“W-What?!” Kira blurted out.

“Oh! Never mind about it.” Tim replied.

He helped Kira to get up from the floor, ” Go and clean up” Tim said.

“There is medicine on the table, take it after you wash up. I have instructed the servants to make a soup to help you sober up.”

“Ennn…” Kira nodded her head.

Tim did not hurry to get out of the bathroom, so, Kira looked at him with a puzzled look.


“Is there something else?” Kira asked.

Tim’s serious expression slowly changed into being naughty. He revealed a s?xy facial expression and spoke,

“Would you like me to help you take off your clothes?” He asked in his hoarse voice.


Kira is speechless!
He’s being fIirty again!

“I can help you if you want,” Tim revealed a s?xy smile.

‘He is fIirting on me!’ Kira said to herself.

She revealed a charming smile, “No need, hubby. I can manage.” she said sweetly.

“How about joining you in the bathroom?” Tim just doesn’t want to be defeated

She lifted her hand and stroked Tim’s arm, “Hubby, we might take forever in the bathroom if you join me,” she said sweetly, the smile on her face did not fade.

Tim’s smile got wider. ” No, sweetheart, we won’t.” He replied.

“We will not take forever for a bath, unless…” Tim lifted his hand and runs his finger to Kira’s collar bone and then he looked at her face and spoke, “Unless, you have something in mind,” he said se…ductively.

She was speechless again!

‘Ugh! My husband is so fIirty!’
‘Or maybe, he is just giving me a hint?’

With that thought, Kira revealed a se..ductive smile, “Hubby, am I too attractive to you?” She asked as she threw him a meaningful look.

Tim drew his face closer to Kira’s ear and whispers. “Yes! You are so attractive to me to the point that I want to make love with you for the entire day”

Kira can feel Tim’s breathing which sends a tickling sensation to her body and it made her bite her lower lip but it only triggered him.

“Oh, ****!” Tim couldn’t hold his self-restraint when he saw Kira biting her lip.

He felt like Kira is inviting him to kss her. He instantly kssed her.

In just a while, the two of them let out m??ns as they take each other to the place where only the two of them can reach.

They did it for the second time!
They made each other feel their love!



Tim drove Kira to work, he stopped in front of the J International Shool’s second gate.

” I’ll fetch you after work, I’d like you to meet someone,” Tim said before Kira could get down from the car.

He kssed her on her lips before she let her get down of the car. He waited for Kira to get inside the gate of the campus before he drove the car away.

Kira heads straight to the admin office, she put her things on the table before she tapped her thumb in the biometrics.

Kira took a deep breath as she stood still in front of the biometrics, and the beautiful moment with Tim in the bathroom flashed into her mind. She unintentionally bit her lip. She was in a dazed for a moment and she did not even notice Myla behind her.

Kira only snapped back to her senses when Myla flicked her ear!

“Awh!” Kira complained as she touched her reddened ear.

“Oh, it seems like Cinderella is daydreaming!” Myla teased her.

Kira turned to Myla, ” I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you.” Kira apologized.

Myla gave Kira a side glance as if she is sizing her up.

“Why?” Kira asked with her puzzled look.

“You looked different today! ” Myla exclaimed.

Kira’s face flushed red. ” R-Really?” She asked as she touched her cheeks with both of her palms.

“Oh, you’re just seeing things, Myla,” she said and then she hurriedly turns and walked away from Myla.

She went back to the table where she put her things, she was about to pick it up, but someone suddenly reaches coffee to her.

Kira looked at the disposable coffee cup from a cafe before she slowly lifted her gaze to the person who is holding the cup of coffee.

“It can help you feel better.” The man said with a wide smile on his face.

“A-Alex…” Kira blurted out.

“Good morning!” Alex said.

“G-Good morning…” Kira replied.

She looked at the cup before she took it from Alex, but she has a question in her mind. The two of them did not talk since she asked him to distance their selves from each other.
But what’s with today?

He suddenly gave her coffee and greeted her good morning?

Kira knitted her brows.
‘Wait, is there something happened?’ Kira asked herself.

Alex left after Kira took the coffee.

Her gaze followed Alex and she fell in a daze again, but she snapped back to her senses when she heard her phone ringing. She hurriedly took her phone and answered it.


“Kira!” Kira heard Lea’s loud voice from the other line.

“Thank goodness you pick up the call immediately!” Lea said from the other line, her voice is tensed.

“Why, what’s the matter?” Kira asked with her knitted brows as she heard Lea’s loud voice from the other line.

“Hey, you almost gave me a heart attack last night. I was not able to sleep because of you” Lea complained.

Kira’s knitted brows got even deeper, “Why? What did I do?” she asked.

“Have you not remember what you did yesterday night?” Lea asked her friend.

“Of course I do!” Kira replied.

“I invited you to a KTV, we had a drink and…” Kira tried to think what happened next.

“And you got drunk.” Lea finished Kira’s word.

“I called your husband to fetch you up, but Alex suddenly came before your husband’s arrival. He tried to help you but you hit him a few times and he did not even complain. You cry while saying, ” I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to see you, I hate you” Lea mimicked Kira.

Kira was stunned for a moment, “W-What?” she blurted out.
“A-Alex came to the KTV Bar?” She asked.

“Yes! And he tried to comfort you, girl. You even cry on his ?h?st and fell asleep while leaning on his shoulder,” Lea said in detail.

Kira gulped as she looked down at the coffee in her hand, ‘It might be the reason why he’s being nice to me today’ she said to herself.

“And you know what made me nervous, huh?” Lea is not yet done..

“W-What?” Kira asked.

“Your husband saw you sleeping on Alex’s shoulder”

“What?” Kira’s voice raised which made the other teachers looked at her direction.

Kira bowed her head to her co-teachers and apologized. She got out of the admin office and continued to talk to Lea.

“Tim saw us?” Kira asked her best friend.

“Yes, he did!” Lea replied.

‘Ooooh!’ Kira felt anxious.

“My God Kira! I thought those two men will fight inside the KTV room. If only Mr. Tan’s gaze could kll, perhaps, Alex won’t alive now!” Lea added.

Kira suddenly remembers Tim’s word this morning, ‘I almost klled someone because of jealousy.”

Kira’s mouth went slightly opened!
‘So, the “someone” he means was Alex?’

‘He caught me leaning on Alex’s shoulder!’
My God!

She felt like she’s a wife who is caught cheating on her husband.

‘My God Kira!’
‘You almost cause big trouble!’ Kira scolded herself.



In the afternoon…

Kira is walking to the second gate, but her footsteps came to a stop when she noticed Alex standing near the exit.

She thought for a moment, she seemed like she’s having a second thought but she still chose to continue walking to the exit.

“Kira!” Alex called when he saw her coming to the exit.

Kira stopped and looked at Alex, ” A-Alex.” she responded.

Alex approached Kira.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked.

“Uhm… Good.” Kira replied.

“Kira… “Alex stared at Kira, “You know you can talk to me if—”

” Alex, I’m fine now.” Kira cut Alex’s word.

“Whatever you heard last night, forget it,” Kira added.

Alex’s expression changed, “Kira, how could I forget it?” Alex asked.

“You are not happy with that man” he added.

Kira looked at Alex straight to the eyes, “Alex, It was all just a misunderstanding between me and my husband. We already talked and fixed our misunderstandings. Thank you for your concern, Alex. I appreciate it. But I don’t want to cause another misunderstanding between me and my husband and I don’t want to put you in trouble. So, please, excuse me, I’ll go ahead.” After saying her word, Kira walks away and get out of the gate.

Just then, Tim arrived and Kira entered the car.

Alex just helplessly looked at Kira.
He lowered his head to hide the pain in his eyes.

He felt like someone clutched his heart and it felt painful.
He is regretful!
He was well aware of Kira’s feelings towards him before, but he did not mind it that much.
He had a girlfriend then, and he saw Kira as a friend.
He did not expect that his feelings for her would change, and it’s too late now. There is no chance for them to be together.

If he could only turn back time when he was the one she liked, perhaps, he is the one who’s with her now.

Alex snapped back to his senses when someone spoke beside him.

“I can help you get her.” A man’s voice said again.


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