THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! My baby is all grown…chai! See levels”
“It feels like you graduated 3 classes all at once”
“You could have told me you were not coming home to sleep”
“I called and called but your phone was switched off”
“I was a little worried, so I sent Captain a text and he told me you guys were fine. It wasn’t until then that I could go to bed”
“I was here worrying my pretty head, not knowing you were busy getting ‘your groove on’”
“Biko (please), my ears are itching”
“I need to know everything that happened o…every single detail”
That was Deola’s welcome speech as soon as I stepped into the room…but with everything I told her, she found it really hard to believe that nothing happened between Captain and me
“Why would I hide things from you…”“Captain was just being a gentleman”“If he had insisted, I would not have had a choice”“No be me waka go there with my legs? (Was I forced to visit him?)”“He’s such a darling…if only he wasn’t married”I said with a sigh, while clutching and squeezing one of Deola’s stuffed bears.

“Hold up girl! This one that you are already fantasizing and picking wedding dress in your mind, you may want to tread softly o”“It was just a night together, too early to tell where this bus is headed. Too early to bring in this much emotion”“You are the mistress, not the wife…you have to constantly be in control.

Never, ever lose your edge.  Don’t ever let him feel like he got you wrapped around his fingers”“I’m not saying don’t like him, but tread cautiously…and by the way, some of these men will say or do anything to get what they want, then leave you high and dry; so less emotion, more focus on the business angle…capisce?”

To be continued