No Choice But to Live With Him


🥵Episode 48🥵


I waited patiently for them to arrive. I just want them to arrive cos I really need someone I would talk to and that somebody could be either Abner,Jade,my mum, his mum and yes Sarah.

I need to be consoled cos wat I’m going through is really unfair.

I don’t want any harm of any kind to be fall him, not now that I’m so badly in love with him.

Not now that the sweet human in him had been finally let loose. He’s not a Monster anymore and I’m not so afraid of him like before.

Just then the door opened and they rushed in….. Thank Goodness…

“Nicky dear…. Are you okay?”

“Oh sweet child”

“Oh sister” said Nicky

“Joy are you okay?”

I kept hearing and hearing… Then my mum came towards me and sat on the bed.

“Darling! I hope you’re still not in shock?”

“No mum. Its fine!…. I jxt don’t want anything to happen to him” I said with a shaky voice.

“Really?” Abner asked.

“Yeah!” I nodded.

“Oh dear….. I know nothing would happen to him. Don’t worry your pretty self okay. We just spoke to the doctors and they assured us they’d do their best…. Let’s also pray to God, you know he’s the ultimate healer” said Alfredo’s mum,Mrs Dickson.

“Yes I do” I replied.

“Relax now”

“Thanks for coming,all of u. I do appreciate. Now I can cheer up a bit. Wat about Noah,Mr Dickson and My father”

“Your dad couldn’t make it today… But he promised to be here tomorrow” said mum.

“Mr Dickson is out on a business trip. Its better we don’t disturb him. And Noah,he’s not mostly at home. His movements this days are rather too suspicious” said Jade.

“Oh Jade, u always find things to make a person feel bad. He’s only busy with business” her mum added and laughed slightly.



“Come on Nicky,let’s go home. You need a proper rest”said Jade and she touched me.

“Yeah! I think that’ll do jxt fine” her mum added.


“So Nicky have you guys kinda had sx yet?” I asked and she looked at me surprised

“Yeah… We have. And that was my sweetest night ever”

“Really? You mean you enjoyed sleeping with him?”

“Yes, he’s my husband isn’t it? and I loved the fact that we had a night together”

“Are u serious with wat you’re saying… That means you love Alfredo now. And what happens to me? I love uou so much. Words alone can’t describe how I feel for you. I want you to be the mother of my children. Nicky I really adore you a lot. Alfredo is a bad person and he’s only using you….”

“Enough! Well fortunately I don’t love you anymore. You’re my brother IN-LAW for God sake. I’m married to your brother already and I can’t take a second husband. And even if he doesn’t survive cos I know he will, I’ll never MARRY YOU!” She yelled for the first time I’ve known her and left in complete anger.


These definitely not the Nicky that I know. Where did this sudden love for that monstrous being come from. What has he done to her… If only I slept with her when she requested for it.

I’m so an idiot🤦‍♂️

I’m so stupid. I should have made her mine when I had the chance. I should have. Now I’m at the point of losing her.

I know some might call me selfish but I’m not. I can’t control my emotions and feelings for Nicky.

I really don’t know wat she has done to me. I can’t Just get her off my mind. I see something that I can never see or find in any other person….


📲I knew you’d understand
📲Baby, I really do care about u and your family. Your brother is now like mine and I hope he survives the coma those evil men made him be in
📲Me too! I really don’t want anything to happen to him. He’s dad’s favorite and I don’t think my dad would cope with his death if he does.
📲He won’t die. I assure you that. Just take care of yourself baby. And take care of your brothers wife em… Joy or so
📲Yeah she’s Joy or maybe Nicky.
📲Okay. I’m really missing you
📲I’m missing you too. We’ll soon be back…


📲What you guys did, was so nice. I’m proud of you boys… Keep it up and always feed me with updates.
📲Sure thing….

And I ended the call immediately cos my door knob was turning which means someone is about to enter. And the only persons who has the right to enter my office without knocking is either my family or my Personal assistant.

“Sir!” I heard and the person entered.

It was Ivy my personal assistant.

“Hey! Any problem?”

“Yes sir. A call came in and it was your sister. She called to tell you that your younger brother, sir Alfredo is in coma as we speak”

“I’m aware..”

“You’re aware? But no one has phoned you yet”

“My mum did”


“So any other thing?”

“No sir”

And she dropped my phone on the desk before leaving.


“Nicky, I’m sorry for what happened earlier. I’m so sorry”

“I’m not mad at you. I’m not” she replied.

“Are you sure?”


“Ooh…. So can I keep you company?”

“You can. Its a free world, And I think I’ll appreciate it. I really need distractions. I don’t wanna be thinking about Alfred too much before I develop a heart attack”

“That won’t happen, just relax. He might survive…”


“Sorry, he’ll survive”


Then everywhere became quiet and my eyes diverted to her pink juicy soft lips and I really wanted to taste those lips again

“Nicky something is on your lips” I said.

“Really? What’s it?”

“Don’t touch. I’ll do it” and I brought my face closer instead of my hand to remove the so called thing from he lips and I stylishly placed my lips on hers.

Before she could realize it, I was already kssing her while she kept trying to push me away but I’m stronger and didn’t budge….

So I continued kssing het even when I knew wat I was doing was wrong. I still couldn’t resist it…. 🥵💋

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