REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 23.

Chimamanda spent some time with Ajuwe and Ikenna before she left, she told them there were some things she must put in order and promised them she would return. As she left them she was filled with joy, she was finally reunited with her family. When she got home that day she decided to talk to Aguyi who was sitting outside in deep thoughts.

Chimamanda: Father what are you thinking of?

Aguyi: My dear, i didnt see you come in.

Chimamanda: I came in just now where is Chinwe?

Aguyi: she went to the stream to get some water.

Chimamanda: okay, father I want to talk to you about something.

Aguyi: I hope all is well my child.

Chimamanda: All is well sir.

Aguyi: so what is it you wanna discuss with me.

Chimamanda: Father, I will like to go to my village. I will like to return to Ekeh.

Aguyi: (he looked down for a while and then raised his head) I knew this day would come.

Chimamanda: how do you mean?

Aguyi: Let me tell you a story……Before the battle of OKU and EKEH, my only brother and i made a promise to my late father who was also a warrior in Oku, that we will be warriors that will defend our land. We also made a promise that we will only fight for good. And so when the igwe asked us to attack EKEH. My father demanded for facts to show and prove that EKEH was actually planning an attack on us. The igwe could not produce any reasonable facts, instead am he said my father was challenging him and demanded that he be imprisoned. My father was thrown into the palace prison. My only brother decided not to go for the battle except my father was released.
On the night of the attack, the igwe summoned my brother and I and asked again if we would go with the other warriors for the attack. My brother again demanded the release of my father or else we wouldn’t go. The igwe now asked that my dad be brought forward. When the guards brought him. Right before our eyes the igwe behe@ded him. He accused my father of treason. My brother in his rage tried to attack the king. And right before me he was also beheaded. I became afraid and scared. The igwe asked me if I was ready to go for the battle with the other warriors, because I was afraid of being killed like my father and brother, because I was a coward i accepted to go with the warriors.

When we got to Ekeh, I tried to alert some persons to inform the igwe your father, but I was too late. They were killed before they could even get close to the palace. I tried to save some persons but I also failed, because the eyes of the warriors was on me. The warrior head started getting me involved in everything by attaching me to every task.

Chimamanda my child, I am so sorry I couldn’t save EKEH, but I never shed one blood from your land. I am so sorry I was a coward. I never should have gone for that battle at all. I would have been brave as my brother and father, I would have died like a real man, but I was a coward, I am still a coward, that is why even my rights is taken away from me by Azaza and I can’t do anything about it.

Chimamanda: no father, you are not a coward. After my father you are the bravest man I’ve ever come across. And you did the right thing by going for that battle, if you didn’t maybe I would have been dead by now. The gods designed everything for a reason. So you are not a coward.

Aguyi: OKU is a wasted land with an evil king. I have waited for the opportunity to punish the king for all he did to me and my family. So my child, I am behind you 100% in every decision you will take. I will go with you to your fathers land.

Chimamanda: No father, you must stay behind. The time will come for you to go with me. But for now I must go alone. What I need you to do for me is help me look for men who carry grudges against the king, so they can join us in our quest. The king has offended lots of persons and for us to win this war we must have men and women who carry the same vision with us. Men who are ready to fight.

Aguyi: oh my child, you are so brave, I know some men who will be willing to join us.

Chimamanda: I know two men. Chief Obi and chief Ibe. I need you to talk to them and bring them into our plans. I know they will join us gladly.

Aguyi: that is no problem.

Chimamanda: There is something else I will reveal to you, but that will be on my return from EKEH. You must keep Chinwe safe before I return.

Aguyi: Be careful my child and may the gods of our land keep you safe.
(Aguyi gave Chimamanda a hug, he knew the set time has come, he watched her carry a keg of water, a small knife and a warriors sword, and she disappeared into the bush)


It took her weeks to be able to locate the village for she was just but a child when she left. Chimamanda wept when she got to the land that was once her home. The whole place was deserted and abandoned. There were bones and skeletons of people all around. Bushes and grasses everywhere. Even animals had deserted the place.
Chimamanda was able to locate the palace that was once her home, the house was almost completely collapsed, everywhere was as silent as a grave yard. She could picture the killing afresh, she could hear the wailings and cryings of the people. She stepped into the room where she was separated from her parents. She remembered the parting. She saw the skeletons of her parents, she knew it was Thiers because the chain her mom was wearing was still there. Even though it was looking old and rusted she could still recognise it. She saw her dads royal crown on the ground and she knew that was the remains of her dad on the ground. She could picture her dad and mom fighting the OKU warriors. She cried even more when she saw that her mom and dad died together on top of each other.

After crying for a while, she set out to work. She began clearing of the place. Firstly she carried the remains of her dad and mom and buried them in an open place in the compound. Then she started cleaning the compound, gathering the bones, clearing of grasses, and burning of rubbish.

When she was finished from the palace, she smiled to herself for it was beginning to take shape. Then she moved to the next house and then to the next and then to the next and gradually, chimamanda single handedly cleared the entire village of EKEH. She knew it would take her months to finish up and she was ready to do it all by herself.

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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