By Tiana


Genre: Love, Hate, family, business, Suspense, Revenge, Love, Relationships.

Where There is Love, There is indeed Pain. Lorenzo does not only felt the pain of love but so much pain of losing everything he had in life including his family. His life got twisted when he was adopted by the Adams and there he meet the love of his life Nadine but was deprived of being together.

Years drifted them apart but chance still brought them together only to find out Nadine was bethrothed to Leonard Enerstos for the continuity of their family Company.

What will happen to Lorenzo? Will that love between them still grow, thrive and flourish?

Or will distance, regrets and pains strangle the feelings before they can fully blossom?

And what will happened to the unknown girl brought to the Montes hospital which Miguel, Nadine elder brother treated?

As Time and chance will reveal their unknown half brother through the unknown girl!

Will Lorenzo also take revenge for the de.ath of his parents?


“Only you” proves that Love can be found in surprisingly place especially in Miguel’s and Cassie love story.

Only_You” brings an interesting, thrilling, life lessons and amazing love story. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.



By Tiana

Episode 1

At Montes Medical Center°°

Saturday… 12:45pm

“At The Emergency Room”

They nurses rushed in with a lifeless body of a lady lying on the stretcher. She has lose so much bI.ood and was badly injured. Dr. Karlos and the nurses were attending to her.
Nurse Steve quickly step out and make a call to Miguel immediately.

“We have an emergency, you need to be here doc,” he said while Miguel just nodded and hanged up the call.

He stare at himself one last time at the mirror and sigh.
“You’re leaving” Ashely who seems to wake up stare at him, already dressed up.

“Just get dressed and leave,” he ordered while she smirk and stare at her nked self on the bed remembering about last night.

“Huh.. today is weekend, I thought we gonna spend the whole day in bed,” she smirk as she stood up nked, then swirled around Making Miguel lose his mind at the sight of her body.

She picked up a towel and tied it around her body then walked up to him.

“Can I… ” She smile se.ductively holding his tie.
“You can’t be a distraction now Ash, just go,” he yelled. His eyes closed as those sad memories flash.

“And don’t ever show your face here. You should be glad you had the opportunity to be here,”

With that he glare at her then walked out of the room and rushed downstairs.

“Son.. ” Mrs Julianna Montes, his mom flash him a smile.

“Breakfast is ready and don’t tell me you’ll not gonna eat. Atleast have some coffee, ” she enthused.

” Am fine mom, am running late for work. Everyone is waiting for me and my patient life is at risk, ”

” Don’t do this to yourself Miguel. I want to see that cheerful son of mine I used to know, that’s not the end of the world just forget about what Ka…

” Please mom, I don’t want to hear that name, ” he said angrily and with that he hurriedly went outside to his car while his driver zoomed off to the *MMC* hospital known as Montes Medical Center one of the largest hospital in the country that has all the required facilities, good treatment and professional Doctors and Nurses.

It’s owned by Miguel’s family the *Montes* and Miguel is one of the Neurosurgeon there..


?Good day Doc”
?Welcome Dr Miguel”
?Awwn,,, you look hot today,”

The workers greeted while some of the female nurses were trying to flirt around.
Miguel ignore their greetings and hurried to the third floor in the elevator.

“Thank goodness you are here, I guess you’re in the right position to handle this case,” Dr. Karlos said.

” Where is the patient? Miguel asked impatiently.
” Right here,”. Karlos led the way while Miguel followed him inside. He was damn surprised to see the victim.

“This serious, what happened to her? He asked still in shocked.
“She’s indeed a fighter, when she was brought here we thought she was dead but we discover there was still a pulse and with this oxygen it will help,”

” She’s st.ab 3 times below her abdomen, a wound on the head plus the burnt hair,” the nurse said to Miguel taking note of something on her iPad.

Miguel stare at the victim and discover the brunt hair, one could tell that she has a very long hair but cut short due to the fire. But why isn’t she burnt only her hair thou her head sustains a lot of injuries.

“Where’s her family?
” Nobody showed up for her yet,”
Miguel sighed as he quickly put on gloves.
” Hypoxic brain injury..”
“Hypovolemic shock and peritonitis”
” Yes sir” the nurses answered
” We have to cut the remaining hair left,” he said while the nurse pass him the required instrument to begin the surgery.


2 hours Later…

Miguel sigh as he stare at the deep wound on her stomach.
Still on the surgery..
In all his years of experience in this work this was the most complicated case he has come across and what baffles him the most is the tears coming out from her eyes.

“Who is she?
” What happened to her?
“Will she even survived this?
Miguel stared at her, she kinda looks familiar to him but he couldn’t tell where he has seen this face before, he try to recall but he couldn’t.

He wondered what could have happened to such a beautiful lady like this and worst part is that nobody showed up for her, is just as if she has no family,,, if not why aren’t they here already?

“Someone must have done this to you, and you’re so hurt. I see your will to survive and I Miguel Montes promise not to let you down.

I will do everything I can to save your dying soul” he said staring deep at her face as the tears kept strolling down her closed eyes…..
Who is she?

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