No Choice But to Live With Him


💉Episode 45💉


I held him tightly as he kssed me with so much love. He told me that he loved me and that was enough to make me lit up.

He touched or maybe romanced me tenderly and it was so good. I really just didn’t want the whole thing to end in a kss. Maybe we should make babies🤰👼🏻. I think this is the right time and moment.

I forced myself to withdraw from the kss and then whispered in his ears….

“Let’s make kids. Let’s be parents now” I said naughtily and in a slight seductive way. He looked deep in my eyes and then smiled.

Gently he took me out of the car and closed the door. Then we headed to the main house. He was carrying me and we were still kssing

He pushed the door open and we entered and then he headed upstairs.

We got to our room and then he placed me on the bed in a bridal way.

“Are you sure you’re ready to be a mother?” He asked me quietly while licking my ears.

“I’m so ready”

“But you ain’t done with ur schooling yet…”

“It doesn’t matter. Just make me a mother… Pls🥺”

“Fine!” And he gently took of his tie and then went to his belt. Unbuttoning his shirt and pulling his trouser he was completely nked.

It was really the first time I was seeing a guys nkedness real life. I might have come
a crossed it in movies but I haven’t been this close to a guy’s nkedness.

I almost gasped out in shock but I still remained cool. And gently he took of my jewelries and then my gown and my inner wears till I was completely nked too. I was shy,really shy. Thank God the lights were off but my vision was still a bit clear. I could still see him and I know he was seeing me too.

He was gentle though,and he slowly caressed my body from my head to my toes, he didn’t ignore any part.

And we finally did it…. 😱

It was really painful and disgusting 🤢, very painful that I felt like crying. He went slow on me since it was my first time. But at the end it was enjoyable.

He’s really good on bed though, but he’s very easy not rough. His pace was slow and steady and it was good. It only lasted for 3hrs cos I think I became unconscious.


Time: 9am🕘

The sun rays from the window shone directly to my face and I had to wake up. I looked at my right and Nicky was still sleeping peacefully like the baby she was.

And then I remembered last night and a naughty smile crossed my lips. That was the best sx I’ve ever had and it was indeed with the love of my life.

I loved the part she was screaming my name and her moans were like sweet hymns to my ears. She really cast a spell on me. I’m so in love with her. I’m really so in love with her.

I think I’m gonna thank my parents for making me marry her,thank God I did. She has a very soft heart and she’s the best choice that I’ve ever made in life.

I looked at her again and then pecked her lips. And whispered in her ears….

“I love you”

And then I stood up to go take a shower,and then maybe try to prepare breakfast for her.

I just don’t want her to be stressed out.



I’m losing it….

“Mum!” I kept screaming.

I really can’t accept defeat. Alfredo has blocked me from messaging him in all social media platforms.

And the fact that he did all this just because of Nicky really frustrated me. She’s really making my hatred for her increase. I just want her out of my way.

I’ve been in love with Alfredo since our school days. Even when I was done with college I still loved him.

I know how many guys I turned down just because of him. I know how many suitors I rejected for him and I can’t let that 8 years and I spent loving him to go like that.

I must do something. I can’t accept defeat. I might not kill Nicky cos I want her to suffer.

I know what I’ll do…. I really know wat to do


“Danger,should we hit tonight or this afternoon?”

“I think tonight would be better”

“Is that what you think?” I asked him.

“Yeah, it would be easy for us to escape after we’re done, and remember boss said we can wipe everyone in that household to make his death unknown”

“Yeah! So that includes his new bride” I asked a bit concerned.

“Yep. But if she’s really beautiful like I heard, we might have a bit of fun… You know wat I mean”

“Yeah!” I said and we laughed.

“So we’d be ready. And we hit at exactly 11 or 12”


And our evil smile crossed our faces.

“And this time no mistakes”. Danger added


And we drank our wine🍷🥂🥃

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