Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade




“Mommy”. Jordan smiled . He took his steps little by little as he came towards me

I turned around and bent down as I hugged him. I picked him from the floor and kissed his head .

“When will you stop being so clingy…? Angel walked out carrying a tray of milk as she dropped it in the booth of the car .

“Maybe when he starts creche”. I whined tickling him as he laughed so hard.

“That’s so true,he should start creche soon he’s starting to become so clingy to us, besides he needs to know children who are of his age range . The only people in his lives is you and me…. including Drake and that’s when Drake video calls us or come visiting”. She explained going to the courtyard again to bring some basket of fruits .

“I don’t know what I’ll do if am away from him even for a minute”. I said sadly trying to imagine how I’ll cope without Jordan.

He has been the most happiest thing that has ever happened to me . Even though he resembled Harris a lot, he’s still my son and I can’t allow anyone take him away from me.

I hugged him tight and sighed

“Thinking about it? Angel smiled closing the booth.

“Maybe”. I ruffled his hair as he giggled showing me new set of teeth.

“Mommy, I’ve got new teeth… here”. He said opening his mouth for me to see

“Aww, Angel…my baby is a big boy now…come take a look at his new set of white and milk teeth..” I smiled peeping under his pink gum.

Angel moved closer too.

“Geez, the two of you should stop acting all dramatic like loved ones”. She sighed.

“I have a new teeth…am a big boy Aunt”. He said to Angel .

“Yhayyy…my godson is now a big boy, come over here”. She ruffled his hair after peeping under his gum .

She carried him from my arms and threw him up as he giggled so hard.

She did a rollercoaster for him with her arms as she tickled him again.

“That’s enough, that’s enough let’s go before our customers start questioning us as to why we took a break from work”. I said entering the driver side.

Angel carried Jordan to the back seat and placed him in the baby seat at the back after making sure his car seat belt was tight.

She came to the front seat and sat beside me.

“Let’s go for a picnic”. She raised her hands up in the air and played a song as she started singing a song by Raffi.

Raffi is an Egyptian singer . He sang Going on a picnic and some other songs. Going on a picnic is actually a children song. We played that intentionally for Jordan .

It’s his favorite. Angel decided to do it in a call and response way as Jordan responded.

Going on a picnic, leaving right away
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll stay all day
Did you bring the sandwiches?

Angel said looking at the back.

(Yes I’ve brought the sandwiches) Jordan replied

Did you bring the salad?

(Yes I’ve brought the salad) . He clapped his hands again smiling and showing his new set of white teeth .

Ready for a picnic here we go. I and Angel said together as we giggled

Going on a picnic, leaving right away
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll stay all day

Did you bring the melon?

(Yes I’ve brought the melon)

Did you bring the apples?

(Yes I’ve brought the apples)

Did you bring the lemonade?

(Yes I’ve brought the lemonade)

Did you bring the cookies?

(Yes I’ve brought the cookies)

Ready for a picnic here we go

Going on a picnic, leaving right away
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll stay all day
Going on a picnic, leaving right away
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll stay all day

We sang on and on till we reached the park.


?? HARRIS ??

I got to New York 1 hour and 11 minutes, the flight was not really stressful but peaceful. Our summer house was at New York.

That’s the only property Dad has and that’s where we built most of our memories. I carried my suitcase and headed towards the bus stop where I’ll see a taxi.

“New York hasn’t changed that much, the ubiquitous flowers and trees that surrounded everywhere and made it beautiful ” . I said when I heard someone’s voice which sounded familiar.

“Young man can you please excuse me, I need to see my grandson soon”. A woman pushed me away from the road .

“Ohh, sorry miss”. I excused myself. She intentionally hit me and wanted to pass where I stood because there’s still enough space for four people to pass.

She was wearing a blue shorts and a vintage top with sunglasses and big hat.

I guess she lied about it because she was dressed as if she’s going to the beach .

Her voice sounded so familiar and her hair?

“Hello ma’am? I said after imagining that she’s someone I know.

“What? She paused without turning to look at me .

“Mom? I said moving to her front as I took the sunglasses from her face

“That’s so impolite young man”. She said and turned to walk away.

“What are you doing here? I thought we agreed on something?? I looked at her.


“Harris? Mom called me while Autumn was fast asleep in the living room.

She beckoned on me and told me to meet her upstairs. I knew she wanted to say something private.

“She’s asleep”. I whispered.

“Come here”. She gritted her teeth maniacally. I stood up as she dragged me to a corner upstairs.

“What is it Mom?

“Now that Autumn has lose her child, how do we go about bringing Valerie an the good with her home

“Mom? Stop this talk about Valerie, if Autumn were to be here she’ll be so hurt. She’s just recovering from the pains of losing her baby “.

“So because she losed her baby and the chances of her having another child is slim …wait, did you tell her what the doctor said ? That she might not be able to have another child again??

“Mom? I covered her mouth and looked back hoping Autumn didn’t hear .

“What? I’m saying the truth”. She slapped my hand away.

“Valerie is not coming here and that’s it, period”.

“She’s at New York, I made research when she was showed on the TV that day . You can ask Drake, I guess they’re close.


“So, what happened to our discussion? I said as she called a taxi and we entered.

“You know I and Autumn can never cope, I told her I was gonna leave her for good and she should suit herself. My lie was candid”.


“Yeah, it was candid . I don’t wanna go back there . I’m gonna stay with Chef Valerie and my grandson”. She said.


?? ANGEL ??

“Baby,come to Mama”. I said to Jordan as he took his steps on a little pace and then increased it as he hugged me.

I carried him up and tickled him .

“You guys should stop playing and help me to unpack these stuffs or else we’re gonna seat outside “.

“Jordan, let’s help Mommy out, we’ll have enough time to play”. I said placing him down.

I carried the crate of milk out and dropped it on the floor.

“Ughhhghh”. Jordan grunted at we directed our attention to him

I and Valerie looked at each other as we laughed so hard .

“Oh my gosh, this is hilarious…”. I laughed

“Jordan, honey…..what are you trying to do”.

“I wanna lift the crate up…I’m super man”. He said laughing so hard still trying again

“He’ll never quit until we take the crate inside”. I said telling Valerie that I’ll help him to take the crate inside.

“Baby, let me help you with that…you can carry your ball so you’ll drop it in the room”. I said to him handling him his blue ball.

“I don’t want this”. He pouted his little mouth.

“You’ll get to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if you carry this…I’ll race you inside “. I said carrying the crate of milk as he took his ball and ran after me.



We had to come for the summer house party. It is always organized every year and each family come visiting .

The summer house camp is a very big place. It has different things for Children and adult. We booked a room for ourselves before coming that day.

Tomorrow is gonna be the real fun as for today, a lot of people are just gonna unpack and that’s what we’re doing .

I watched as Jordan ran in his shorts and polo top as he ran after Angel with his ball.

I wanted to carry another crate when it mistakenly cut my hand.

“Ouch”. I winced in pain.

When I heard a familiar voice.

“Are you okay? The voice said and ran towards me. He was holding a plastic water bottle . He held my hand and poured the water on it as the blood washed away.

I was still focused on the pain I was feeling that I didn’t look at the face of the person.


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