Episode 31

Tommy stared at the screen strangely before placing the phone on his ear again. “I think you should tell me who you are first” he replied.

Maria glance at Monica, the phone was on loud speaker so they both heard him.

*I think he’s a kid, ask him who he is first then promise to tell him your identity* Monica wrote on a piece of paper and Maria nodded

“Who are you?” She asked and heard Tommy scoff.


“You don’t answer question with question ma’am” he retorted.

*He’s a spoilt brat* Maria wrote and Monica gave her a calm down sign, they need to know if there sister is fine.

They haven’t heard from her in days. “My name is Maria” she introduced.

“I’m Tommy” he replied, “are you Grace younger siblings?” He asked and the twin shared a glance.

They don’t remember Grace telling them that someone else knows about her secret.

“Yeah and you are?” Maria asked.

“His Excellency younger brother, the only person who knows about her secret” he replied.

” Where is Grace?” Maria asked.

” She’s asleep, I’ll tell her you called” he said, ” please do”, she requested and he nodded before ending the call.

“I really wish we spoke to Grace and not that annoying brat” Maria spat as she sat on the chair, they were at the dining table.

“I wonder what happened between Grace and April, April hasn’t come home and we haven’t heard from Grace.

“I really hope they didn’t ki.ll each other” Maria mumble.

” Don’t talk like that” Monica scolded



“Grace, can you hear me?” He asked rubbing the back of her hand.

” Wake up, your sister wants to talk to you” he added.

“Thomas” his nanny Julia call and he turned to face her.

“You should come and eat” she said jesturing with her hand.

” I’m not hungry” he replied.

” Starving yourself won’t make her get better” she said but it didn’t change his mind.

He missed her, she might not be his real sister in-law but he loved her more than he loved his real sister in-law.

He peck her hand and let you a sad smile before getting out of bed, he followed his nanny downstairs.


Few minutes later Grace opened her eyes, her head hurt. She sat up and stared around the room, it was a bit blurry but she still wanted to know where she is.

She felt like she was dead and just wanted to confirm it but it seemed like she isn’t because she was in the nation’s room.

“You are awake” Blair said as she walked into the room with a tray of food in her hand.

A maid closed the door behind her while she walked depper into the room. “What happened?” Grace asked but her throat hurt so it sounded like a whisper.

“You passed out, the doctor was here and you should have seen his Excellency face, he was very worried” she went on explaining everything that happened.

Ethan was worried about me? She thought she heard Tommy’s voice, was he here too? She must have made everyone worried about her.

“Where is his Excellency?” She asked.

“Why are you curious about that? Why do you want to see him?” Blair inquired.

” You said he was worried when I was unconscious, I just want to assure him that I’m fine” she replied.

” Really? Why do I feel like something is going on between you two” Blair mutter as she fold her hand below her chest.

She had this puzzle look and one could tell she was trying to figure something out.

“There’s nothing between us, he thinks I’m his wife just like you said yesterday, if I’m right, I have only been unconscious for a day… So he was just worried and I want to assure him that I’m fine” she replied, simply.

” You don’t have to assure him” Blair snapped.

” Why are you overreacting?” Grace retorted, “why are you always insecure whenever I say I want to see his Excellency? Do you have feelings for him?” She asked.

Blair was dumbfounded for a while, she didn’t know what to say. Yes she admit she’s insecure of them being alone but she’s not having any feelings for his Excellency.

She doesn’t want Grace nice attitude to ruin anything, that’s all. She just want then to keep everything smooth until Ariel comes back.

“I don’t have feelings for him, that will never happen” she snapped, “here is your food” she pointed at the tray and walked away immediately.

Grace sighed and stared at the food it reminded her of the dream she had, she was eating with her sisters, the three of them.

They were so happy, maybe that’s why it took so long for her to wake up, the dream land was just too beautiful.

She took her phone and saw two incoming call from Monica that was received, her heart skip a beat as the thought that it could be Ethan that picked it crossed her mind.

But Blair said Tommy was there too so it could have been him, she dialed Monica’s number again.

“Hey Monica” she said weakly.

“Grace?!” She called more like a question.

” Yeah, you called” she stated.

“Yeah we were worried about you, you haven’t call and April hasn’t come home yet. We were worried” she explained.

Grace sighed sadly, ” don’t worry about us. Just focus on your studies. I will try to visit you one of these days”

” We will be expecting you” she said

” Don’t fight with your sister and take care” she said and Monica nodded.

” I love you guys” she said before hanging up

” We love you too” she mumbled staring at the screen of her phone.

Grace dialed April’s number immediately but she didn’t pick up. It made her worried and sad but that didn’t stop her from calling more.

It was no longer reachable, she bit her lower lip and sent her a message.

*I’m sorry, please go home. We won’t question you anymore



“Welcome your Excellency” Blair greeted as Ethan walked in.

” Is Ariel awake?” He asked but she was distracted by her ringing phone.

“My apologies she is awake” she answered and he nodded.

The meeting was hectic, he wanted to question Blair but he didn’t have the strength

Blair sneaked out of the mansion and quickly picked the call coming from an unknown number.

“What took you so long to pick up?” The fellow scolded.

“I’m sorry, I was with his Excellency” she replied.

“What’s new about him?” The fellow asked

” Nothing” she shrugged

” He is suspecting that someone us working against him, I want you to watch his moves and report to me. Tell me everything.

The things he said, the people he meets, where he goes. I want every single details” he ordered and Blair nodded as if he could see her.

“Am I understood?” The fellow growled

“YES!” She whisper yell


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