REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 22

Chimamanda got to Ajuwe’s house with the guard who prince Nnamdi sent to escort her. After he showed her the place, he turned and left. Chimamanda knocked on the small wooden door and a young lady in her mid 50s stepped out of the room.

Chimamanda: good evening ma, you must be Ajuwe?

Ajuwe: Bless you my child, yes I am Ajuwe, and you are the healer who cured my daughter the other day. Thank you so much.

Chimamanda: its my duty ma, there is no need to thank me.

Ajuwe: what brings you here child?

Chimamanda: I came to see you ma and the Prince.. ..ERM sorry and Ikenna.

Ajuwe was shocked to hear chimamanda refer to ikenna as the Prince. No other person knew ikenna was a prince except Nina and herself. She became scared as she stepped backwards.

Ajuwe: who are you? And why do you want to see my son?

Chimamanda: Ma, please don’t be afraid of me I mean no harm.

Ajuwe: why did you refer to ikenna as a prince, who are you and what do you want? Who sent you?

Chimamanda: Mama like I said I mean no harm, it was Nina who sent me to you.

Ajuwe: Nina sent you to me, and told you that Ikenna is a prince?

Chimamanda looked around to make sure no one was around and listening to them, then she drew closer to Ajuwe .

Chimamanda: mama, Nina didnt tell me anything, she didnt need to tell me anything. I know Ikenna is the Prince of EKEH because he is my brother, and I am a princess, the princess of EKEH. (Ajuwe was shocked, she moved back and stared at Chimamanda, wondering if to believe her or not. Just then Ikenna stepped in with his bow and arrows hunged on his neck)

Ikenna: What is going on here? (He rushes to Ajuwe and held her) step away from my mother he shouted, who are you and what do you want from my mother?(chimamanda drew close to him, staring deeply into his eyes, tears was already flowing from her eyes down her cheeks. Ikenna was confused he didnt understand why she was crying and trying to touch him)

Ikenna: young lady you are acting strange. Are you alright? What do you want from us.

Chimamanda: my brother, see my little brother has frown into a man, (the tears kept falling) look at how big you’ve become. The hods be praised. Oh my soul rejoices to see this day.

Ikenna: wait wait wait (he pushes her from him) I dont get you. You must have mistook me for someone else. Who are you again?

Chimamanda moved backward and pulled of the gloves in her hand revealing her finger that was cut off eleven years ago by Aguyi when he was ordered to GI and kill her.

Chimamanda: its me your sister, who was carried away to be killed by the wicked king AZAZA.

Ikenna could not believe his eyes, he threw down his bow and arrows and ran to Chimamanda, looking her from head to toe, turning her round, tears had filled his eyes as chimamanda kept in talking.

Chimamanda: mother asked us to return to EKEH, she told us to revenge. Father gave me his royal ring and gave you his staff of leadership. The guard who escorted us was killed while he asked us to run. We were separated when I went to get more water for us to drink and I was captured……

Ikenna could not wait for her to finish, he rushed to her and gave her a tight embrace.

Ikenna, its really you, you are alive, (turning to Ajuwe) my sister is alive, this is my sister. Oh my sister is alive, the gods be praised. I thought I was alone, I thought It was just me and Nina, but you are alive. You remember Nina? The maid? She carried me, she took care of me until we met Ajuwe, she accepted us…..(chimamanda hushed him not to speak anymore she hugged him tight and both of them wept like babies)

Ajuwe: she is the healer that healed your sister Nina. They’ve already met.

Chimamanda: yes dear, I’ve met Nina, and she has told me everything, she directed me to you.

Ikenna: Today is the happiest day of my life, I have so much to tell you.

Chimamanda: dear brother am glad to see that you are alive and happy. Ma , I thank you for accepting my brother and Nina as your own. The gods will surely reward you. Ikenna, remember the promise we made to our father and mother. It is time to fulfil that promise.

Ikenna: yes sister, am already on it, come let me show you. (He carried chimamanda and took her to a side of the house, he showed her the plenty bow and arrows that he and Ajuwe had carved. Chimamanda was glad that his brother still carried the vision of their parents. She took them inside and narrates to them how Aguyi rescued and saved her life, then she started discussing their next line of action in how to defeat the wicked king AZAZA).

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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