Is she being serious???. I recalled what she said, Scoff belongs to someone else….?. Could it be true??. Then why would Scott make me sign the contract when he has someone he’s in a relationship with. Gosh….that man is unbelievable!.

“Riley, are you ready?.” I heard mom’s voice.

“Almost mom.” I replied.


I pulled off my dress and quickly searched for another one. I finally found a boyfriend jean and of course a long sleeved shirt. I put it on and got out after wearing a flat shoe.

“Now you look stunning my dear!.” Mom compliments when she saw me. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her expensive dress, very classy.

“Thanks mom.”

“Come let’s go.” She took my wrist, we both walked out of the magnificent living room door.

I nibbled on my lower lip enduring the pains I was feeling as she held my wrist. Thanks a lot Scott.

We got to the parking lot, her driver was leaning against her Mercedes Benz waiting for us. He greeted us respectfully as he opened the back seats door for us.



We were making out on the couch with her sxy body on mine when a call came in on my phone.

We pulled away from ourselves, I was a lil bit shocked I really had sx with her. I frowned when I viewed the caller, Tonia whom I saved as Lover.

I tapped on decline and dropped my phone. Gosh….she just ruined our moment with her stupid boring call.

“Tonia?.” Jess asked.

“Yeah, forget about her. I never knew you are a bad bch when it comes to sx.” I smirked.

She chuckled and leaned her face close to mine. “Well now you know.”

I kssed her lips and withdrew. “When next will we see each other?. I really wanna have a taste of your thing again.”

“Anytime that bch isn’t with you.” She tells se.ductively.

“Very well then. So tell me, did Tonia really invite you here?.” I asked.

“I lied, only wanted to see the thing Tonia was having fun with.” She shrugs.

“You’re a bad….bch”

“Yeah I know.” She smiled, stood up to her feet as i admired her body. Gosh…..i have been wasting my time on that spoilt egg who called herself Tonia. Those curves and everything makes me wanna go crazy. It was a good idea she came here tho.

“I should leave now.” She tells.

“Let me drive you home then.” I said and also got up from the couch.

“No, that isn’t necessary. Tonia might be on her way here and see us together.”

“Oh yeah.” I sigh.

She grabs my phone and typed something on it, her phone number I suppose.

“Call me.” She winked.

“Sure, I will.”

“Good bye Daniel.” She pecks my lips.

“Bye.” I watched as she walked out of my apartment swaying those booty. Gosh….they make me thirty for her….!

I had a shower, put on some clean clothes and tidied up the living room since we messed it up, we had a pretty nice sx tho.

My phone, it vibrated from my pocket. I scoffed looking at the caller ID. “Hey.” I said answering the call.

“Boo, how are you?.” Her voice sounded excited as usual.

“Am good, you?.” I asked.

“Fine boo, what you doing?.”

“Uhm nothing just watching Netflix.” I say walking towards the fridge for a cold drink. I feel kind of exhausted.

“Oh that’s nice. Am on my way driving to your house.”


“Why didn’t you pick up when I called?.” She questioned.

“Oh uhm I was in the toilet, am sorry I didn’t return your call babe.”

“It’s nothing.” She giggled.

“Alright, see you soon then.”

“Same, love you.”

I don’t know why I thought about Jessica immediately she said that to me. It seems I can’t get her off my mind.

“Daniel??. Are you there?.”

“Oh uhm yeah, sorry. Love you more Tonia.”

“Alright bye.” She hung up.



Mom and i went to the beauty salon after buying some few stuffs she needed for herself and also for me. She’s really nice and again I kept wondering how could a kind hearted woman give birth to a stone hearted person.

“Am very happy you came here with me Riley.” Mom said as we were having our nails done.

“Same here mom.” I replied sincerely. At least I got a little freedom as I stepped out from that house.

“Have always dreamt of spending time with my daughter in law one day. Am so delighted it came to past.” She sighs.

“You also know what… I would always pray for Scott to settle down with a woman with good morals. And am beyond blessed he found you, i pray you guys love for each other would last forever.”

I looked at her faking a smile not knowing what to say.

“The day i hold my grand kids will be the happiest moment of my life, you two look forward to that, right?.”

“Yeah.” I smiled. I feel so guilty for lieing.

God… will she react when she knows I and her son ain’t even together?. Fake…..nothing but fake!. Oh! She would be so heartbroken.

But anyways I pray she won’t get to know the truth. After six months, I won’t even bother to show my face to any of the Wilsons.

I’ll make sure I start a new life and would also make sure I make no regrets. I just can’t wait to live a normal life….am tired of lieing.



I gulp down the fifteenth shots of alcohol exhaling out smokes from the ¢igarette I held. I looked around my living room disgusted with the mess I created. I stood up angrily and stared out of the window, watching how different people move.

I left the window side and picked my phone from the table. I scrolled through the contacts in my phone, I got really pissed when I saw his number.

“Why hasn’t he called yet??!.” I thought annoyed at the delay he’s causing me. Have ran into much debt now….thanks to my greediness, I can’t go out cause am scared of being recognized.

I dialed his number, he picked up after it rang thrice. “Yeah?.” He asked.

Yeah….????. Is that what he’s supposed to say???.

“You should know why I called.” I said calmly.

“Of course I didn’t forget about it Collins. Give me some time, don’t have much with me.” He tells.

“No. I can’t accept that sh*t bro!. You told me you’re gonna pay today, so don’t tell me bullshts dude.” I said angrily, I was trying to sound calm at first.

“Don’t yell at me Collins!.”

“Say what now bro???. I did the job you and your girlfriend gave me without any problem, you can’t fking tell me not to yell at you J.”

“But I don’t have it now.” He scoffed.

“Then am gonna tell the world what you guys did.” I threatened.

“You dare not!.”

“It’s the seventeenth of the month, make sure you send my money J or else you won’t like what am gonna do to ya.”

He sighed. “Alright, i’ll be on my way with the money.”

“Better be!.” I disconnected the call with a huge grin on.



I clenched my teeth angrily and walked towards my wardrobe, I bought out my toy, slide it into my jean pant and wore a baggy jacket.

I grab my car keys from the nightstand and walked out of my room.

I sent him a text to meet me at the usual place. He replied instantly, he must be so excited about his goddmn money huh.

I put my car to a stop when I sighted him from afar, waiting for me. The place is kind of dark, perfect for me.

“Bro…I thought you wouldn’t make it.” He grinned.

“I told you i’d come.”

He looked at my hands and faced me with a confused look. “So where is the money?. Is it in the car??.” He asked.


“What the fk man??!. You promised you are gonna pay!.” He yelled.

“Calm down Collins.”

“Don’t fking tell me to calm down. Do I look like I give a dmn sht??!. I thought I told you am gonna expose you and your stupid chick if you don’t give me my cash??!.”

“Exactly….you dare threaten me huh?!.” I say bringing out my toy from my pocket and pointed it at him.

“Whoa….Don’t do this man. It isn’t up to this dude, it’s just my money I want.” He puts his hands in the air.

“You dare threatened me and Jessica huh?!.”

“Dude……don’t $hoot.”

I smirked and nodded. “Any last wish?.”

His eyes widened. “Jacob, you can’t do this to me bro. I helped you guys.”


“Go to h’ll.” I $hot him in the head without hesitation.

Well you can send my greetings to the d’vil when you get to h’ll, ba$tard!.


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