*Back to the present…*

Mr. Fuente threw the cigar on the ground and stepped on it. He took a deep breath before he went back to Gaile’s room.

Mr. Fuente opened the door but he did not see Gaile in her bed. He tried to check the toilet but Gaile wasn’t there. He knitted his brows, ‘Where could she be right now?’ He wondered.

“Maybe the nurses took her to the laboratory?” He asked himself.

He was about to get out of the room, but he noticed Gaile’s drip on the bed. There are bIood drops on the floor indicating that someone forced to take it off.

Mr. Fuente got out of the hospital room. He saw a few securities hurriedly run to the stairs. His gaze followed the securities, and he doesn’t know why but he felt odd about this.

“Excuse me, what is going on? Why the securities are in a hurry?” One of the watchers asked one of the nurses at the nurse station when they noticed the commotion.

“A woman is standing on the rooftop.” The nurse replied.

“There are always patients who went to the rooftop to take some air.” The watcher commented.

“Yes, but this time, it’s not like she only wants to take some air, because right now, she is standing at the edge of the rooftop and she seems like she’s going to jump off.” The nurse replied.

His heart beats faster and he felt anxious, he has a bad feeling about this.

Mr. Fuente walks back to Gaile’s room, but his footsteps came to a stop before he could open the door, he remembers Gaile’s last words, “I’m tired of everything, dad.”

Mr. Fuente’s eyes instantly went wide opened. He turned his head to the stair’s direction, ” I’m tired of everything, dad.” Gaile’s last words echoed into his mind again!

“Gaile!” Mr. Fuente blurted out and then he hurriedly ran to the stairs going to the rooftop.

Mr. Fuente is panting as he reached the rooftop. He doesn’t know how he made it. His eyes went wide open as he saw Gaile standing on the edge of the rooftop barrier.

He was not wrong with his suspicion.
There are few people on the rooftop trying to convince Gaile to get down from standing on the edge of the barrier.

“Miss, please, calm down. Let’s talk about your problem.” One of the securities said.

“Gaile!” Mr, Fuente called for his daughter as he ran towards her, but the securities prevented him from going closer to Gaile.

” D-Dad…” Gaile mumbled when she saw her dad.

“Let go of me, I am her father!” Mr. Fuente yelled and tried to escape from the people trying to stop him.

“Sir, please calm down. The patient might get alarmed” The securities tried to calm Mr. Fuente.

“We will let you speak to her, she might listen to you.” The security said.

“Dad, you came back,” Gaile said with a smile on her face and at the same time, there are tears in her eyes.

” Dear, please come down,” Mr. Fuente begged with his trembling voice.

“Dad, they are telling me to just die,” Gaile said while crying.

“I couldn’t control them. They are everywhere and whispering me to just die.” She said. She seems like she is out of her mind.

“Dear, let us talk about it later, just please come down.” Mr. Fuente stepped forward, but it only made Gaile got alarmed.

“No! Stop right there” Gaile yelled to her dad as she stepped back.

“Aaahhh!!” The witnesses couldn’t help but scream as they saw Gaile stepped back, she’s only inches away to fall to the ground.

Mr. Fuente stopped in his track.
Gaile suddenly covers her ears with her palm. She’s like insane!

“No! No! I can not take it anymore!” Gaile yelled.
“Dad, I’m sorry…” Gaile said as she shook her head.
“I’m tired of this…” She added as she stepped back again.

” No!” Everyone in the rooftop is anxious.

” Gaile, don’t do this!” Mr. Fuente begged.

But Gaile seemed to hear nothing as she continued to step back.

Everybody felt like they can’t breathe due to the situation.

“I’m sorry if I gave you nothing but disappointment.” It was Gaile’s only words.

She closed her eyes and suddenly lay her body in the air.

Everybody’s world seemed to stop as they saw how Gaile let her self fell.

“No!” Mr. Fuente ran towards Gaile, hoping that he could save his daughter, but it was too late

He was not able to hold her hand to save her.

“Nooo!!” Mr. Fuente screamed as he saw Gaile’s body falling to the ground, and in just a moment, he saw how her fragile body slumped on the ground.
BIood splashed and started to run to the ground.

Mr. Fuente’s eyes are wide opened as he saw Gaile lying in a sea of bIood.

The people on the ground were startled and they started to gather around Gaile’s lifeless body.



*S Country…*

“Mr. Tan, this is the quarterly financial report that you asked me,” Coby said to Tim as he put the documents on the table.

Tim picked up the documents and read them. But his expression slowly changed as he read the report,
“There is a big amount that is missing in the company’s account?”. Tim asked.

“Unfortunately, Yes, sir,” Coby replied.

“Did the auditor already investigate this?”

“Not yet sir, but I already told them to make an audit to the company’s expenses,” Coby replied.

“Ten million is too big for the expenses,” Tim commented.

“There is no other transaction that involved a big amount of money in this quarter, aside from the LCX Bus Line,” Tim added.

He smelled something fishy about this, it seems like somebody embezzled the money from the company, and he has to find that person.



“Where is Mr. Fuente, anyway?” Tim asked after a while.

“I… I did not see him in a few days, sir.” Coby replied.

“Call his ȧssistant, I want to talk to him,” Tim ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Tan” Coby replied and then he turned and called for Mr. Fuente’s assistant through the intercom.

Coby spent a few seconds on the intercom before he put it back and faced Tim.

“I already called him, sir,” He said.

“Thanks, ” Tim replied.

“I shall take my leave now, sir,” Coby said as he bowed his head.

“Ennn…” Tim nodded his head as a response

Just a few minutes later after Coby left, Mr. Fuente’s ȧssistant came to Tim’s office.

“Good morning, Mr. Tan!” The assistant bowed his head as he greeted Tim.

Tim looked up to Jan.

“Where is your boss?” Tim asked straight forward.

Jan froze for a moment,

” Mr. Fuente left for L Country, he had an urgent thing to do there.” He replied.

” Didn’t he went to L Country a few months ago?” Tim questioned.

“Yes, Mr. Tan.”

” Why did he go back then?” Tim interrogated the assistant.

Jan gulped.

” M-Mr. Fuente received a call from Ms. Gaile’s manager, the Miss was brought to the hospital due to drug overdose.”.

“What?!” Tim blurted out with his eyes wide opened.
“H-how is she, then?” He asked.

It took a moment before Jan replied,

“She’s d ead, sir!”



Tim is in deep thought while inside the car. He looked outside the window, but his mind is on the news from Mr. Fuente’s assistant.

He might be mad at Gaile because she tried to set up Kira, but he didn’t wish her to end up like this.

“We’re here, sir,” Coby said which made Tim snapped back to his senses.

“Oh!” He blurted out when he looked around and realized that they are home.

Tim opened the door and got out of the car.
Kira is already waiting for him at the front door.

“Hey,” Kira greeted him.

“Hey, sweetheart good evening,” Tim replied and smacked a kiss on Kira’s lips.

Kira took off Tim’s blazer and walks with him inside the house and went upstairs.

When they reached the master’s bedroom, Kira noticed that something strange with her husband, ” “Hubby, is there any problem?” She can’t help but ask.

Tim forced a smile, “No, I am just tired.” He said as he sat on the couch.

“Uh, would you like a massage to make you feel better?” Kira asked as she sat beside Tim.

“Uhmmm…” Tim looked up and pretended to think, and then he looked at Kira with his naughty smile, ” What kind of massage could you offer me?” He asked meaningfully.

“Ugh!” Kira rolled her eyes.
“You’re flirting again!” She complained.

“Hahaha!! Tim laughed, he embraced Kira and kssed her shoulder, ” I couldn’t help it. It’s your fault, anyway!” he said.


“Because you’re irresistible!” Tim replied.

He suddenly forgot the sadness that he felt inside before.

Kira twitched her mouth and rolled her eyes,” You’re just trying to flatter me!” She said.

” Of course not!” Tim opposed.

“Do you feel hungry?” Kira asked him after a while.

” You’re making me hungry,” He hinted to her again.

Kira sigh!
And then an idea came into her mind.

She got up from her seat and stood in front of Tim, she bent down her body and lowered her head and draw her face closer to Tim until they are inches away from each other, ” Are you really hungry?” She asked se..ductively.

Tim gulped!

Kira started to tease Tim, she lowered her lip to his lips.

“Later, hubby!” Kira said and then she straightened her body.

“Ugh! You’re t®rturing me” Tim complained.

” I’m starving, and I couldn’t do it whenever I am hungry!” Kira replied.

Tim sighs and felt defeated.

“Alright!” Tim seemed like he surrendered, “You win!”




Coby is cooking for dinner when he heard the doorbell. He dropped the spoon and walked to the door to check who was at the door, he knitted his brows when he saw Lea on the front door monitor.

Coby opens the door, ” What brought you here at night?” He asked plainly.

Lea frowned, ” Hey, shouldn’t you greet your guest before asking that question?” She complained.

Coby sighs,
” Alright!”

“Good evening!” Coby bowed his head, and then he looked up to Lea,” What brought you here?”

“Are you not going to let me in?” Lea did not answer Coby’s question.

He seemed annoyed, but he still widened the crack on the door to let her in, ” Come in.” he said.

“Thank you” Lea is being cheeky.

Coby closed the door again and ask, “So, could you tell me what brought you here at this hour?” He asked again.

“Oh” Lea shoved her hand into her bag and took a small bottle.

“I came to give you this” She lifted her hand and showed the bottle to Coby.

Coby looked at the small bottle on Lea’s hand.

“What is that?” He asked.

“It’s for the removal of the scar, you should try it. It is from my grandma, you can’t see any of that here in the Capital City.”

” You came all alone just to give that to me?”

“Yes” Lea nodded her head.

“You could just give that to me tomorrow morning, you shouldn’t be out alone at night” Coby scolded her but Lea seemed unaffected, and she smiled instead.

“Why are you smiling?!” Coby asked sternly.

” Are you worried about me?” Lea asked and giggled, she feel like someone tickled her heart.

“Don’t think too much, I don’t want to be blamed by your parents if something bad happen to you!” Coby said in a serious expression.

“Tsss…” Lea twitched her mouth.

“And one thing, you should not come to a man’s house.” He said.

“Why not?” Lea asked as she gave Coby a side glance.

” It is not good to see a woman going to a man’s house,” Coby replied.

“Hey, It is already 2015, stop being conservative!” Lea opposed.

” And besides, we’re not doing anything wrong!” She added.

Coby stared at Lea with his serious expression.

“Do you always do this to every man that you’ve met?” He asked coldly.

“Nope” Lea replied as she raised her head like a proud woman.

” I only did this to you.” She added.

“Oh!” Coby did not say any word, he just turned against Lea and headed to the kitchen while trying to hide the smile on his face.


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