest of the night watching over my sister praying that peter wont find us before we leave town. In the morning we take the earliest bus to the city hoping for better opportunities. A part of me is glad that the nightmare of been rapped almost everyday is over but the other part is scared of what is ahead. I guess it was time for a new beginning.


It’s been four years after that fatefull night. We had some rough times in the city but slowly adjusted. I have become a stronger person in all capacities, even though it took being dragged through what seemed like endless amounts of darkness.

I found a job at a club as a waiter and part singer and that has helped us alot. I later on found another job as a cleaner in a famous law firm which was purely out of luck!

I enrolled my sister in a decent but not too expensive school and we live in our one bedroom apartment now.

” Hi siz, how was you day,” asks maya who is just getting home from school.

‘ Just as usual. I slept almost the whole day. You look tired are you okay?”

” Yes ,am just exhausted, school is alot of work you know. Am so glad i only have two years left, i cant wait to graduate and help you out,” she says slamming her self on the sofa beside me.

” What two years? You have to join university and learn all about Journalism, i know you are passionate about that.I want you to be the best journalist in the whole world.You cant turn out like me,” i say hugging her tight.

” I dont think you understand vee. I want to be just like you. You are the most brave and fearlesss person i know, you are my idol.”

“Aww….. thank you but you are still going to the university, okay?”

” No question there!”

” Good! I have to go get ready ,there’s food and cookies in the fridge if you are hungry.”

“Yeah, okay.”

I take a long shower preparing myself physically and mentally for work. It was never that easy with drunk people around you always thinking they can buy you off with big tips or trying to take advantage of you.

That happened once when this crazy drunk guy followed me in the washroom but i was saved by my Nick ,my boss. Its crazy out there but hey ,am not complaining. On the positive side the bar was mostly full of rich brats who left us big tips.

” Hey am leaving now,” i shout on my way out. “And dont bring that noah guy here when am not around okay? Am not raising any babies.”

“Yes mum,” She says sarcastically as i walk out with a smile on my face.

Noah is this neighbour that attends the same school as Maya. He has been in our house more times that i can count and by the way they act around each other ,one could easily tell there was something there.

One time i found them sleeping on the couch early morning from work on a sunday. The story was that they had been styding for an exam almost all night and ended up sleeping .

I always take a bus to work and it is a thirty minute ride.

” Hey girl,” Lisa says coming over as soon as i enter the bar.

It’s a Friday night and the club is parked.

” Hey .” I go over to my locker and keep my belongings.

” Hi vee, you look hot as usual.” That’s mike . He is the biggest manwh©re i know and has been trying to get in my pants for as long as i can remember and that really gets on my nerves.

” Fk off mike, go try you luck somewhere else!”

” Hey ,but i dint even say anything wrong.”

” Maybe not with your mouth but you eyes were already undressing me,” i say rolling my eyes and walking past him.

” Come on vee, you know for you am willing to change right?” he says following me from behind.

” Yeah, i bet thats what you tell all of your bches! Get the he..ll away from me ,i dont want know STDs,” i say turning to face him.

” We can use protection if you want,” he says winking at me and biting his lower lip.

” Yeah right, not even with all the Viagra in this whole world. Now if you will excuse me, i have work to do.”

I walk back to the bar ready to serve my first Customers. They are these very attractive guys who look like angels.

The first guy has an angelic face with a gorgeous smile but the one that really caught my attention is the one sitting on the right.He is the most beatifull thing i have laid my eyes on since i started working here! He has a more muscular feature with the most bewitching blue eyes and his lips,i dont even have the words!

He is simply drop dead gorgeous!

” What can i get you guys ,” i ask before i am caught staring.

“I want all the tequila you’ve got,” The second one says not lookin up his gaze fixed on his phone.

” What do you mean ,all the tequila ? ” i ask just to be sure and maybe just so that i can listen to his deep husky voice again.

” Are you deaf or something?!” he says looking at me almost shouting.

I am so startled mostly because I dint see that coming! He maybe gorgeous and all but there was no way i was going to let him talk to me like that.

” Am sorry, but there is no need to be rude.”

” Oh am sorry ,did i hurt you feelings?” he says sarcastically. ” Now walk you pretty little legs and do what brought you here. I didn’t come here to chit chat around with cheap $luts!”

What ?! I mean this guy really has some nerves!

Is he trying to die or something?!

” Alex stop , dont take your anger out on her,” the other guy said.” Am really sorry ,just get us two beers, please.”

” Okay,” i say as i walk away. He is lucky that i need this job other wise i would have given him a piece of my mind!


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