Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



I vomited white and thick substance. I felt so weak . My feets were heavy and my vision was blurry. Everything seems to be falling apart.

“Harris ? I called and he heard as he sprang up from the bed .

That’s one thing about him,he’s very sensitive even when he has fallen asleep.

“Babe, what’s up? What’s wrong with you? He bent down next to me as I sat up well.

“I’m sick”. I said feebly

“Sick? How come? We had an argument yesterday”

“Gosh! Harris…I’ve got no strength to exchange words with you , place me on the bed”

“How are you feeling? Should I take you to the hospital? Tomorrow morning?

“Yes, I need to lie down first”. I said closing my eyes.

He carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the bed. He cuddled me till I fell asleep.



🌹Months Later 🌹

MY grilled fish business and Ramen noodles is going quite well. In fact, it’s very rare to see an American breed doing what I’m doing.

It encouraged lots of people that no matter what circumstances you’re going through,you can be a conqueror. You can always make up for the mistakes of the past.

Don’t let your past pains and sorrows get to you .

You can overcome it all because you’re an over comer .

“Hey, watch the oil so it won’t spill on Jordan’s head, you know he’s in a carrier”. Angel said talking to me like a small child .

“I know, I know….I smiled tossing the pot of oil away as I hurried to the spot where we gripped fish”

“I need two grilled fishes please,I’ll sit at the table over there please hurry with it”. A man in his forties said .

“Yes mister, should I add soke grounded pepper too?

“Yes, and onions and cucumbers please”. He smile and went to the canopy at the extreme end.

When the fish was done I did as I was instructed and I placed it in a plate and went to the man.

“Thanks”., He said paying me.

“Thank you sir”. I bowed smiling

“Is this your son? You look so young. He asked. I just smiled and left his presence

“Thank you….enjoy your meal, next please”. Angel said attending to those that needed ramen.

“Mommy,I’m hungry”. Jordan said slowly.

“Orhhhh….my baby, I’ll feed you as soon as I attend to other customers,Okay? I smiled and patted his head when my phone rang.

“Hi, Drake”. Angel picked the call after putting it on speaker.

“Hey…what of Valerie? He said .

“She’s here, we’re busy call back”.

“No, no…some reporters are coming towards your side , they interview chef and anything that has to do with delicacies…I invited them over, so cooperate”. Drake said laughing over the phone.

“Jeez! Drake, how could you? Before I completed my statement he hanged up and some people arrived in a white van bringing out large cameras.

I exchanged glance with Angel as we hurried up with our cooking and pretend not go notice them.

“Hello Miss,my name is Kang Min Seok and I’m from Korean, I work here and I represent the Korean Special chef …. we’ve been told about your stupendous and beautiful meal and we’re here to tell the world about it, do not worry …. we’re not gonna charge at all”.

“Okay…so,how may we help you? Angel said staring at the Korean man whose eyes almost closed. His hair is actually took a reverse to the back . But the smile on the lips made him look handsome.

“Peter, bring the camera over here”. He said to a guy who stood beside the bus .

The guy saluted him and spoke to some other guys who brought out the camera. They wore their aprons as I and Angel kept watching them.



After being humiliated the day, Harris spoke the truth and scolded Autumn in my presence and I bet she was so angry .

She even faked a pregnancy. Such a bastard. So desperate to get into the paws of my son.

But I will pull he down at all cost. I was going through my social media account when I stumble across something about Harris former school where he graduated from.

It was a video which went viral about Harris and a girl named Valerie. I was aware but I decided to turn blind eye to it. It was even one of the reasons why I came to Canada to review things and make sure my family’s image is not tarnished.

I recalled that the girl was pregnant and Harris never talked about it to me again. Only God knows where the girl is. I was still scrolling when Harris walked to the sitting room.

I hid my phone.

“Hi , Mom”. He said sitting next to me as he placed his hand around my neck.

“Hey…..son,how are you? How was your day? I said hoping he didn’t see me searching for something.

“I’m good Mom, I went to the mall to get Autumn some cookies,you know how pregnant women are . They feel like eating at all time .

“Please spare me that nonsense, she’s not pregnant, she’s just faking it”. I hissed

“Mom , you’ll believe it, when you see your grandson. He’s gonna be as cute as you are , you know I look like you? Take it or leave it Autumn is carrying my child and the last thing I can do now is to support her even though I’m not ready to be a Father yet”

“Was that what you told Valerie,the first girl who was pregnant for you? Was it? I said staring at him and he became silent all of a sudden .



The thought of spending my forever with Valerie crossed my mind.

The days we spent at secondary School, the days I bvllied her and the days of the bet , how I played her to fall in love with me and the video.

Gosh! Mom! Why does she have to bring this memories I abandoned already.

“She’s not carrying my baby, she must have aborted it , Mom… please spare me that talk about Valerie”. I said as I stood up to take the remote.

“This is …one, two…three, three years now Harris.. three years, I’m sure that girl delivered your baby and the baby must be two plus or three years”. She said counting her fingers.

“The baby died so did Valerie die in my life, I can’t have anything to do with her anymore”. I switched on the TV with the remote. I wanted to ignore each words she’s saying.

“What if she didn’t die, what if she didn’t lose the baby? And Autumn remains barren, will you go back to her? Mom said and I was speechless.

“What will you do Harris? Autumn loves you for your money, Valerie loves you for who you are eve though you’re a rascal. I watched the videos on your school blog ”

“Mom, please… enough of this, I’m married to Autumn forever and she’s carrying my child nothing will even stop that fact.

“You love Valerie don’t you? She said

“Mom,stop it… please” I raised my voice but she was persistent.

“I know it when you act like this, Harris I’m your mother and I know you so well”. She said.

“I don’t know,Mom…I don’t know…!” . I yelled facing the TV as I switched to a channel for food when I faced it to ignore her.

“When you see Valerie , and her son I know you’ll want to be with them forever,I just hope that poor girl is okay wherever she is” . Mom said when I stared at the TV in awe.

“Valerie? The remote dropped from my hand as Mom stared at me.

“Oh my gosh? Mom said staring at the TV too.

Valerie was in the TV with another lady who was cooking. They were being interviewed by a Korean man who wore an apron .

She looked beautiful and she’s smiling as she prepared the food. I noticed she was carrying something in her front.

“Oh my gosh? It’s a baby? Didn’t Valerie?

“Harris ?? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Mom h!t me .

I was dumbfounded. The baby’s clothes described him as a baby boy. He had my hair . I could only see his side view as she left the front of the camera when the baby cried .



I was busy knitting the baby wool I ordered from a company. My baby stuffs needed to be top-notch. I sat on the bed knitting a little cardigan.

I don’t know the sx of the baby yet but I know it’s gonna be a boy so I decided to pick a royal blue color for the wool.

I was knitting and was singing him a song too so I rubbed my belly and concentrated on the knitting when I heard Harris voice .

He mentioned Valerie. I paused and thought I was hearing things. I reduced the volume of the TV that was on in my room and I realized I was hearing two voices.

“Harris and his mother? I muttered.

What are they arguing about? I needed to know.

I stopped knitting and dropped them on my table as I moved towards the sitting room. I stood upstairs around the stairs and glued myself to a wall so I could hear what they were discussing .

“What? Valerie? How could she be pregnant and I don’t know?

I was angry because they kept mentioning her . That girl is a pest in my life . Why does she keep appearing and prying into my affairs?

I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth.

I remembered what transpired between her and Harris . How the fk did it lead to pregnancy?

I noticed the two of them were silent. I peeped again and discovered that they were watching TV.

What got their attention so much that they stopped arguing?

I wanted to know but they both stood in front of the TV and obstructed me.

“Valerie? Harris Mother said pointing at the TV.

She paved way for a while and watched Harris who was dumbfounded.

Valerie was carrying a baby who is not less than two years old in a carrier in front of her .

He had Harris hair and from his side view nobody can deny the fact that he is Harris son.

My eyes widened. If Valerie has a son for Harris? Then all the properties would be transferred to her.

Harris Mom might wanna bring her home too.

What will happen to me and my baby? I developed cold feets instantly.

“I know you still love her Harris,I know it when you act like this…. Autumn is just deceiving you about being pregnant…. she’s not pregnant at all….you can see Valerie? She’s carrying your son….my grandson,we need to find her as soon as possible, and bring her home”. Harris Mother crackled in the air.

I needed to convince Harris. Tears formed mist in my eyes. I must stop them . I rubbed my belly when it made a slight kick.

“I’ll take revenge son, they must not do this to us”. I said.

I stepped on the first as second stair when my leg tripped and I came rolling down our long stair case.

Funnily enough, nobody caught me. I guess they were engrossed in what they were doing. Not until I reached the floor that was when I heard Harris voice .

“Autumn”. He called as everything became black out.


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