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Episode 39

“Good afternoon everyone, my name is Felix Winter,” he introduced. “What are you doing here?” Manuel asked as sweats were already forming on his head.

“I am the vice president’s son, I am here to stand as a witness against my dad,” he blurted, and a murmur filled the room.

“Witness?” A man asked. “Yes, my dad is behind the missing foods,” he blurted. “Keep that mouth of yours shut!” Manuel yelled.

“Why should I? You stole the food and murdered the president’s parents!” Felix yelled as he felt hot tears prick his eyes.

It was hard standing against his father, he wished he change. He hoped and prayed for him to become a better man but he isn’t willing to change.

Murmurs filled the air again, people started whispering and pointing fingers. Manuel looks around and wished the ground would open up and swallow him, sadly that won’t be happening.

“What nonsense are you spewing? I didn’t commit those crimes you have no proof,” he defended.

“I have every proof I need to make you pay for your crimes,” he said and the door opened.

Rob walked in and Manuel stood up with a loud bang on the table, “what are you doing here?!” Manuel asked.

“To testify against you,” Rob answered. “You are going down with me if you do that!” He yelled

Felix made eye contact with Ethan and then Rob, he gestured for him to speak and he nodded.

“I am the president’s right-hand man, I carried out all his ev’l orders,” he confessed and the council became noisy.

“He poisoned the president’s parents and b ombed a hospital, he kidnapped a little girl and manipulated her mother to spy on the president.

He stole the food and convince China not to supply our food, he runs a d rug $yn.dicate in the country too. The vice president is responsible for seventy-five percent of the country’s problems,” he said in his last sentence with his fingers pointed at him.

“This is not true, they made it up!” He denied. “This!” Felix yelled raising a recorder. “Contain the orders you have given him, your voice is in it,” he said and Manuel rushed to collect the recorder.

He broke it and everyone gasped, “it’s over! You have no proof!” He yelled happily

“You don’t call the shots here Dad, I do,” he said removing another recorder. “And we are live, the whole country is watching you admit your crimes,” he said.

April and Missy we’re watching at Rob’s house, Monica and Maria we’re watching at the school.

Grace and Blair were watching from the president’s room, and Tommy was watching in the living room with his nanny and some maids.

“Your Grace,” a maid knocked on the door and Blair went to open it. “A girl was brought here,” she informed.

Blair rushed downstairs and her joy knew no bounds as she saw her baby girl standing in the living room. She started around innocently, “Barbie!” She called and the girl ran into her arms.

“Mommy! I missed you!” The girl cried. “I missed you more baby, mommy missed you,” she cried.

“Thank you,” Tommy whispers holding Grace’s hand, “Thank you for helping my brother,” he added and Grace crouched to his level before pulling him into a hug.



“Vice President…” Ethan interrupted the detective. “He is no longer the vice president,”

“Manuel Winter, you are under arrest for the murder of the supposed former President and theft of the country’s food,” he said with a handcuff.

“You don’t have a warrant, do you?” He asked. “We do,” he replied and cuffed him.

“You ba$ tard! How dare you betray your father!” He yelled at Felix. “Mr. Robert” the second detective called. “I know,” he said and followed them willingly.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this,” Ethan apologized to Felix. “No, we should apologize to the public,” he said and faced the camera.

“Citizens of America, I apologize on my father’s behalf and my condolences to everyone who lost his or her family when the country hospital was bombed,” he apologized.



“The country’s hospital? Isn’t that where mom and dad worked,” Monica asked. “That day,” Maria muttered as tears rolled out of her eyes.

“Felix dad murdered our parents,” Monica blurted.



April was arrested with the others who worked for the vice president. Ethan walked into the white house looking tired.

It was late too, he heard voices in Tommy’s room so he went there. “You should go to sleep now,” she said to Tommy.

“Tell Ethan I waited for him, I’m so happy all our problems are over,” he said. “Me too,” Grace mutter and peck his forehead.

“Good night,” she whispered and stood up, she switched off the lights and walked out of the room.

An hand pulled her as soon as she was out, she wanted to scream but the person lips met with hers.

She smiled knowing the persons, she reciprocate to the kss and Ethan smiled. “Congratulations,” she said as soon as she pulled away.

“I could not have done it without you,” he said. They walked to the room and she asked. “How long have you known about the vice president?”

“Since the day we met with him, the senator told me to lead him astray by saying I suspect him.

His son met with me few days ago to, we were able to convince his right hand man into betraying him,” he explained.

“I’m proud of you,” she said. “Thanks,” he muttered and they kssed.


Weeks later

Blair was coming back from the boarding school, Grace took care of the expenses and it was her advice to keep her there.

They have bond quite well since the incident, Blair now loves Grace more than she ever loved Ariel.

“Your Grace,” she said as she walked into the room.

“Hey Blair,” Ariel said and she froze on the spot.

To be continued

Ariel is back


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