MY NANNY : Episode 21 – The End

💋My ° Nanny💋 🍨She’s my best friend🍨 By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊 🍓Episode 21🍓 Julia’s Pov: I carried Ella straight to her bed. She fell asleep in my room while telling me stories. She’s such a funny little girl… Really smart. I smiled broadly as I thought about her. I pecked her cheek and covered her … Read more

WORLDS APART : Episode 51 – 60

💔Worlds Apart 💔 By Authoress Yole 💋 unknown identity💋 Episode 51 A week later Mara’s Pov It’s already a week now, a week since Jay started avoiding me, it’s really been h.ell. Mabel had been bringing me lunch from her mom, well am planning on accepting her soon, she’s not that bad though. I slipped … Read more

MY NANNY : Episode 11 – 20

💋 My ° Nanny💋 🍨She’s my best friend🍨 By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊 🍓Episode 11🍓 Julia’s Pov: I sat on the hospital bed with a drip injected to my wrist. Like the doctor said I needed some rest. Am actually getting rest here. The door throw open and my little Ella rushed in with a shrieking … Read more

WORLDS APART : Episode 41 – 50

💔World’s Apart 💔 Brought to you by Authoress Yole ✍️ 💋 unknown identity💋 Episode 41 Rosa’s Pov Rosa, can you explain what is this? James said starring at me his eyes were bl00d red. I could see anger radiating from them. I had ordered for a test to be carried out because I still can’t … Read more

MY NANNY: Chapter 1-10

💋My ° Nanny💋 🍨She’s my best friend🍨 By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊 🍓Synopsis 🍓 His name is Mr Ryan Ramirez… The CEO of Ramirez group of companies. One of the biggest company in the whole Philippines… A very strict and mean man…. Who despises the word “WOMEN”….. Though he has a girlfriend Betty. Betty is determined … Read more

WORLDS APART: Episode 21-30

💔World’s Apart💔 💋 unknown identity💋 Episode 21 Mara’s Pov I walked into the class wearing a hoodie on my face, I walked to my seat and sat down. Mara am really sorry Anna said rushing towards me. It’s not your fault dear, thanks for the job anyway the pay is good I said. Just then … Read more

DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 31-The End

💎 Dangerous Love 💎 📘 Chapter 31📘 Written by: Tamara Blair. Author’s Note: For those of you who are saying that what will Nicole’s dad do to them if he found out that they m.ade l0ve. You misunderstood what he meant by he is not ready to have grandkids,he said they should be careful in … Read more

DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 21-30

💎 Dangerous Love 💎 📘 Chapter 21 A📘 Written by: Tamara Blair Six months later, ❤️ Nicole’s P.o.v❤️ Six months of total happiness,six months of love. These six months have been so good, Brandon is the best thing that has happened to me. Though we fight a little we still can’t stay away from each … Read more

DANGEROUS LOVE: Episode 11-20

💎 Dangerous Love 💎 📘 Chapter 11📘 Written By: Tamara Blair ❤️ Nicole’s P.o.v❤️ “Bella,stop it,i don’t like Brandon” i said to Bella for the umpteenth time. For a week,she has been saying that i have feelings for Brandon. “Yes,you do, it’s in your eyes,they sparkle when you talk about him” “Am not talking about … Read more