By Tiana Isaac

Episode 24

Nadine stare at herself in the mirror. She stare down at her tommy, she’s already six months gone.

“It’s a boy, am just coming back from the hospital after scanning,” she said to Leonard.
” Wow.. just like I hope for, ” Leonard smile as he hug Nadine from behind and kssed her on the neck.
“I will soon be a father,” he smiled.

“You should continue with the bed rest until your delivery. I will handle everything in the company,”

” Thanks Leon but I will like to go back home to mom until I deliver so she can take good care of me,”
” Am I not trying my best..

“Of course you are but remember my mom is a doctor so if any complications should arise she will help,” Nadine explained.
“It’s okay, anything for you and my child, ” he said.


That evening, Leonard helped Nadine packed few of her clothes and drive her to their mansion. They had dinner together.
“How is my grandson doing? Mr Josie asked so happy. He felt fulfilled, happy seeing Leonard and Nadine together especially now that his grandson is on the way.

“The baby is always kicking,” Nadine laughed.
“Nadine decide to come here until she delivers and I accept it if that will make her happy, ” Leonard said.

” That’s so sweet of you, am sure by now Nadine realized how lucky she is getting married to you and not that Lorenzo, ” Josie said.

” Josie, the poor guy is already dead why reopening old wound..! ” Julianna quickly said as she stare at Nadine.

” Am glad everything is working out well between me and Nadine. Getting married to her is the best thing that has ever happened to me, ” Leonard said.
” Am glad to hear that as long as my sister is happy, ” Miguel shrugged.

” I have so many plans for my grandson and I suggest you guys should travel to Paris to deliver the baby, ” Mr Josie suggest.

” I wanted that too but Nadine isn’t buying the idea, ”
” It’s stressful dad. After having those complications last months I thought I was gonna lose my baby and the doctor asked me not to stress myself.

I just want a peaceful delivery not a fancy one can you please excuse me, ” she said then stood up and headed upstairs to her room.
” She doesn’t look happy? Miguel said.

” It’s one of her mood swings, atimes we stay a day without even talking, she get angry at any slight thing but I choose to overlook, it not her fault thou, ” Leonard smiled.
” Nadine is right Josie, she almost lose this pregnancy last month.

Let not stress her with anything and don’t ever mentioned that Lorenzo to her ever again she might start to think too much again, you know how much Nadine loved that guy and how devastated she was when he died so why mentioning his name in her presence, ” Julianna said.

” I get it now, I just hope she has gotten over him because he’s dead and will never be back again,” he said.


Nadine sat down quietly on her bed as she stare around . She missed everything in here because it’s been long she came to visit her parents.

She felt so troubled, she’s already six months gone and everyone still thinks it’s Leonard child she’s carrying.

What if he get to find out about this someday? What will be her fate? She thought of telling her mom or brother about it but she wave if off.

“This the secret I have to take, to the grave with me, no one must know the baby am carrying belongs to Lorenzo and not Leonard, ” she said to herself.

” Nadine, ” Mrs Julianna called as she walked into her room holding a glass of milk.
” You should take this before going to bed,” she said.

“Thanks Mom,” Nadine smiled rubbing her big tummy.
“How you feeling? I can’t wait to see him,” Julianna smile.

” This my most treasure possession, carrying a life inside of me makes me realize a mother’s love for her child.

I will do everything in my power just to take care of this baby, ” Nadine smile feeling so emotional as she wipe her tears.

” Look who’s talking, my baby will soon be a mother now. How times flies, ”

” That’s how I felt when I was pregnant with Miguel, then you. It feels so good and the sweet thing is that Josie was there for me through thick and thin, your dad was the best husband ever you known, ”

” And he was the best dad to us just that he never really care about my happiness, ” Nadine said with a sad smile

” Don’t ever say that Nadine. Your dad loves you so much, he’s just concerned about our reputation and
the company, please don’t ever say that,”

” I will make sure history won’t repeat itself on my children, I won’t enforce them to marry anyone, they will have the freedom to choose whom they love and live a normal life like every other person and not a miserable life all in the name of reputation or any company. They will have the peace and freedom which I never did…

“Common Nadine are you referring to us as bad parents?
” It’s okay mom,” Nadine said.


@ Montes Medical Center**

” This exactly where I can find Miguel,” a lady said. She stare at the large building in front of her and breathe out.

” Am back Miguel am back my love and if anyone should try to get on my way I will eliminate them just to have you to myself this time, am sure you still feel something for me,”



Miguel sighed as he removed his hand gloves and headed straight to his office. He checked the time and noticed it’s 7pm already, it has been a hectic day for him throughout and about the unknown girl in coma he still hope she’ll wake up soon because it’s taking longer than expected.

His phone on the desk rang and that’s got his attention.
📞Where are you Miguel, I have been waiting for you..” Ashely start to blab immediately he picked up the call.
📞 “Am tired Ash, I don’t think I can make it to the cinema with you maybe till other time,”
📞” What! How heartless can you be Miguel. You were the one that promise to hang out with me this evening and now you’ve changed your mind. You’re really not a man of your words..
📞The surgery got complicated, i had to take my time. It was a hectic day for me, can you atleast understand me for once Ashely..
📞A heart that always understand get tired, am tired of always understanding you Miguel but one thing I know for sure is that you’re mine and mine alone so if your keeping your distance because you probably have someone else I will never allow that,” she said and with that she hanged up.

” So annoying” he muttered to himself and slide the phone in his pocket.

“Miguel” a familiar voice called. The lady smirked as she catwalk to where he was standing.

”,” he whispers, surprised to see her.
” Aren’t you happy to see me, your one and only Stacy,” she smiled staring at him. Miguel stood in shock staring back at her.

“Come on Miguel I know you still love me,” she bite her lower lips and caress his cheeks.

*That’s the only thing you can offer Miguel and I have given you myself so it’s over between us,”** she yelled at him.

**No.. no.. I love you Stacy. I love you so much please don’t leave me, ” he pleaded.
” Am done with the Montes family,” she yelled back***

Those voices echoes in his head triggering those anger in him.

“Enough Stacy,” he said, then jerked her hands from his cheeks.

” It seven months since you left already, everyone has forgotten about you and so do I. Just go back to wherever you came from,” he said sternly.

” Can you now get out of here before I call the security,” he said shocking her the more.

” Quit acting tough! I know you still love me and I will have you back to myself again! She smirked..


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