THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

He went on and on and I couldn’t help but listen. He was pouring out his heart and sharing things that had been bottled up for a while.Time made no sense and I could care less that it was getting very late. I had never had anyone open up to me like this…ever.
Things were getting intense as I saw a grown man on the verge of shedding tears. It was as if he they served his favorite meal after he had eaten his fill of what was hitherto available.

I felt so much pity for him and I moved closer, to kind of pat him on the back or offer him a tissue or do something…anything to show that I felt his pain.
He held my hand and squeezed it gently, I felt a teardrop on my hand as he fought back the tears.
“Haba Captain! I thought soldiers were supposed to be tough” I said
He smiled as I attempted to wipe the tears off his face…it was such an emotional moment and I still can’t explain who kissed whom first; but there was kissing.

Things went amorous from there on and I felt feelings I had never felt before. Sparks of erotic energy surged through my body as I quivered; I felt like stopping Captain from touching me but instead of moving his hands away, I ‘adjusted the placements’. I was really enjoying it, what I felt from it was stronger than how I felt about it and I wasn’t even sure how we got into his bedroom.
Clothing items found their way off our bodies, in the heat of the moment, but I regained composure when Captain wanted to go all the way. It was as if, my brains rushed back home. I pushed him away, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sheets to cover up.


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