THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

It was a beautiful bungalow tucked away in a serene neighborhood. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t actually living there…because, to me, it was big enough to be anybody’s house. There were soldiers guarding the house and I saw domestic staff that looked like they lived there.
“This is my getaway man cave. I come here at least twice a week when I want to be by myself or when I need time to think. I also see it as a way to bring people into my house without bringing them into my home” He told me as he led me into the living room.

He asked if I wanted “red wine” and as if planned, we both started laughing. He turned on the TV and excused himself. He came back about 5 minutes later with a little box and handed it over to me. It was a beautiful gold necklace
“Wow…thank you sir” I said
“Stop with the “sir”, call me Leke” he replied
“No sir…I can’t do that o”
“Ok then, call me Captain. Are we good?”
I nodded in affirmation and he looked at his watch; it was almost 9:30pm. He said he would go drop me off but hoped I could stay with him some more since we were having such a good time
I agreed to stay a little longer and we started to talk.
He shared more about his life and marriage…
How he met his wife, how they got married
How hard he tried, with all the temptations, to be a good and faithful husband
How they had some issues in the marriage but his wife decided to be on her own for some time and moved abroad “temporarily”, instead of staying to fix things.

How he kicked against this but she chose to have her way
How the supposed temporary separation had been almost 18 months and his wife still hadn’t decided when to return.
In all of this, I noticed Captain didn’t go into details about his children.
Then he said there was something about me that reminded him of his wife when he met her…innocence. There was this purity about me that he sensed the first time he saw me and he could tell I was different from my friend, Deola.
“I have never done this in my life…you may not believe me, but I have never had an affair in all my years of marriage. I don’t know what it is about you; I just can’t help myself…you make me want to break that rule” .


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