THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

After the execution of the contract, he was attracted to the excellence behind the Agbabiaka brand and ended up becoming one of chief’s friends since then.
“Enough about me…what’s a pretty girl like you doing among these wolves?” he asked me as he signaled to one of the servers to get me a drink and some finger foods.
I still don’t know why, but I told him everything about myself…every single detail of my life, without hiding anything.
“Wow! You are such a brave girl. I knew there was something special about you. I don’t mingle that much but something about you pulled me out of my shell” He said
“It must be this dress” I responded jokingly.
“Well, it’s a beautiful dress but your body language said more. I also saw the way you walked in those heels and could tell you were different from those other girls here” he replied with a smile
He handed me his card and said I could call him any time if I ever needed anything (his exact words).

He stayed with me for a while and we continued talking. However, when Deola finally showed up…he said he had to leave. Besides, it was time for the induction ceremony and he would have to be there.
Deola almost couldn’t wait for him to leave as she dragged me away from the poolside to get the full scoop.

“Girl…you must have something that nobody else has o.
I have known Captain for a while now…he doesn’t mess around.
I’m not sure if his military background has anything to do with his discipline as a man.
He is not like all these other men here.
I was shocked when I saw him with you…I had been watching for a while and saw the way you guys were giggling and laughing; especially how you were blushing”
I told Deola we were just talking. We were both bored, ran into each other and he was keeping my company.
“What about the card he gave you?
He doesn’t throw his card around anyhow you know
He is highly connected in the corridors of power. I know the things Chief has told me about him
You may just have hit a jackpot.
It’s obvious he likes you and that’s enough to get him on your side of the court” Deola added and I could tell she was excited about it.


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