Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



He had Harris hair and from his side view nobody can deny the fact that he is Harris son.

My eyes widened. If Valerie has a son for Harris? Then all the properties would be transferred to her.

Harris Mom might wanna bring her home too.

What will happen to me and my baby? I developed cold feets instantly.

“I know you still love her Harris,I know it when you act like this…. Autumn is just deceiving you about being pregnant…. she’s not pregnant at all….you can see Valerie? She’s carrying your son….my grandson,we need to find her as soon as possible, and bring her home”. Harris Mother crackled in the air.

I needed to convince Harris. Tears formed mist in my eyes. I must stop them . I rubbed my belly when it made a slight kick.

“I’ll take revenge son, they must not do this to us”. I said.

I stepped on the first a s second stair when my leg tripped and I came rolling down our long stair case.

Funnily enough, nobody caught me. I guess they were engrossed in what they were doing. Not until I reached the floor that was when I heard Harris voice .

“Autumn”. He called as everything became black out.



?? “Hospital Machine Beeps” ??

“Your baby is no more”. Valerie cackled taking a baby from my hands. He was wearing the blue knitted cardigan,I knitted for him .

I could see his little hands and fingers outside,the shawl didn’t cover his hands and I could see his cap. He was not crying and I was kneeling on the floor.

“Are you ¢razy! Valerie hand over that baby to me now or else I’ll kll you with my bare hands”. I threatened her but she kept laughing as she walked with her back towards a place I don’t know.

Every where was white and it looked as if we’re walking and talking in the cloud .

“You don’t deserve this baby, he belongs to me now…. besides,I and Harris we’re getting engaged anytime from now

“How dare you steal everything that belongs to me?? Harris is mine ! So is our baby”

“Come along, catch me if you can….Your legs are already crippled”. She pointed at my legs

That’s when I noticed I couldn’t feel them at all.

“What have you done to me Valerie?

“What you’ve always done while we were in school. Goodbye Autumn, good luck with your miserable life” . She laughed and turned to go.

“No, no….my baby…my baby”.

I screamed and woke up with this intense feeling and ache from my head.

“My baby”. I screamed and sat up.

Harris was beside me,Mom and Harris Mother too sat next to me.

“Babe”. Harris held my hands but I removed my hands from his instantly

I’m so glad what I had was a dream. I removed the duvet used to cover my body as I rubbed my belly .

I couldn’t feel a single thing.

“Where is my baby? I shouted looking from my Mom to Harris mom and then to Harris.


“Don’t you babe me…! Where the fk is my son? My precious baby? I started crying .

“Darling, your baby is in your womb….why are you asking of him again? Harris Mom said

“You wtch! Don’t you dare meddle in my affairs. You never believed me anyways,so don’t preach about where my baby is”. I shouted as my head made a loud noise .

I had to hold it with my two hands and I laid back in pain.

“Calm down Autumn, you’re not helping your situation at all…stop nagging , she is your mother-in-law,take it or leave it…it’s high time you stopped this nagging of yours”. My Mom scolded me .

“How is she feeling? The doctor came inside after giving the door a slight push as I raised my head up.

“Better I guess”. Harris replied him .

“Doc, where is my baby? At least let me see him even though he’s in the incubator… please”. I begged in tears as I stood up from the bed and wanted to kneel down when I flipped and laid on my side .

I broke my ankle . Valerie,you’ve done your worse. I gritted my teeth in tears .

“Are you okay miss? The doctor tried to help me up but I slapped his hand away and knelt down instantly.

“You didn’t tell her? The doctor said looking from Mom, to Harris and then to Harris Mom then back at me.

“Tell me what? I stood up instantly

They were all silent

“What’s going on? Where is my baby? I shouted

“Babe,calm down”.

“Harris….. don’t make me lose it, I’ll show you that I’m crazy if you don’t bring my baby out. Doctor, what’s wrong with my son? My baby…he…he….was right here in my womb and….and….I…I…tripped….where the hell is my ….baaaa…..bbbyyyyy…..” . I shouted

Everyone blocked their ears with their hands. If there’s one thing I know how to do best it is shouting .

“Calm down…. Miss, shouting won’t bring the dead baby ,you just need to take things easy and rest”. The doctor said writing on a paper.

“What? What did you just say? I widened my eyes and pretended not to hear what he said in the beginning.

“I’m sorry Autumn,I should have supported you for a while….I thought you actually made it all up and now….you losed my grandson…..The Lord that provided this baby, will provide another one…trust him”. Harris Mom said.

“What? Can you hear yourself? I said as tears flickered done my cheeks.

“Baby? Harris touched my shoulder

“Don’t….touch me, I know all these was your plan….this is a collaborative plan to bring me down. You took my baby’s life, that poor thing that came to this world….you took his life and you all want to me to calm down?? I’ll do all it takes to bring each and everyone down…. Everyone who partook from this….I’ll fight and fight”. I screamed as Harris hugged me tight.

I sI.apped his big arms but he won’t let go.

“I love you Autumn , I swear on my life we’ll bring our baby back”. He said kssing my neck .

Once again, I melted on the bed and heaved a deep breath .

“You’ll be fine honey”. Mom said as she took over from Harris. She wrapped her arms around me and sang me lullaby till I fell asleep.

Valerie… prepare for war.



This girl was not lying after all. She looked so pitiable. I knew it when blood gushed out from her undergarment that she had a miscarriage .

Poor girl! She has been waiting for this moment all her life.

Good thing Valerie is still with my grandson. I’m so proud of myself. Harris did a good thing by impregnating that girl , the more I think about it the more I see it as an opportunity to have an heir to the Grayson’s wealth .

I looked at Autumn pitifully.

Now we need to take steps in looking for Valerie and my grandson. No matter what it takes, I’ll throw Autumn out and bring Valerie in .

I think I have a soft spot for her . I smirked as Harris hugged her .


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