THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

Episode 12

“Was it something I said?”
“Was it something I did?”
“Did I hurt you?”
He knelt down next to me; a pillow tucked between his knees, and continued to ask questions. He couldn’t figure out how I went from aroused to frigid just like that.

I tried to respond but couldn’t say a word…instead; I had tears streaming down my face.
Captain got up; sat next to me, clad in just his briefs…he started to sweet talk me. Telling me how this was not just a night of fun culminated in lust and passion. How he was going to take care of me and how we would be exclusive.
“I just want some joy back in my life…”
“I just want to feel loved and get to show love again”
“I can’t force you; and if you say no…I totally understand”
“It’s not everyone that you really like that will reciprocate”
I could see he was crying too
“That’s not the problem sir” I blurted out
He stopped and turned around…he was already walking towards his clothes to get dressed
The look on his face suggested he wanted me to spill it
“I’m…I’m…I’m a virgin” I stuttered
“Wow!” he exclaimed as he collapsed into the sofa where we had flung our clothes.

He sat there for a while, scratching his head and making all kinds of facial expressions that further confused me. He later got up, came to sit next to me and continued talking
“I somehow knew you’re a very decent girl but wasn’t really sure about the ‘being a virgin’ part”
“It’s okay…I had no intentions of taking advantage of you anyway and I already mentioned that nothing attracts me to a woman like chastity”
“If this is true, it only consolidates what’s already on ground”
“Bu…bu…but you are married sir” I blurted out again
“I know my dear…but I’m at a point in my life where I need to make certain decisions. This is a case of something that sprung forth on its own while you were still thinking of planting it”. “I may not be able to tell you exactly how this will play out but trust me; whichever way it goes, the odds favor you”
“When we get to the bridge of my wife, we will cross it”
He moved closer, wiped my tears and got me one of his Tee shirts to put on.

He asked me to come sleep next to him as he held me and laid my head on the right side of his chest. He was super fit; a little too fit for his age…maybe it had something to do with his military background.
“Rest assured, I will take care of you and yours…I promise” he said, as he reclined onto the pillow.


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