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” It’s Lara-Jane , you can call me LJ sir”. She bowed smiling sheepishly. I bet she fell for my abs. I almost forgot that I wanted to open the door for a lady I would have put on a shirt.

“Okay LJ, can you start cleaning now…my Mom is asleep, you’ll get to meet her when she wakes up. The room is my major priority. Mom hates dirtiness and I want you to take care of all it”. I said .

“Okay sir, but where can I drop my luggage? She said.

“Ohh, follow me”. I led her to a room for the maids. It was quite big enough to occupy four people let alone her.

“Thank you sir, I’ll start cleaning now”. She bowed again. She seemed beautiful and quite young for this job she’s doing.

“Humm…I’ll be in the guest room, it’s just adjacent to the visitor’s toilet. Tell me when you’re done with the work”. I said and closed the door.



“Please make yourself comfortable at home, I know you’re fully aware that this is not our house. We live at Middle Ville but we brought Jordan here to have fun… please sit here while I make the coffee

“I’ll make the coffee you can talk to him”. Angel said as I narrowed my eyes at her .

“Seriously? Will you do this , this time around? I spoke to her with my eyes .



As soon as I left Valerie’s place, I got a call from Harriet , my twin sister that the process is almost complete.

Autumn has headed for New York . I need to track her down and manipulate her .

I went to my car and saw Jordan’s ball. I took it and smiled .

“Just a little time buddy, you’ll soon be away from your loving mother”. I smiled.

I should return this, but it was actually becoming late .

I decided to return it. I went to their block and stood in front of their room . I knocked for a while but I got no response. I wanted to turn back when the door was opened.

“Hi”. I said feebly

“Hey, Harry….what are you doing here around this time? Valerie said. Her hair was let down on her shoulders and she was wearing a lingerie .

The hairs on my body tingled and my body moved . I was silent as I watched her from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet .

My brother really has a good eye in choosing his baby mama .

“Harry? She used her hand to brush the front of my face bringing me back to reality.

“Humm…Hi…I found this beside my car and wanted to drop it so I won’t lose it”. I chuckled nervously giving her a bag .

“Ohh, Jordan’s ball. He has been crying for a while, in fact he cried till he slept because of his ball. He loves and cherish it a lot,thank you Harry”. She said collecting the parcel from my hand .

“You’re welcome,I’ll go now”. I said and turned to leave when she called my name.

“Harry? You wanna talk? She said as I looked back and smiled.

“Let’s meet at the Park, I wanna show you something tomorrow. It’s late, goodnight Valerie…. sleep tight”. I said and blew her a kss as she blushed.



The big smile on my face didn’t fade even as Harry faded from my sight. I closed the door and held the bag across my chest as I tried inhaling his fragrance with my eyes closed .

I rested my head on the door when I noticed someone was staring at me.

“Are you okay ? Angel said.

“Geez! You startled me! What are you doing and why are you still up? I said trying to avoid her knowing fully well that she’ll ask questions.

“Who were you talking to?

“I think I sleep-walked my way outside…orhhhh…..I’m going back to bed, goodnight”. I said yawning .

Angel can be so Inquisitive,I just had to prevent her from talking and asking too much question from me.

“Come back here young woman and explain the reason why you were up” . She drew me back by the neck of my lingerie.

“Ouccccc, really? By this time? It’s late already and we have a big day ahead tomorrow… kindly go to bed “. I said again

“You of all people know I won’t sleep until you tell me something. So, I’m all ears now. I saw you smiling like there is no tomorrow. You smile once in a while , this smile was extraordinary Valerie. I could easily tell that you’re in love with him”.

She saw him!

I looked away with smiles covering my lips.

“Leave me alone”. I shouted and ran towards the room as she followed me.



“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It’s summer time….!!” We heard a lady shouting from using the megaphone.

“Jeez! Is it time already? I rolled from one end of the bed . I didn’t wanna disturb Angel so I tried to feel her side if she is up already and she is ! .

“Wake up!” . The woman knocked on our door . I could hear from my room .

“Mommy.. it’s summer time”. Jordan came in wearing his pyjamas and a cap .

“Get up Valerie, you sleepy head”. Angel came in with a fry pan and a fork as she hits them together further making more noise .

“Jordan, honey…let’s sing for Mommy”. She said to him as he claps.

“Mommy is a sleepy head like Humpty Dumpty”. He clapped laughing so hard as Angel hits the fry pan and fork together

I covered my face with the bed cover and buried my face inside my pillow .

I really need to sleep again!

“Gosh! Go away”. I cried . Angel did the worst by bringing the fork and fry pan close go my ears as Jordan climbed the bed and tried to pull my bed cover off.

“Get up Mommy”. He said .

“Get up sleepy head”. Angel shouted .

“Fine!…. Mommy’s up! I’m up” . I removed the bed cover and was dragged out by the two of them.

“Eat some egg tarts…I and Jordan made it while you were asleep…. you’re gonna love em’ “. Angel said .

“What? You made egg tarts with Jordan? He is too little to be in the kitchen”.

“It’s better if we train him to be a good husband like Drake “.

“Seriously? I tasted the egg tarts and it was awesome .

“You like it? Jordan raised his hopes high.

“Hmmmm….I don’t like it” . I said as he wore a sad face .

“What’s that supposed to mean, we labored over that food so it can be made and you claim you don’t like it. Jordan, I’ve losed my appetite,what about you?

“I can’t lose my appetite because Mom says she doesn’t likes our food. I’ll gladly eat it all”. He shouted

“Oh my goodness! You both are overreacting! I don’t like the food, I love it… you’re the number one chef in this world , take it or leave it”. I did an high five with them.

“Room 15, get your asses down here this instant “. The woman that was in charge shouted .

I and Angel giggled as we tip-toed back to our rooms to get dressed. We came downstairs later and met everyone waiting on the field .

They were filling some kind of forms and I guess they were registering .

“Welcome to THE FAMILY SUMMER PARTY. I greet you all and thank you for honoring this beautiful occasion. Today, we have a lot of things to do and please stay safe. Your safety is our number one priority. Catch some cruise,get to know each other and go to my right hand….there you’ll pick a number for your family . We’re going hunting!” . She shouted.

“Gosh, why does Mrs Rose like shouting? I bet her lungs are crying to be saved from her “. I laughed as we walked towards the counter by her right hand to collect our number.

“Jordan,this is your first hunting experience. I know you’re gonna love it . Will you walk by yourself or I should carry you ? Angel said

“No, I can walk myself. I’m a big boy”. He declared. We were going as we ran into Harry.

“Uncle Harry” . Jordan said in excitement as he ran towards Harry and he lifted him up as they both laughed.

Angel stood beside me and used her arm to hit me as I faced her .

“What was that for? ” . I said speaking with my eyes as she winked and raised her eyebrows

“He definitely loves you”. She whispered I waved her off.

“Hello ladies, good morning”. He smiled again

“Hi Harry”. Angel squeaked as if she hasn’t seen him before.

“Good morning”. I added looking away.

“You both look exceptionally beautiful today , you’re going for the hunt?

“Yes, sure. This is Jordan’s first hunting experience so we need to go, are you here alone? I wanted to ask you that yesterday? I said

“Well, not really ….Can I take you somewhere? Around this place, I need to show you something….Angel, wanna tag along? .

“No, it’s fine.. it’s fine, I see it’s sometimes private. You guys should have fun . I’ll take care of Jordan”. She carried Jordan from his arms.

“Mommy , are you leaving? Jordan said with tears forming mist in his eyes

“Hey baby, Mommy is coming back soon . I’ll get you something on my way, Okay? Be good to Aunt Angel, enjoy your hunting experience …. Okay, tell Mommy you love her” . I said

“I love you …. Mommy”. I hugged and kssed his forehead.

“Don’t take long “. Angel said as I followed Harry to his car.

“Where are we going to Harry? I said as he started the engine

“To see someone”. He smiled again. That smile gives me shivers.

He reversed out from the field and headed on the way . He paused the car for a while and faced me as he started bringing his head close.

Oh my gosh! I’m not really ready for this . I tossed my head back ! He brought his hand closer to my head and drew the seat belt from the corner of my head.

“It’s appropriate to use a seat belt”. He smiled again.

I just chuckled nervously and looked away .


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