THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

Deola looked at me, shook her head, smiled and said “you this girl…you think you are smart abi?”
She reached into one of the bags she brought and handed me a box…it was a brand new phone.
A Nokia 6610, it was so beautiful…I screamed and hugged her.
“I didn’t buy it for you o…Wetin be my own?Captain wanted me to give you so you reach him easily” She responded as she pushed me away.
“His number is already saved on it, so are you going to call him?”
I didn’t respond immediately as I was already trying to familiarize myself with the phone and its features.

The screen was colored…it had a new SIM in it, and it was from a different provider than the one I already had. I checked the airtime balance on the phone and screamed again.
Deola then told me that after I left the party, Captain came back to the club house later that Saturday and talked to her some more about me…how he really liked me and how there was something about me that wouldn’t let him back off. He wanted to know if Deola could make me call him but she told him I didn’t have a good phone and that was going to be my excuse not to call.

Long story short, Captain handed the phone to her to give to me. Someone had given him the phone but he already had the exact type. He also wanted Deola to buy a SIM card for the phone so he could have “my” number…so they drove around and bought the SIM which came with N5,000 worth of airtime preloaded.
“So are you going to call him?” Deola asked again
“I will…I have to. Even if it’s to thank him for this” I answered.

A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was Captain; his name was already saved in my contacts. I wasn’t sure what to do. Deola was looking at me intently and because of my confusion I ended up missing the call.


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