By Tiana
Episode 8
Lorenzo stood in front of a mirror in the bathroom as he rinsed his face, he stare at the cut on his lips then fold his fist in anger as he h!t the wall.

“Enzo,” Austin quickly rushed to the bathroom.

“What the heck is this?
” Let me be, ” Lorenzo replied in anger while Austin laughed.

” You should be glad Nadine save your ass there, her dad would have get you arrested. Just back off Lorenzo you’re a nobody, ” he smirked.

” You caused all this Austin,” Lorenzo held the collar of his shirt and pushed him to the wall.

“I hate you Austin,” he punched him so bad unleashing all the anger Miguel unleash on him.

“Lorenzo! Pinna called as he quickly rushed to the bathroom only to see Austin been badly beaten by angry Lorenzo.

“Stop it Enzo,” she yelled as she pushed Lorenzo away from her son.

“Get a hold of yourself Enzo, do you want to kll my son, ” Pinna yelled at him landing a sI.ap to reset his memory.

“Now get out of my sight,” she ordered while Lorenzo quickly rushed outside in tears.

” And you Austin! Maybe you deserve more than this,” she said angrily while Austin held his head as he spat out bI.ood from his mouth.

“How dare he raised his filthy hands on me,” Austin growled.

” Get yourself treated and stop being a fool,” Pinna snapped as she quickly left.

She thought Austin and Lorenzo will set things right between them but it’s only getting worst.


@The Montes Mansion•••
Nadine sat on the floor, hugging her knees as she cried out her eyes. This wasn’t how she planned her birthday but everything got ruined within a twinkle of an eye.

Her father ordered the frame Lorenzo gave her to be thrown away. He also scolded her and warned her for the very last time to forget about Lorenzo.

“Aren’t you tired of sobbing,” Miguel scoffed as he watch his sister cried.
” Let me be! She yelled at him.

“Am sorry Nadine, I hate to see you cry but it’s for your own safety if you stay away from that Lorenzo,” Miguel cooed as she sat down beside her on the floor.

” Why didn’t you stay away from Dianne too, you were all over her and yet no one stop you guys,” Nadine asked in tears.

” Because Dianne has been my friend for a while. We know her that much and dad also know about her family but what about Lorenzo?

We don’t even know his real family, we don’t know what he’s capable of doing. Remember he pushed Dianne…”
” It’s okay Miguel! I want to be alone,”

” Oh my Nadine,” Mrs Julianna rushed and hugged her.
” You don’t have to end your day in tears,” she cooed.

“And you Miguel, you don’t have to be harsh on Lorenzo. That poor boy has done nothing and if it’s about Dianne’s death it’s almost three years now why can’t you forget about everything after all he has paid for his crimes,”

” It’s not easy mom. The pain still feels like yesterday,” Miguel said.

” Nadine, I think your dad is right. Lorenzo isn’t the right friend for you.

Just forget about that boy and move on. You have many friends already so just let him be. Okay?
“It’s okay mom,” Nadine nodded wiping away her tears.



@Adams Mansion
“Not under my watch will this company go bankruptcy,” Pinna yelled at Adams.

” This the sweat of my parents Adams. Always remember your humble beginning and not now that you are full of pride.

I don’t really care about the dirty life style you’re secretly living but all am concerned about is the company don’t you dare touch a dime again,” Pinna warned him.

… Lorenzo stood at the door as he heard them arguing, raising voices at each other they next thing he heard was a slapped followed by beating.

“Don’t you dare touch me Adams,” Pinna yelled back.
” I have my shares in the company so don’t you dare talk back at me or else I will kill you,”

… Lorenzo was already boiling in anger, he don’t want to interfere since it’s a family issue but seeing Adams beating Pinna is something he couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.

“Don’t you dare touch her again,” Lorenzo said in anger as he walked in.

” Lorenzo..,” Pinna said in tears while Adams laughed.
“What right do you have to interfere in this?

” Am also part of the family. Am your wife adopted son and am not like your foolish son Austin who will watch his father beat up his mother,” he said while Adams stood in shocked as he watch Lorenzo.

“Don’t bark if you can’t bite Enzo.. you might end up getting hurt,” Adams warned as he raise his hand to sI.ap Pinna but Lorenzo caught it halfway in the air and pushed Adams back making him fall in the process.

“Next time you dare not touch my mom in front of me,” Lorenzo warned as he dragged Pinna out of the room leaving Adams still in shocked.


At the pool side°°°

Lorenzo and Pinna sat by the pool side as Pinna told him all that happened.

” The company is the sweat of my parents and they hand over to me before their death.

I got married to Adams when his own company got bankrupt and we have to managed mine since I thought he’s my husband I left everything in his care thinking he will make it better but Adams hasn’t changed one bit.

He’s cheating on me with other girls out there but what got me so worried is the huge amount of money he do spent on them,” Pinna narrated everything.

” Am sorry about all this mom. Your husband is a jerk just like his son. But has Austin know about all this?,” Lorenzo asked.

” Of course he does. But he doesn’t care at all. Atimes I wished you are my real son Enzo but still grateful we crossed each other path.

Please continue to see Austin as your brother, don’t hate him even thou you have every reason to hate him but don’t do that please.

Austin is the future of the company and I don’t want it to shut down all because of Adams careless lifestyle,”

” It’s okay mom everything will gonna be okay. I will talk to Austin maybe he can speak sense into his father,” he said.

..The next month Lorenzo travelled to Berkeley for his studies.


And after Two years Pinna called and informed Lorenzo about her plan to divorce Adams and part ways with him, she already file for annulment and it was during the process of the divorce she was attack on her way home and was shot twice on the chest.

Adams was informed quickly but even before they rushed Pinna to the hospital she gave up the ghost.


“Whoever did this to Mom will pay,” Austin said in tears as he pens painful tribute to his mother. He gently dropped flowers on her grave.

Lorenzo who was standing alone was staring at Adams who was busy on call. He was starting to suspect something when Adams glare at him and walked far away to answer his call.

Lorenzo stylishly followed him and stop to eavesdrop on his conversation.
? “Thanks a lot. Pinna death came so sudden and I hope whoever assassinate her will get caught. I will make sure I get justice for my wife’s death,” Adams said into the phone? . He smirked because he felt someone followed him and he had to change the topic of the discussion not to get anyone suspicious.

Lorenzo left disappointed after heard that, he was not so convinced about that but promise to keep a close eye on Adams.

“When I lost my whole family to that fire incident, I lost all hope. Life on the street wasn’t as easy as I picture it to be but that fateful evening our paths crossed you’ve always been the mother anyone could ever wished for.

If not for you, my life would have been so miserable on the street. I promise to get you justice mom. Continue to rest in peace Mom Pinna,” Lorenzo pens her a painful tribute.

Austin friend came to pay their respect including Miguel and his parents but non came to console Lorenzo. He stood at the window and watch them from outside.

“Austin is really blessed with nice friends around but I just hope he becomes the son his mother always wanted him to be,” Lorenzo said sadly.

He wanted to start all over with Austin as his brother because that’s what Mrs Pinna always wanted but Austin always make it difficult as usual.

Lorenzo went back to school and decide to focus more, he was planning out his future carefully and was determined to be great in life. He isn’t gonna be that poor street Lorenzo everyone knows.

And that is it. Few years Later a lot has happened already. Lorenzo was so glad to meet Nadine at their school UCB and that was when she invited him for her graduation and they both exchange contact.

Lorenzo knew it might end in disaster because her family never liked him but he was willing to give it a try to win her back again….
End of Flashbacks••••


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