THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

The party was just a lavish display of wealth to celebrate somebody’s induction into their club. They had all kinds of food and drinks; Suya was being served at the grills; that was the first time I saw a whole-chicken suya. There was a live band playing, people were dancing and those old men were spraying money to entice the girls on the dance floor. It looked like a fun gathering but I wasn’t having any.

Deola had stepped away promising to be back soon but something must have delayed her. I sat alone on a chair by the swimming pool and was beginning to doze off when I heard
“I can tell this is not your kind of place”
I turned back to see who it was and behind me was a tall, handsome man. He was a little elderly as I could see a few strands of grey hair on his head but he looked trim and fit. He had a clean shave and was the only one dressed in a pair of jeans and polo top; the perfume he wore smelled so good…I had completely forgotten that I was staring
“My name is Captain Awodiya…you can call me Festus” the man said as he reached out to shake my hands
“Hello sir” I replied; unable to hide my smile.
He asked if he could sit next to me and I told him “it’s a free world”
Then we started talking…Oh my!
He wasn’t just handsome but also very intelligent.
He started by asking which school I was from; as he could tell I was a student.

I told him…then he asked what course I was studying and spent about fifteen minutes “lecturing” me on my course of study and his fascination for it.
He accurately defined some terms in Economics and Banking and I was intrigued. He advised that I should try to add an MBA to my Bachelors as soon as I was done and it would set me on the right path for a successful career in the finance industry.
He told me about his military experience and career as a naval officer, his family, how he moved them abroad because of the education system in Nigeria, how he was more of a quiet and homely person but was dragged to this party by Chief.
He shared how he met Chief Agbabiaka; when he was in charge of a military contract and how he ended up awarding the said contract to Chief because of the top-notch presentation that Chief’s company did that even beat what an international company (favorite for the contract) presented.


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