No Choice But to Live With Him


💔Episode 49💔


Oh my God!

I kept pushing him away but he still won’t budge. His ksses which I liked before was now like a torture to me.

I really don’t know why but I was feeling irritated with his kss and the way he was holding me, the sick ba$tard was squeezing my bum like it was some Kind of pillow. And I really disliked the fact that I was taking in he’s saliva…. Yuck!🤢🤮

Oh God…. I’m feeling so irritated and I became angry and since we were kssing and my mouth was in he’s….

I decided to bite his tongue and I did…. I used my teeth and bit him so hard in his tongue that he withdrew he’s mouth and flinched back with a bleeding tongue.

“How could you do this to me….. I hate you for this” I said and left.

I never expected him to do this. Not now that I needed him most. And I think that’s why Alfredo hates him.

I went to my room,locked the door and laid on my bed.

Actually we’re in the apartment Alfred bought for our honeymoon and it has a maximum of 7 rooms. Its a detached house and its really beautiful and decorated with roses🌹

“God I just want all this to be over. I wanna be in Alfred’s arms again, I really want him to kss me again. I really want to feel those warm breath on me, I want him to lick my ear again…. I really…”

And I started crying again😭😣


Oh my God….


She has sharp teeth’s.

She really did dig a hole on my tongue. And this dmn hurts, Ouch! I don’t think this pain would ever go away.


And she said she hates me…. I really shouldn’t have kssed her… Now look at wat she has done to my tongue.

I was in the bathroom cleaning the blood from my tongue and it has stained my cloth already. No matter how I tried the blood still kept gushing out from my tongue and it really annoyed me. The pain is just too much to bear. The pain is just like death

And so unbearable. I really feel like crying, I really Jxt wanna cry. I can’t hold this anymore. My tongue is on fire🥵


Location: Spain🌆

“My oh my”

Spain is more beautiful than I thought. Technically I haven’t been in Spain before and this is Jxt my first.

And I came here to be with Alfredo even at his sick bed. I must show him how much I really do care about him.

I’ll Just phone Jade and she’ll direct me to where they are now. And Nicky, she should be ready and prepared for me. I’ll prove to them that she’s the one responsible for Alfredo’s condition. I’ll make sure Mrs Dickson hates her and all of the Dickson’s family too.

I must marry Alfredo, I must.

🎀Mrs Jerkins🎀

“Mrs Dickson,don’t you think it’s best we investigate on this matter. Like who would want to kill him? Its obvious he knows nobody in Spain and they jxt arrived, who in God’s name would want to attack him”

“Oh you’re right. And it seems like those hoodlums know him already, its obvious they had tracked his movements and have been planning on assassinating him”

“That’s true! But who would do that?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t taken a move yet and we must. I can’t let those parasites go on punished. They must be put to book. No one messes with any son or daughter of the Dickson’s. We’ll investigate on this properly,we will inform the police about this”

“Yeah! They can come here for the investigation and thank God the room where the crime was done is still the way it is”



Time” 5:52pm

“Baby sis…. I’ve told u to stop crying. All would be well” I said and consoled Nicky.

“You won’t understand Sarah. You Just won’t. I love him so much and the fact that he’s being operated in the hospital is wat breaks my heart.

Those devils shot him twice in the heart and he’s gonna go for a heart transplant. Wat if something goes wrong🥺”

“Nicky Jxt think positively. Nothing would happen to him. That’s wat we all pray for,he should have a safe surgery and come out safely”

“Wat If he survives and doesn’t remember me again. Wat if he doesn’t love me again” she said.

“C’mon he’d remember you. Nothing is wrong with his brain. He’d only have a new heart and that’s all. He’d be fine”

“I pray so”

And we hugged while she kept sobbing behind me.

She really does love Alfredo now.

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