THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

“Call him now…sebi there’s airtime on the phone” She said, with her phone in her right hand like she was messaging someone. I later found out she was communicating with Captain all the while and had told him to call when the phone first rang.
So I called
I could tell he was very happy that I called him. I didn’t say much…I didn’t even know what to say. He said he would like to see me again and asked when I would be available. Deola kept making faces…a kind of communication to tell me to “behave”.

Finally I agreed to see him over the weekend; he would send someone to pick me up and all that.
“Was it that hard?” Deola said as soon as I hung up
I wanted to see him too but I was a little scared…this man already told me about his family. What did he want with me?
If only he wasn’t married…I thought to myself. I didn’t even care that he was way older than me.

Deola spent the rest of the week coaching me for the weekend. She picked my clothes and took me through some social-etiquette and mannerism training as well.

Saturday came and Captain called me at exactly 5 O’clock…we were supposed to meet at 6. He told me the person he sent to get me was waiting already. Deola gave me a warm hug as I was about to leave; something suggesting that she was super excited about this. She had the look of a proud mother whose daughter just graduated.


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