By Tiana

Episode 5
***Flash-back continues…

Veena, Harris and little Melissa’s remains were put to rest and everyone suggested Lorenzo to be taken to the orphanage since he had no one to take care of him but he refused, he ran away to the next street, having no home and no family, he was stranded in the street thinking what next to do with his life.

His life became so miserable, life was so cruel and evil to him on the street.

He has to stopped school and when he remembered about their farm he went back for it but it was already sold out to another people.

“This farm belongs to my father and my mom suffered to plant all this. This belong to me, ” he yelled at the people.

” This place is already sold out to us to continue the farming and you dare not stop us because we’ve paid the price, ” the man yelled back angrily.

” By who? Lorenzo asked but the people refuse to tell him. He tried to fight them but he was beaten up by them. They threaten to kll him if he shows up again.

“What right does an orphan like me has,” Lorenzo cried and left with bruised body.

He looked for a street job as a cleaner to atleast get something to feed himself but sometimes they people took him for granted and will refuse to pay him even after working for them.

Lorenzo stood on the street shirtless, he was wearing one of his old dirty trouser, his hair messed up looking all dirty.

He never knew living on the street could be this frustrating and people can add up to that because he has been working for a lot of people as a cleaner but non was faithful in paying him as it supposed to be. He thought of going to the orphanage- Maybe that would be better.

Lorenzo stood quietly as he watch the bread neatly arrange on the table, he had no money and here is he so hungry.

“Please can you give me something to eat. I haven’t eat since yesterday morning Sir,” he pleaded trying to hold back his tears.

” No young boy, I don’t give my bread for free. If you don’t have money just leave,” the man yelled at him drawing the attention of others while they all burst out laughing.

“This boy is insane, I don’t think he’s in his right senses,” one of the woman Said while others burst out laughing again.

” Why does everyone hate me,” Lorenzo said within himself. He quickly picked up one of the bread and start to run. He ran as far as he could but the man ran after him.

A car was driving in full speed quickly stopped right on time before it hits the boy who was running.

“What!!! Mrs Pinna shouted as she stopped the car, her son who was seated next to her was surprised too because he thought they will end up htting the boy.

“Give me back my bread you thief,” the man yelled then pushed Lorenzo down and take back his bread.

What’s going on here? Mrs Pinna asked as she step out of the car with her son Austin who’s just same age with Lorenzo.

“This boy is a thief, he stole my bread, you should have just hit him, ” the man growled as he angrily walked away with his bread.

“Please ma I didn’t intend to steal from him. Am just so hungry please help me, I need a place to stay. You can hire me as your cleaner, errand boy or anything.

Am capable of doing anything please ma help me,” Lorenzo cried as he knelt down before her weeping so bitterly.
“Where are you parents? Mrs Pinna asked feeling sorry for him.

” They all died. I lost them the same day in a fire accident,” he said.
” And what is your name? She asked

“Am Lorenzo Harris,”
“Mom! If you will give him money then do so let’s leave,” Austin said already feeling disgusted with Lorenzo.

“No Austin, I want to help him. Lorenzo come with me,” she said while Lorenzo followed her to the car and she drive them home.


“Welcome home Lorenzo,” she smiled.

“This is Austin my son,” she introduced while Austin rolled his eyes.

“I don’t like him here mom. He’s not my brother and I don’t want you to adopt him, ” Austin yelled.

” He can work as the cleaner that he wanted,” she said trying to cool down Austin but deep within her she want to adopt Lorenzo as her son.
“As a cleaner! Thank you so much ma, thank you,” Lorenzo knelt down and was thanking her.

“How old are you? She asked
” Am fifteen ma. Am strong enough to do all job,” he said
” Wow, and Austin here is just sixteen,” she smile.
” And who did we have here? Mr Mathi Adams asked when he saw Lorenzo.

” My love this is Lorenzo. A poor boy I picked from the street and he badly need our help, ” she smile while Mr Adams just nodded as he stare at Lorenzo.

“He’s a thief dad, I don’t like him,” Austin frown.

“You don’t have to like him son. Just allow your mother help him,” Mr Adams said while Austin feel so disappointed as he ran to his room upstairs.

“Thank you so much Sir, I promise to be a good boy to you,” Lorenzo said.
“Not only that! you are to do whatever Austin ask of you.

You’re not only here to work as a cleaner but as a house boy to my son too. Make sure you serve him well, ” Mr Adams said while Lorenzo nodded.

” I will do everything you asked of me,” Lorenzo said happily as he stare at the big and beautiful mansion. He was willing to do anything they ask of him as far as he has a roof under him.

“Just go to the room I showed you, that’s your room for the main time and by tomorrow I will get you some clothes, ” Mrs Pinna said while Lorenzo left.

” You know how Austin can be atimes, he will make Lorenzo his slave and that’s not right. I want them to be like brothers, ” Mrs Pinna said.

” No!! That lowlife can never be like my son. He’s here to serve my son and if you aren’t okay with that then he should go back to the street where you picked him, ” Adams said with finality.

” But that’s unfair, I just want to adopt him as my son, ” Mrs Pinna said.
” Not under my roof, ” Adams said.

Lorenzo stood at a corner and heard them argue about him.
“She want to adopt me as her son,” he said to himself.

” Maybe heaven have remember me finally” he smiled then ran to the room Pinna showed him earlier, he was lost staring at the room, it’s so huge and beautiful.

“Son…” Mrs Pinna smiled as she walked inside Austin room.
“Is he still gonna live with us? Austin asked.

” Sure my boy, You don’t have to feel insecure. Lorenzo is a good boy and he promised to be a good brother to you,”
” He can never be my brother mom! Austin yelled.

“It’s okay, as you wished. Let me get some of your few trousers and shirt for him just for tonight,” Pinna said as she walked towards his wardrobe but Austin quickly stood up and ran towards his wardrobe.

“No mom, he can’t wear anything that belongs to me. Is he now your favorite son,”

” He just need something to wear this night and by tomorrow I will get him the necessary things he need,” Pinna said but Austin refused to that while Pinna just left.

She went to check up on Lorenzo who was done bathing already putting on his same dirty trouser.

“By tomorrow I will get you the necessary things you need.
Dinner is ready follow me,” she said while he followed her downstairs to the dining room.

Pinna watched him devour everything on the plate.
“You need more? She asked.

” Am full ma. Thank you very much,” Lorenzo licked his fingers and drank the juice.
“Thank you so much Mrs Pinna.

Is there anything you want me to do, maybe I can start by washing the dishes? He asked while Pinna laughed.

“It’s eight already and you look so tired just go and rest. The maid will handle this,” she said.
” Thank you so much ma,” Lorenzo smile.

” Lorenzo, you can call me mom. As from today am your new mom,” she said while Lorenzo gasped, surprised to hear that.
“You’re indeed a God sent to my life… Mom,” he smile.

Austin who stood from the stairs watched them in disgust.
“Why is he eating that way,” Austin wandered because everything about Lorenzo disgust him.

“And why will mom even allow him to eat on our family dining table and even ask him to call her mom,” he seethed.

” Lorenzo or whatever you call yourself I hate you…,” He said angrily.

Lorenzo walked back to his room feeling so happy. He never knew this would be this lucky day to find a home like this, he was indeed lucky and he’s willing to do anything they asked of him just so he will gather enough money to back to school again.

He looked around the room and saw a book with a pen kept on the table, he smile then sat down on the chair and picked the pen. He began to draw a picture of his family.

He’s a very good artist and knows how to draw well and he’s planning to study fine art when he’s done with high school.

He still has a clear image of his mom and dad as he draw them perfectly on the paper when he was done he stare at it and felt the picture was incomplete, he remembered about Little Melissa.

“Sure this picture is incomplete without my baby sister,” he said as he draw the little girl on his mother’s lap.

“A perfect family picture,” he smile as he stare at it for a while.

” I miss you mom,” he said trying to hold back his tears.
“I will make sure I avenge your death someday,”
” Melissa have to get involved in this,”

“Senator Kendall at San Francisco- am sure you have a hand in what happened to my parents and I promise to find out what truly happen,” he said …
Lorenzo always remain grateful for Mrs Pinna for accepting him into her family even thou he knows Austin never liked him and same as Mr Adams but that didn’t bother him much since Mrs Pinna was always there for him, she have been like a mother to him. She enrolled him in the same school with Austin.

At first Austin never like that but Pinna already insisted and no one can change her mind about it.


Austin quickly rushed out with his friends Miguel and Nadine to the garden to play. He was glad they came to visit.

“And who is that? Miguel asked referring to Lorenzo.
“It’s Lorenzo the poor thief my mom picked from the street,” he laughed.

” I thought he’s your adopted brother, that’s what I heard your mom saying? Nadine asked.
“No!! He can never be my brother,” Austin fired back at her in anger

“Okay then, he can join us for the ride here,” Miguel suggested.

“He can’t do that because he has a lot of work to do,” Austin smirked.

“As you wish,” Miguel said as he climb on the bicycle.
“I can’t wait to see Dianne tomorrow in school,” Miguel chuckle.

“You and Dianne again! Austin laughed
” Sure,”
” That reminds me, Lorenzo will be joining us in school tomorrow too,”
” Wow, that’s good,” Miguel smile.

” Maybe it’s for the best,” Nadine said as she licked from her lollipop.

Lorenzo stood at the window and watch the three friends play he wanted to join them but Austin has already warned him not to go.

All he wanted was to be cool with Austin and act as brothers should but Austin never gave him the chance to.

He hurried to the kitchen and start his work from there as he scratch and mop the floor.

“Who’s that? Lorenzo asked as he felt someone presence. He felt as if someone was watching him but when he turn he won’t see anyone. He continue his work and immediately turn and saw a girl staring at him.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were playing with your friends? Lorenzo asked .
“No… Hmmm. Yes I just came to get some water to drink,” she replied.

” Okay,” Lorenzo stood up and open the fridge as he gave her a bottle of water.

“Why are you doing this? Aren’t the maid around to clean this up? She asked

“No! This my job and I have to do it well,” he said while he continue with the mopping. Nadine just stood and watch him.

“Do you need anything else? Lorenzo asked feeling so uncomfortable when he turn and saw her still standing.
“Uhmm no,” she replied
“What’s your name? She asked.

” Am Lorenzo but you can call me “Enzo” for short,” he said.
“Enzo.. I like that,” she smiled as she kept the bottle of water on the floor and walked up to him, she squat beside him.

“I want to help… With this,” she said pointing at the mopping stick.

“No! you can’t do that. Austin will think I force you to help me,” he objected.

” I just want to help,” she insisted while Lorenzo allow her to.

” You haven’t tell me your name?

” Oh… Am Nadine, Miguel’s younger sister,” she smile while Lorenzo smile staring at her. Indeed her smile is contagious he said to himself….

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