MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


I kept quaking in my boots until my mother in-law came and instructed that I should get ready so that we will elude to the hospital for the discharging of Ken.

I ran into the house like a headless chicken and I racked my brain to reminisce what I had scheduled for that day.

I went to the bathroom,bathed some cold water that cooled off my brain.

I bathed hurriedly as my mother in-law had fully dressed and she was waiting for me.

After bathing,I dressed up hastily with my red long gown and a pair of high-heeled shoe which was black in color.

My face was quite good as I have a facial beauty of models -wearing makeup was said to be waste of time for me.

Getting to where my mother in-law was,she commended my outfit. Her praises was exceedingly mesmerizing.

“Nne! Imaka!” Mama praised me cheerfully as she disclosed her white dentition.

I was puzzled and couldn’t believe that my mother in-law who showed her resentment towards me previously was now praising me extremely.

My face was wreathe in smiles as she continued with her props. “Mama stop flattering me,it is okay” I objected firmly.

My mother in-law alluded copiously that I deserve more accolades.

“You’re an epitome of a good wife. In fact,Nne, e nwere weight” She said these words grinningly.

I smiled broadly as we departed to the hospital. When we arrived,Ken was already sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze of the earth.

Our faces were full of delightedness and great pleasure because Ken had fully recovered.

We hugged ourselves tightly as I went inside and thanked the doctor for his good works.

We left the hospital instantly.I wanted to tell Ken the experiences I have had in previous days but I did not want to disturb him.

Ken asked if I had visited Mike my husband and reply him positively. He ordered that we’ll see the barrister because everyman has his price.

We have to see him because a stitch in time saves nine. I kept nodding vehemently at what Ken was saying.

Mama should go with my bag so that we can go and see the barrister “Ken said.

Mama concurred without hesitation knowing fully well of what she had committed in the past. She boarded a cab instantly as we decamped to the barrister’s chamber.

The barrister was very busy as a bee. His chamber was filled up with numerous of people.

We waited for so long that Ken became infuriated and seriously wanted us to go but I calmed him down as we couldn’t just dissipate our time without achieving something.

Finally,we met with the barrister and beseeched him to at least do something in other to liberate Mike from being sentenced to jail.

He confided in us that he’ll do as much as possible. We were kind of relieved as we evaded from his chamber.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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