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“When did you become a motivational speaker? I laughed so hard as he took a throw pillow and threw it at me.

“I’m actually serious you know? He said .

“I know you are and I’ve heard you…I should probably think about it”. I smiled.

I don’t know If I was ready for that at that moment.

“Let’s talk about the business you told Angel”

“It’s a food business”. He landed smiling. He knows I hate cooking.

“WHATTT….? Food business? No way…I’m not doing that sht! You know I detest that shit…I do it when I’ve got no choice”. I sulked.

“You’ll be grilling fish in a different way and yes, you’ll make this Korean noodles – ramen “. He said bringing list out as he tossed it to me on the table .

“What’s this? I took it from the table as my eyes scanned the long list .

“Check it out, the list of the Ingredients we’ll be getting…here is what we’ll do, I’ll arrange where you’ll use and humm…teach you and Angel how to handle it then people will start coming to taste it…that’s all”. He said .

I think this is gonna be fun .




*Writer’s POV*

HI, guys this is your favorite writer, who brings you the best romantic stories 🥺

Anyways,I just hope you remember who Janelle is? Let me quickly brush through it

Janelle is the mother of Harris, the wife to Clive Grayson; Harris father . Remember, in Episode 3, Clive cheated on her with Evelyn and he has 2 kids with Evelyn “Harry and Harriet”. They showed their faces on Clive’s birthday,the shocked Janelle threw them out and decided to live with her son alone.

She has never felt so pained before,she’s a very strong woman that is feared by all but the situation weighed her down . She made Clive who he was , she collected all her properties from him and divorced him .

Main reason why she acts so cold, especially around men . You dare not step on her toes, then you’re a dead meat .

Now,let’s head straight into her mind now😁



I sat down in the living room watching my favorite TV channel,when Autumn came in wearing a bumshort and a tank top.

She was even chewing gum. She sat down and took the remote as she changed the channel.

I kept watching her as she placed her legs on the table .

“Wow,this movie is so interesting”. She said tuning to the cartoon channel.

“When will you even grow? I said as she turned her gaze at me.

“Pardon? She blew the bubble in her mouth to a big balloon as it made a bop! sound.

“You heard me right? Do you think you’re still in Montessori School? You go around wearing bumshort and tank top all around the house…what if Harris friends come inside ?

“I don’t care, this is not the first time I’m doing this.. nobody complained until you came… mother-in-law…. please stop inconveniencing me in my matrimonial home

“The home your father built? Huh? She stood up as I stood up too.

“I don’t know, you can go to your matrimonial home and leave me and Harris alone”. She said as I sIapped her

“Mom? Harris came out . I guess he has been watching all these while .

“Harris? Will you watch this barren thing insult me in my own house?

“Mom… please,she was your wish and you got her now…so please accept whatever you see”. Harris said .

I couldn’t believe his ears . He’s choosing his wife over me .

“What? I said silently

“You’re joking right?

“Yeah,you heard him right”. Autumn said and left us.

“Harris? How could you do this? You’re just like your father”. I yelled at him and left his presence too.



Eversince Mom came, she has been having hot argument with Autumn. I see no reason why they would argue.

Mom would also call her a barren woman, who does that? I’m actually too busy to even father a child . I don’t even have time for myself nor anyone so I can’t father a child at all.

But Mom is actually right, Autumn has never been pregnant before . Not even once .

But come to think of it! Valerie who was pregnant for me , I gave her money to abort the baby . Maybe that’s why all these is happening!

But it can’t be!

I needed to go to the office. I took over Mom’s company and I stopped recording songs . I worked in Mom’s company as the General Manager.

“Mom? I followed her to her room but she locked the door.

“Go away”. She said

“I’m sorry MA, I’m not acting like Dad, I’m very different from him…Mom please forgive our manners, forgive Autumn please….all you want is a grandchild? You’ll get him or her, we’ll try our best”. I said .

“Whatever”. She said and I left .

The thought of Valerie filled my head as I drove to my office. I wonder why my mind when to her side . I just hope she’s doing fine .



“Jordan? Jordan? Where is that little boy? Mom is calling you??

I peeped everywhere. I know he’s hiding somewhere. I checked my room but he was not there.

“Jordan? I smiled bending to check everywhere.

“What are you looking for? Angel shouted as she startled me.

“Not what,but who? And I’m looking for Jordan, is he with you?

“No,he went for a walk with Drake ,they should be on their way soon”

“Wait, Jordan doesn’t have a stroller, how did he?

As they were talking , Drake walked in carrying Jordan in his arms. He was fast asleep.

“Ohh my, thanks a lot Drake,I’ll take him to his room now”.

I carried him from Drake and took him to his room as I came downstairs back

“So,now that Jordan is asleep.. let’s get to business,you both…follow me”. Drake instructed as we followed him outside.

We stood at our compound and saw a small kiosk at our veranda.

“What’s this? I and Angel chorused. We were actually baffled by what we saw in our compound.

“Your new shop”. He landed taking the canopy away from the covered kiosk .

“WHAT?? I and Angel said again.

“Yep,you heard me right…I told you guys that you’ll start a small scale business and that is selling Korean Noddles – Ramen noodles and grilled fish”. He said .

“Wait, are we starting today? I stayed in his front . I was not ready.

“I know you can’t handle a spoon, I’ll teach you'”. He scrawled as I sIapped him playfully.




I laid on the bed at night,I and Harris didn’t face each other on the bed because we had an argument because of his mother.

That woman! Only God knows when she’ll leave this life and move to the afterlife.

She’s a pain the a$s, she’s not making me breathe at all. I actually don’t know why she gave birth to Harris .

Such a wretch!

How could Harris tell me to apologize to his mother? How could he?

Well,he wasted all his efforts after giving some points which I see it as unnecessary.

I slept in annoyance,in the middle of the night I felt a slight move in my stomach.

It continued for few minutes and then it stopped. I felt nauseated as I stood up holding my belly and I rushed to the restroom.

I vomited white and thick substance. I felt so weak . My feets were heavy and my vision was blurry. Everything seems to be falling apart.

“Harris ? I called and he heard as he sprang up from the bed .

That’s one thing about him,he’s very sensitive even when he has fallen asleep.

“Babe, what’s up? What’s wrong with you? He bent down next to me as I sat up well.

“I’m sick”. I said feebly

“Sick? How come? We had an argument yesterday”

“Gosh! Harris…I’ve got no strength to exchange words with you , place me on the bed”

“How are you feeling? Should I take you to the hospital? Tomorrow morning?

“Yes, I need to lie down first”. I said closing my eyes.

He carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the bed. He cuddled me till I fell asleep.


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