JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode five


As soon as the clock hit seven, am already done with my cleaning and on my way home.

” Ow, ” I say as I bump into something hard, almost knocking me down.

” Watch where you’re going you silly girl, ” a voice says and when I look up, I see Alex.

” You?! he says glaring at me.

He looks as hot as I remember and dmn those eyes!

” Am sorry, ” I say as I walk past him but suddenly feel a firm hand on my wrist, pulling me back.

” What are you doing here? So apart from been a $lut and a $tripper, you’re also a stalker?! Wow, nice choices of career. ” he says shaking his head as he let’s go of my hand.

” Am not a stalker, okay. Now if youll excuse me, I have better things to do. ” I try to move but he stops me, standing in front of me.

” What’s your problem? !

” You are my problem! I know your type okay, you always play hard to get but deep down you are just waiting for the right moment to mess with us and rob us of everything! ” he says with so much hatred.

” I am not interested in your friend and I don’t have time for this. You just ruined my morning you idi©t, now move and find someone else to pester.”

” Stay away from my friend okay? ” he says still glaring at me and i decide to play his stupid game.”

” What if I don’t? ”

” Don’t mess with me little girl, you don’t know what am capable of, ” he says giving me a murderers look.

” Are you threatening me?! Okay, look here you silly guy, ” I say getting closer to him, ” if I was interested in your friend, not you nor your stupid threats would stop me from having him, you get that.And just so you know am not scared of you so please stay the fuck away from me, ” I say as I walk past him, leaving the building.

” What is wrong with this guy? What did I ever do to him?. Am so dmn exhausted and of all people, I had to bump into, it had to be him!

I never let anyone walk all over me and i didn’t intend to, even if he was the sxiest guy I have ever met.

What a waste .

When I get home, I find Maya watching a movie with a girl I haven’t met before, who’s about my age.

” Hi guys, ” I say walking over to them.

” Hi vee, meet my new friend Rita. She saved me when i was being mugged yesterday, ” Maya says.

” What?! Are you okay! ”

” Yes am good, all thanks to her. Can she stay with us for a while? She has nowhere to go, ” Maya asks.

” What do you mean nowhere to stay? Where’s your family? ”

” Am an orphan and have no family left. I’ve been in the streets for almost a month now but it’s okay if you don’t want me to stay here. I mean, you barely know me. ”

” Yes it’s true that I barely know you but I was also in your position and I understand and anyway, i owe you for helping my sister out. You can stay for as long as you want, ” I say smiling lightly.

” Really?! Thank you so much. I promise I’ll find a job and help you out with the expenses, ” she says smiling from ear to ear.

” That would be nice but don’t be in a hurry yet, settle down first.”

” Thank you sister, you are the best, ” Maya says giving me a kiss on the cheek. ” And by the way, are you okay? I can tell that something is bothering you. ”

” Am okay, just exhausted, ” I say letting out a yawn.

” Come on, just tell me. Am sure there’s something else, you know I’ll keep pestering you until you do, right?!

” Okay, ” I say rolling my eyes. ” I bumped into this rude guy who spoilt my mood. The guy looks like a delicious snack but his attitude is definitely rotten. I don’t know why he’s so rude to me when I’ve done nothing to him. It just really bothers me and i can’t seem to get it out of my head. ”

” The way you are talking about him, am not sure whether you hate him or not, ” she says with a silly smile. You know, they say if you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they are supposed to be there. ”

” What are you talking about. I swear sometimes you are crazy, ” I say getting up. Am going to bed, see you guys later. ”

” Okay, but think about it vee, Maybe he’s only rude to you because he likes you and doesn’t know how to express it, ” Maya says.

” Go back to whatever you were doing and stop acting like you know it all. If Alex likes me, then am a monkey in a suit. ”

” Wow, so you already know his name. How sweet, ” Maya says winking at me.

” Okay, i can’t with you, ” I say raising my hands up in surrender and walk to the bedroom.

After brushing my teeth and taking a long hot shower, I go to bed and fall asleep almost immediately.


I wake up as the alarm rings and my stomach growls reminding me that I haven’t eaten anything the whole day. it’s almost five and so I only have an hour to get ready for work.

” Hi nick, ” I greet him as soon as i step in the club ,walking to my locker .

” Hi vee, ” he say heading to the counter.

” Aren’t you going to say hi to me, ” Mike says from behind me.

” Oh, hi Mike. I didn’t see you there. ”

” Of course you didn’t anyway, it’s always a pleasure to see you my sweet vee. ”

” I bet it is, ” I say walking past him.

” Hey girl, ready to start the night ,” Lisa says all smiles.

” Why are you in such a good mood today? Did you win a lottery or something. ”

” It’s better than that vee, Remember that guy from yesterday? He was a beast in bed, I Swear i can still feel him inside me. He has the best….. ”

” Hey, Spare me the details, ” I cut in. ” I really don’t want to know any of that.”

” Okay, your loss, ” she says walking away.

A few minutes later as am busy working. I hear some ruckus from behind me and as i turn to look, Lisa is busy in a cat fight. The bouncers are quick to drift them apart but these two are breathing fire, ready to jump on each other again.

“Stay away from Alex you slut, ” the other woman shouts trying to free herself from the bouncers hold.

” Who is Alex? If you don’t get your pretty face out of here, I’ll make sure you leave here without one, you spoilt brat. ”

So, this is all about Alex. He actually has a girlfriend, a very pretty one at that, and he’s busy sleeping around, and yet he calls me a slut.

It’s funny though, how Lisa spent the night with him but doesn’t even know his name.

” Please just leave, ” Nick says to the woman, gesturing the bouncers to escort her out.

” I can walk myself out and don’t you think for a second that this is over, ” she says throwing daggers at Lisa as she leaves.

” Lisa, my office now! ” Nick says in a very angry tone. I had never seen him this angry .

I watch as Lisa follows him from behind and hope that she won’t land in trouble because of the so called Alex!

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