By Tiana

Episode 21

Nadine was shocked as she stare at the two red lines on the pregnancy test kit. She was in her bathroom confused on what to do.

She thought It’s because a lot have happened lately in her life that’s why she wasn’t herself and just yesterday she realized she missed her period, she was so scared and have to bought a pregnancy test kit to test it herself.

“Not when I just broke up with Enzo” she cried quietly. And her marriage to Leonard is just tomorrow and now she pregnant for her ex who cheated on her.


“Nadine! She heard her mom’s voice in her room
” Am right here mom, ” she answered, as she quickly hide it and came out of the bathroom.

“Here, this for you,” Julianna smiled as she dropped a box on her table.

“What’s that mom? She asked.
” Your dad and I got that for you. A golden jewelery for your wedding. The Enersto’s also sent theirs, ” she smiled while Nadine just kept quiet.
“You don’t look so happy.

Tomorrow is your wedding, you gonna be a bride tomorrow. Well I know it comes with a lot of tense, ” she smiled as she held Nadine and sat her on the bed.
” and you look don’t fine either,” Julianna asked staring at Nadine. She looks so weak and pale.

“Am fine mom. You know I haven’t been myself lately with my recent argument with Dad, then my break up with Lorenzo and now my wedding with Leonard. It’s wasn’t all easy on me but am fine, ” Nadine fake a smile.

” I understand sweetie. But are you sure about this marriage?
” It’s my decision mom. Please I want to be alone,” she sighed as she stood up.
“But why..

“Please mom. I just want to prepare myself for this wedding emotionally. Am sorry but I just want to be alone, please, ”
” It’s okay, if you need someone to talk to am always here. Am your mother Nadine so you can tell me anything,”
” Sure Mom. Thanks,” Nadine smiled as she hugged her.


Nadine kept pacing to and fro in her room thinking of what to do. She’s pregnant and she can’t let her parents know about this pregnancy especially her father and Lorenzo she also doesn’t think she can tell him that.

“Oh no! Does that mean Leonard will end up being the father of my child with Lorenzo? How can I tell him? This might affect the family reputation, dad will be so disappointed to think I cheaply throw myself at Lorenzo, everyone will be so disappointed.” Many thoughts kept running through her mind.
“Maybe I can confide in Miguel and he will help me abort it” she thought but quickly wave that thought away.

“I shouldn’t have trusted Lorenzo in the first place, I can’t keep this baby and at the same time I don’t want to terminate it, ” she thought.


The Next Day
Saturday, 2nd September ?
?Awwwn, she’s so beautiful”
The make up artist smiled.
” That’s all,” she said.
Nadine smile as she stare at herself in the mirror. The wedding gown fitted her so well.

“Oh my.., you look so beautiful Nadine,” Julianna smiled when she walked in.
Thanks Mom. You look good too,” she smiled.

Your dad and Miguel are waiting downstairs. Your friends are outside waiting and your groom is already in the church.

Nadine stare at herself one last time in the mirror as she gently place her hand on her flat Tommy. Her eyes filled with tears.

“I thought breaking up with Lorenzo will take all the love I have for him but it never did.

I can’t seems to stop loving him and the worst part of my story now is that am getting married with his baby to another man.
“Are you okay dear? Julianna asked.

” Sure Mom. Let’s go,” Nadine held her hand as they walked downstairs.

Josie was so happy to see his daughter in that flower white gown, looking so beautiful like a princess.

“Thank you Nadine and congratulations too,” Josie smiled as he hugged her.
” Just look at my kid sis” Miguel teased.

” If that jerk ever bothers you just tell me and are you sure you really want this wedding Nadine? He asked while Nadine just nodded sadly.
“Sure,” she smile sadly.
“Time to go,” Julianna announced.


Lorenzo sat down quietly in his studio staring at nothing in particular. Going through his phone on the internet was all about Nadine and Leonard wedding.
? Finally one of the Montes is getting married
?Thank God Miguel is still single, he’s mine
? Perfect match. Team Nadine and Leonard
?Am shipping for Team LeoNAD
? Congratulations..
? Happy married life.. you both deserve each other
Reading through the comments alone broke his heart completely and seeing her wedding pictures brought more tears to his eyes.

“You don’t even believe me Nadine. You just left as if you were waiting for a mistake to break up with me” he thought as he quickly stood up and went out.


At the *M-Garden*..

The wedding celebration is still ongoing. Leonard felt so fulfill having Nadine finally as his wife.
“Make sure you take care of Nadine as you promised Leon,” Miguel said.

” I love Nadine more than you do Miguel. I know she’s your sister but I also want you to know that she’s my wife now, she’s part of the Enersto’s and I guess it’s better you calm down because I know my responsibility and you don’t have to remind me countless times not to hurt your sister,” Leonard said.
” It’s okay, but just do the right thing,” Miguel said.
? Congratulations,” Nadine received a lot of congratulatory messages from the guests.

… Nadine and Leonard take over the dancing floor as they dance to the waltz music.
“Thank you so much my love. It’s a dream come through for me,”

” I love you so much Nadine,” he smiled as they dance softly to the music.

” And I believe we will make this marriage work just they way our parents wanted,” she said. Leonard kssed her as people cheer them up.

Lorenzo who stood at a distance watch them in anger, he was at the back, wearing a black face cap to make sure no one will see or recognize him. He saw how happy Austin was, probably it was all part of his plan to destroy his relationship with Nadine.

“It’s so difficult for me to watch another man love you Nadine,” he said to himself.
He jolted out of his thought when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
“Lorenzo! A familiar voice called.
” Austin,”
” What are you doing here and how did you even get here? Austin asked surprised to see Lorenzo.
“I always have my own way,” he said.

“You’ve finally lose her to Leonard,” Austin smirked.
You destroy my whole life Austin because your mom is no longer alive. You make me take the blame for Dianne’s dead which make everyone hate me including Miguel and now you’re finally happy Nadine is married to someone else.

Your eviI will one day catch up with you. I will make you regret everything you’ve ever did to me. Am not a fo.ol you know I have been enduring everything you did but not this time, not when Nadine slip out of my hands,” Lorenzo said looking so angry.

” Just try to calm down Enzo. I don’t know how you manage to get here but if you let them know you’re here you’ll be in big trouble,” Austin laughed.

” You don’t have to blame me for all your misfortune in life Lorenzo. I wasn’t the one who klled your parents and from the beginning I never liked the fact that my mom adopt you.

Nothing good will actually come out from you and as of Nadine am glad you didn’t have her because you don’t deserve her,” Austin mocked at him.

This got Lorenzo more angry. He punched Austin, grabbed him and threw on the table bringing the attention of everyone.

People around gasped as they start to take a clip of the fight.

“How dare you! Austin yelled back in anger, he felt humiliated but this time Lorenzo was so angry that he have to pvnched him again.
“Lorenzo!! Miguel was shocked to see him.

” What’s going on there? Leonard asked.
” Lorenzo!!,” Nadine gasped when she sight him.

” Lorenzo! She called as she quickly rushed to them.
“Will you just stop being a fool Lorenzo,” Miguel yelled at him, as he pulled him away from Austin.

“I have had enough of you,” Lorenzo angrily yelled at Austin, he never wanted to start a fight, all he wanted was just a way he could talk to Nadine.

“You’ve always ruined all the happy moments in my daughter’s life. You don’t actually love Nadine you’re just obsessed with her,” Josie snarled at Lorenzo.
” Get him arrested,” Josie ordered.

“No dad! Nadine quickly objected.

” For my sake just allow him go. Today is my wedding please let me decide on this for once, don’t arrest him,” Nadine said sadly then turn to Lorenzo.
” I guess you should leave and don’t ever come back.. please,” she said.

“We need to talk Nadine.. please,” he said as he held her hand but Leonard quickly jerk his hand away from hers.
“Don’t you ever lay your filthy hands on my wife,” Leonard warned.

“And you still have the nerve to talk to Nadine after ruining her wedding! Such guts,” Josie spoke so angry.

” Get him out of here security,” he yelled while the security dragged Lorenzo out.
“We will be leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow to avoid people like this your wretched ex boyfriend,” Leonard said so angry.

” No.. but that wasn’t part of the plan till next week” Nadine said.

“Am your husband from now henceforth Nadine and that’s my final decision,” Leonard said with finality feeling so angry…
Happy married life to Mr and Mrs Leonard ?


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