THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

Episode 11

The date with Captain was exquisite…and most of the things Deola taught me during the week came in handy. Dinner was at a highbrow restaurant with lots of classy people. I was almost intimidated but my “coach” had done a good job.
Captain had obviously put a lot of thought and work into this; right from dinner to the other things he had planned for the night. He was so fun to be with…he would crack a joke once in a while, talk about himself and his life, and then ask for my opinion on the things he shared. Like he was trying to test my intelligence and I brought my A game.

That was my first time tasting red wine…I had objected but Captain said it was customary to have that wine with the Italian dinner we ordered.
“I’m not trying to get you drunk dear…if you don’t like it, take a couple of sips and leave it” he said.
Maybe it was what he said or how he said it or his charms, I just couldn’t say no. Captain laughed at the expression on my face, after my first sip…I couldn’t help but laugh too and got wine shooting from my nose and mouth. I felt so embarrassed but he got his napkin and wiped my face.
“Ok…liquor is a no no. Now I know” he said with the most endearing smile.

After dinner we got some suya and drove to a boat club. Captain wanted me to see the beauty of a sunset…it was one of the things he liked to do for relaxation. It was really beautiful; and it was just the two of us on the boat. As it started to get chilly; I wrapped my hands around my chest…it was becoming obvious in that area that I was cold, then Captain took off his jacket and put it on me.
The way he looked at me when I said thank you, if I had not cautioned myself…I would have kissed him on my own. He was such a gentleman, well-mannered and at this time he hadn’t put a single move on me. Something in me just knew that he liked me and was genuinely interested in knowing me.

I was on my first official date ever…and it was going so well but it was with the wrong person. My mind kept going back and forth…I was having so much fun but my conscience was killing me. How could something so beautiful be so wrong?
We left the boat club and got ice-cream; then we drove to Captain’s guest house (that’s what he called it). He said he had something for me…a gift for honoring his invitation.


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