REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30


Episode 29.

Chimamanda was surprised at the crowd she saw when she arrived at Aguyi’s house. Both men and women admired her as she stepped on the podium that was prepared for her.

Chimamanda: Good evening my fathers, brothers and sisters. My name is PRINCESS CHIMAMANDA OBAMA, daughter of the Kate king OBAMA the second of EKEH land. Everyone of us are a witness to the brutal killing of my parents and my people. Everyone of us have tasted from the wicked deeds of king Azaza, everyone of us have experienced and witness one pain or the other caused by this evil king.
And now the time has come for EKEH to take her revenge against the king and the wickedness done to us. We gather you here today because we dont want you to suffer with the king. When oil stains one finger if care is not taken, it spreads round the other fingers. The people of OKU will definitely be affected by what is to come upon OKU, the smell of the shit that has robbed the king will go round the land.
Therefore I wanna give us the opportunity once again to decide where you belong. An opportunity to chose where to stay. It is time for a decision to be made. If you wanna remain in OKU, please indicate now, if you wanna go over with us to EKEH, then the time to speak is now.

We will not hold it against you if you decide to stay in OKU, We will not hold it against you if you decide to stand by your king but know this day that OKU is an enemy to EKEH, so be not offended if you partake of the sorrow that is about to hit your land. Therefore make up your minds now will you forsake your fathers land OKU, the land of your birth and move over to EKEH,which will become your new home, defend EKEH, fight for EKEH and live in EKEH till you die and be buried in EKEH?

As the princess finished her statement, AGUYI, picked his sword and moved behind the princess, followed by NKECHI his daughter, and then AJUWE, and gradually all the people moved behind the princess, they were all ready to go with her. One of the young warrior spoke first.

1st Man: I have nothing left in OKU, from the day our igwe saw my wife, he cast an evil eye in her and will not let her rest until he slept with her. He got her pregnant and demanded for the pregnancy to be removed, when she refused , to cover his shame, he had her killed. Since then I have lived in sadness and pains. I have nothing in OKU. My princess I will go with you to EKEH. I believe I will find joy again in your land.

2nd Man: King Azaza sent my two sons to fight in the land of EKEH, and they died in that battle. The king did not dim it fit to even honour them instead he called my sons lazy and weak, and that was why they died in battle.

1st Woman: The only landed property my husband left for me and my child, king Azaza collected it and gave it to his wicked friend Odogwu.

2nd Woman: The igwe took away my v!rginity as a ma!den. He promised to make me his Queen but he didnt. Instead he labelled me a prostitute and had me flogged openly. Infact I am causing the igwe everyday of my life. I dont want to remain here Princess my spirit body and soul is already in EKEH with you.

One by one the villagers narrated their tales of one thing or the other that king AZAZA had done to them, and the princess listened to them all. Finally she spoke up.

Chimamanda: I am not going to promise you milk and honey in EKEH, I am not going to promise you that its all going to be rosy but one thing I can promise you is that, we will work together. Its going to be a collective effort. I am here to promise you that together we will build the land of EKEH, we will live in peace and harmony. You will not be oppressed, you will not be ruled by a tyrant, you will not be manhandled. We will grow in love, we will will grow in harmony.

Aguyi: My child, we are ready to follow you. Just lead the way and we will go.

Chimamanda: Thank you so much father, At this point, I will like to introduce someone to you all. He is from EKEH, a true blood of EKEH, a Royal blood of EKEH, he is young but he is brave, I have never seen a man so brave, I draw my strength from him. He is my brother and our future King. I am just but a woman but he is a man and by his leading EKEH wikk rise again. Ladies and gentle men, I present to you our future king. Prince IKENNA OBAMA, son and heir to the throne of EKEH!

The people began to scream in joy ,they were so surprised as Ikenna stepped forward, even Aguyi was shocked to see Ikenna. He had always seen him around but he never knew he was the Prince. Ikenna took the stage as he addressed his people.

Ikenna: Thank you so much my sister. My good people of EKEH, I greet you. This is indeed a dream come true for me. Like my sister has rightly said, we will work together to build EKEH. EKEH will rise and we will rise with it.

The people began to clap.

Chimamanda: tonight we go back to our land. There are houses everywhere. Just chose anyone you want to chose and stay.
My father Aguyi would lead you to the land, my brother and I will stay back, we have a business to conclude with OKU.

(aguyi led the way and the people followed. As they went to EKEH, ikenna and chimamanda sat back to discuss their next plan of action).

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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