JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode six


The nerve of that girl. How dare she talk to me like that?!

I take the elevator and in seconds am in George’s office. I don’t bother knocking but I wish I did, just to unsee what am looking at right now.

George is busy ba nging his on and off girlfriend Meghan, who is also his personal secretary on his desk. He always said he didn’t feel anything for her and she knew it but she still keeps throwing herself at him any chance she gets. The minute they spot me, Meghan quickly gets off the desk, adjusting her clothes and walks out but not before winking at me.

” Couldn’t you find better timing? ” George asks zipping his pa nts.

” Couldn’t you get a room or at least lock the door? ” I ask closing the door, walking to the sofa at the far end of the office and take a seat. ” I thought you two were done already? ”

” We are, what you saw was just two adults having fun,” he says with a smile.

” And are you sure she knows that? I mean, we don’t want her getting the wrong picture. ”

” She does and she gets it. I’d rather do her than sleep around with different women everyday and anyway, she’s the one who is always $educing me. So what brings you here this early morning ” he asks sitting at his desk and leaning on the chair.

” I don’t have anywhere else to go, that crazy woman keeps following me everywhere.When I got to my apartment, she was already there waiting for me, crying her eyes out and asking for forgiveness. I just left her there and i couldn’t go to the office. I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself when I see my Dad there. I still feel like strangling him until he dies a slow death, while I watch in amusement. ”

” Okay…… That was crazy. Anyway you can go chill at my house, ” George says throwing me his house key.

” You know that’ll be the next place she goes to when she doesn’t find me in my office. ”

” So how long are you planning on playing hide and seek game with her? ”

” I don’t know, ” I say with a sigh. ” I still love her. I was planning on marrying her you know, I thought she was my it girl but she ruined everything for us. Am afraid if I listen to her explanations, I’ll end up fucking up again and take her back. ”

” Men! you are really whipped. Just tell her to leave you alone. Unless you want to run off to Mars or something. You just can’t keep running from her,” George says shaking his head.

” What if I just hire a pretend girlfriend, that might work and Stacy will finally leave me alone, right? ”

” Are you stupid?” She will kill her before you even get the chance to hire her. ”

” Okay, I think I’ll have to man up then. ”

” Good. Now get the hell out of my office, I have work to do .”

” Okay, no need to be rude but before I go I need to ask you something. ”

” Yeah, what? ”

“Did you by any chance hire that girl from the club to work for you? ”

” Violet? No why? ”

” I bumped into her some minutes ago in the firm and she managed to make my morning worse than it was. ”

” If she worked for me, I think i would know about it. ”

” Then I was right, that girl is stalking you. You showed an interest in her and now she’s planning on how she’ll make her move on you. She’s really good .She even managed to find out where you worked in only one night. You have to be careful with her. ”

” I dont think she’s anything like that. She seems like a nice girl and I really like her. If she has any plans for me then am ready for whatever she’ll throw my way,” George says with a smirk.

” You are crazy. Yes, you can have fun with her but don’t fall in love because she’ll destroy you, ” I say turning to leave, but just as I reach to unlock the door, it sounds open and Stacy walks right in.

She looks mad as he..ll and I don’t even want to know why, so I walk past her but she quickly kicks the door shut before I get to it.

” Can you give us some privacy? She rudely says to George.

” You do realize you are kicking me out of my own office, right? ”

” I don’t care, just leave already! ” she barks and George leaves, raising his hands up in surrender as he murmurs the word crazy.

” Who is Lisa Alex? Did you spend the night with her?!

” Who do you think you are meddling in my private life? ” I yell and she jumps back startled.

I had never shouted at her before, not even when I caught her pants down with my Dad in his matrimonial bed. She always thought she had her fingers wrapped around my which was true, but not anymore.

” Hey, Alex it me, ” she says coming closer and looking at me as if i just lost my mind.

” I know who the fuck you are, I haven’t lost my memory. I still remember clearly how you cheated on me with my own father and you have the balls to budge in here acting all jealous?!

” Am sorry Alex, I Swear it wasn’t my fault, your father forced me into it, ” she says wrapping her arms around my neck.

” Cut the bull shit Stacy! am done falling for your stupid lies. Just leave me alone, ” I say very seriously, pushing her gently from me which leaves her shocked.

” Alex you know you still love me. You will never forget about me even if you sleep with a million hoes, you get me? ” She says walking around the table.

” Is that what you think? ” I say walking towards her and stopping just an inch from her. I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear an whisper. ” Watch me do it.”

With that I exit the office and leave her shocked and speechless. I had never treated her like that, but she left me no other choice.

Her parents and mine were close friends for a long time and when they passed away from a car accident, my parents took her in and brought her up like one of their own. I had loved her ever since. She wasn’t my first girlfriend but she was the only one that I ever gave myself to, fully.

I would literally have done anything to make her happy. I basically worshiped the ground she walked on.

I first caught her cheating, in my ex best friends Max, apartment two years ago. I had the keys to his apartment so I let myself in an found them all over each other in the sitting room,almost nked.

I thought I was having a nightmare, until she ran to me pleading and begging for my forgiveness. I didn’t know how to live without her then and I had no choice but to forgive her but not again. If my mum ever finds out what she did ,she’d be dead by now. My mum is so possessive over my dad that she tracks down every woman he’d ever had an affair with and ruins them completely.

I never understood why she was still with him and there was no way i was going to end up like her, trying to fix what already broken.

The first thing am going to do is change the locks to my apartment. I’ll do whatever I can to get rid of Stacy and her memories. I know it wont be easy but I won’t let her win this time.

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