THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 9 – 12

It was an emotional night and I didn’t know when I slept off on Captain’s chest…I woke up some hours later and Captain was still up, it looked like he was watching me sleep with his right hand holding me close.
He smiled and asked when I would like to leave…it was right around 4:30 in the morning.
I shrugged my shoulder, and said it was up to him. He then promised to drop me off after breakfast and wanted me to sleep some more…but I couldn’t sleep anymore. He played a romantic movie and we watched together; sitting up in bed, in each other’s arms.

I wasn’t exactly sure of what was happening or what we were doing but I was warming up to it. He was such a gentleman and the fact that he respected my decision and my body, even when I had played along to a dangerous extent, earned him some huge points. “Maybe not all men are bad after all” I thought to myself.
Captain made breakfast and brought it to me in bed…he said his cook had Sundays off because he used that opportunity to stay in touch with his culinary skills. The food was delicious…it was fried eggs but it was on another level.

True to his words, Captain dropped me off at school.
On our way, he informed me of the money he had left in my purse, (he did that while I was taking my bath). He wanted me to have it for upkeep and for anything I needed in school. He also promised to be in touch but wouldn’t do it in a way that affected my concentration in school.
I thanked him for such a wonderful time and for being so nice to me…I couldn’t help but give him a hug before getting off his car.


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