REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 28.

Chimamanda returns to OKU in grand style, she was dressed as a princess. When she stepped into Aguyi’s compound he could barely recognise her. He stood transfixed to the ground. Eventually he bowed his head in respect to her. She lifted him up and hugged her.

Chimamanda: Father, it is time.

Aguyi: my child, you took quiet a long time. What happened to you, you look different.

Chimamanda: I went to prepare our home. And now, we must go back to Ekeh and resurrect it. Did you father the people I asked you to.

Aguyi: yes my child, we have warriors awaiting your command.

Chimamanda: Good, Now I must alert my brother, the future king of EKEH!

Aguyi: your brother? What brother?

Chimamanda: Am sorry father, I shoukdnhave told you earlier, but my brother the Prince of Ekeh didnt die in the battle of that night. He survived and he is alive here in OKU.

Aguyi: Really? Who is he? And where is he?

Chimamanda: patience, father, soon you will meet with him. Firstly, you must take Nkechi, the old women and children who stand for us to EKEH, where they will be safe. The weak and feeble must all go over to EKEH.

Aguyi: But where would they live, EKEH is a wasted land.

Chimamanda: not anymore father, not anymore. Help me gather those who are for us, my brother and I would address them tonight. For by tomorrow, the revenge against OKU will begin. So gather them all.

(Chimamanda turned and walked away. Aguyi stood still admiring the little girl whom he had rescued years ago who has grown to be a fearless warrior, when she had left he quickly went around to gather the people whom he had earlier informed of the whole plan)

Chimamanda got to Ajuwe’s house, she met Ikenna outside carving out bows and arrows. They both ran into each other arms as Ikenna admired his sister from head to toe.

Chimamanda: Get ready brother, the hour has come. (Ajuwe stepped out of the house and gave Chimamanda a warm embrace)

Ajuwe: welcome child.

Chimamanda: Mother, pack up, we leave tonight.

Ikenna: leave? To where?

Chimamanda: we are going home brother, we return to our fathers land.

Ajuwe: Oh! Finally, how I have longed to leave this land that is filled with the blood if the innocent. (She went inside and started packing)

Ikenna: But I can’t leave.

Chimamanda: why?

Ikenna: Nina, I can’t leave Nina, she became a sister to me when you were not here, I can’t just leave her here.

Chimamanda: (smiles) we are not leaving her here. She is part of the plan. And she knows everything.

Ikenna: But you have to fill me in on the plan.

Chimamanda: I will but we have to address our people first.

Ikenna: our people? What people?/

Chimamanda: come with me, you will see them soonest.

The Prince and princess discussed as they moved to go and see their people. The princess filled the Prince on the plan she had with NINA!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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