Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



The summer house camp is a very big place. It has different things for Children and adult. We booked a room for ourselves before coming that day.

Tomorrow is gonna be the real fun as for today, a lot of people are just gonna unpack and that’s what we’re doing .

I watched as Jordan ran in his shorts and polo top as he ran after Angel with his ball.
I wanted to carry another crate when it mistakenly cut my hand.

“Ouch”. I winced in pain.

When I heard a familiar voice.

“Are you okay? The voice said and ran towards me. He was holding a plastic water bottle . He held my hand and poured the water on it as the blood washed away.

I was still focused on the pain I was feeling that I didn’t look at the face of the person.



I opened my eyes immediately Harris stood up from my side. I heard his Mother’s voice and they went to a corner to talk.

I stood up and tiptoed when I discovered they were talking about Valerie.

Valerie what have you come to do in my life again? Can’t you at least forgive me for everything I’ve done to you .

I said with tears in my eyes.

God! This is not happening. I paid rapt attention to what they were saying.

“Did you tell Autumn that she can’t produce a baby again? Harris Mom said.

What? I can’t? I..? I touched my belly and tried feeling every area of it as if I’m looking for a baby who hid at a corner as tears flowed down my cheeks.

My throat stings as I brushed the strands of hair covering my face to the back of my head well.

They were even preparing to lie to me so they can go to Valerie and bring the baby home .

I couldn’t even imagine it ! How will I cope if she lives with us right here? No! No!

I must do something. When I heard their footsteps again I ran back to the chair and slept.

The next morning, Harris told me he had to leave because of something very important. He woke up around 6am .

“Babe, I’m gonna leave early…I need to catch my flight , I’m meeting a client and I’ll be back in a week’s time”. He said kssing me on the bed .

“What? Flight? But…you didn’t tell me this yesterday”. I sat up trying to play along with him .

“I know darling, I know you’re already missing me,but I’ll be back in a week’s time.i promise. The business is so important that I can’t miss it. I love you , Okay? He wanted to kss me but I looked away

I fumed with anger in me

“I transferred money into your account, I know you’ll be needing some things. Don’t hesitate to call Mom or the maids if you need anything, You know you’re just recovering”. He said and opened the door as he went out .

I wanted to run after him and strangle him to death so he won’t be able to go. I took my pillow and threw it against the door .

Now I have to stay with that wench too. I was so angry. I moved to my table mirror and checked myself.

As I glared at myself in the mirror, I saw Valerie.

“He’s coming for us”. She said smiling . She turned her back and I saw a baby strapped to her back .

I swallowed hard I couldn’t see the baby’s face.

“Leave me alone. .e.eee….eeee” . I shouted taking the mirror as I threw it in the floor and it shattered into pieces.

“Ma’am?? Tonia,our maid entered barging into my room .

I crouched beside my cupboard,the glass that was shattered made a deep cut into my hands and body .

“Get out”. I shouted at her.

“I’ll call others to come and clean this mess up ma’am”. She said and left hurriedly just to come back inside with two other maids who brought brooms and parker as they cleaned the mess I made and the two maids left .

Tonia bent down under my bed and brought out a first aid box as she knelt beside me.

“I’m sorry”. I muttered weeping profusely

“I know you must be so terrified”. She started as she cleaned my wounds with a mentholated spirit and wool .

“I’m more than terrified, I’m running mad…I feel like I’m losing my mind already…I don’t know what to do….I’m…. I’m….I don’t know”. I cried as Tonia hugged me.

“Destroy them one by one for ruining your life…this is just so unfair to you”. She said as I paused and withdrew from her hug.

“What do you mean?

“You heard me right? Destroy Harris,his mother , Valerie and the baby …you can live your life alone with another man after inheriting this properties. Come to think of it, you just loosed your child and they want to bring in another woman without your consent. Ma’am, if I may….they took you for a big fool”. She said

“A puppet that can be controlled anyhow? I said too after realizing that what she’s telling me is actually true.

I never knew I had someone who cares for me too.

“Yes,very correct…now, Mother has traveled too. They both lied to you so they can bring that bstard home… isn’t it so unfair. You need to act fast”

“Act fast? What must I do? I’m confused Tonia”. I held her hands and trembled.

“Follow them”. She said and stood up . She went to my table and took a paper and a pen as she scribbled something down and tossed it at me too.

“What’s this? I stared at the paper

“The address of the place they went to”. She said .

“How come you know all these? I was shocked

“I’ve been here for a very long time ma’am, I know everything about this family”. She said and bowed her head and wanted gow take her leave .

“Thank you Tonia”. I said as she paused and turned back to me with a faint smile .

“You’re welcome,trust me with the household….I’ll take care of things here . Please do what is right and take what belongs too ma’am”. She said sternly and walked towards the bed after packing the instruments of the first aid box into his kit back , she stood up and left .



Wow! My steps are being ordered. I never knew this would be so simple. I had to live my life as a maid in my step-mother’s house just to acquire what I want.

Autumn is indeed fragile and a puppet. Very easy to order around. I have her in my paws now, the game has just began.

I smiled and walked to my room when my phone rang.

“Hey, Harriet”. The voice said

“Hi , Harry…the deed is done here, are you in position? Autumn will leave here anytime from now too”

“I’ll so reach her now…I’m almost there . Mother will be so proud of us. Did you plant the tracker in her body?”.”. He said and laughed .

“I sure did, it was the best part. I was not even scared . It didn’t matter to me at all. I felt desperate to do what I had to do”.

I ended the call and smiled to myself. This is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see how this ends .

I know this property will be finally ours.



“Hmmmm, this is becoming more intriguing and interesting. So all this was planned ??

Wait,who doesn’t remember Harriet?? ?

Tell me who Harriet is, I want to know if you’re following ??

Good morning and have a nice day?


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