Episode 34

“I don’t understand, your grace”, Rob replied. He wondered what she was trying to say or was she just curious, but he doubts it, something is definitely up with her. She’s not the type to pry into others private life.

” Sorry, I thought you had”, she apologized and decided to walk away. “I wonder what’sup with her”, he mumbled.

Grace met Ethan shaking hands with the vice president and assumed they were done with their discussion.

” Welcome your grace”, the vice president bowed. “Thanks”, she replied with a smile.

” Thanks again”, Ethan said with his hand stretched for a shake which the vice president gladly took with a smile. Grace noticed a rough tattoo on his wrist, it was not that visible but she could have sworn it looked familiar.

“You are here”, the vice president acknowledged robs present and he bowed. ” Are you done with your meeting?”, He asked. “Yes”, he answered.

” We will take our leave now”, Ethan said and took Grace’s hand snapping her back to consciousness.

The vice president accompanied them out of the restaurant to their car, “drive safely”, he said to their driver.

The vice president stood outside with Rob behind him until their car was out of sight. “Is he suspecting you?”, Rob asked. “No, he’s suspecting senator Jasper”, he replied as they walked towards their car.

” The senator?!”, Rob exclaimed. “Yeah, It’s good we are not on his suspect list, instead we are on his spy list”, he chuckled.

Rob opened the door for him to get in, after he was in he closed the door and walked around the car to get to the drivers seat.

“Send another message to Felix I want him to come home”, he said resting his head on the seat. “He isn’t replying my messages”, Rob reported.

“Tell him to come or else I’ll go pick him up myself,” he said and Rob nodded


★★In Ethan’s car★★

He kept stealing glances at Grace who seemed to be lost in thought, he was not expecting her to be so quiet but that seemed to be the case.

“Something on your mind?” He asked and she flinched slightly. “Nothing,” she replied. “You are disturbed,” he started and she smile. He is act doing a good job in reading through her, she faces him with a forced smile and said, “I’m fine just tired”.

” I told you not to come,” he scolded. “I’m not that tired,” she argued.

“Stubborn,” he muttered and she smiled. She stared outside again and her mind drifted to the vice president and he’s body guard, she can’t get off this feeling that she has met the vice president before today, but she can’t remember where they met.

She’s also thinking about the Rob, she’s sure he’s April’s boyfriend, but is April aware of his job as the vice president body guard? Was that why she dated him? She’s so confused right now.

“Driver, drive faster my wife needs to get some rest,” Ethan ordered the driver and Grace blushed at the word *my wife*.

She turned her face away from him so he won’t notice her red cheeks, he chuckled at her reaction.


★★ Sunshine high ★★

“Hey!” Maria yelled at Missy who was sitting at the school field. She turned to face her and a satisfactory smile appear on her lips, she’s sure she got her surprise.

Missy ignored her and started away that infuriated Maria and she walked closer hoping she can beat her to pulp, but Monica and Felix were behind her, they are definitely going to stop her.

“You which! Why did you do that to my locker?!” Maria yell standing in front of her.

Felix and Monica we’re already got there, “I have no idea of what you are talking about so, kindly get lost you are obstructing my view,” Missy said.

Maria raised her hand to sIap her but Monica was quick to caught her hand in the air, “what are you doing?! Let go of me right now!” Maria yelled angrily.

“Do you seriously want to h it her?” Monica asked. “What does it look lit?” She asked with a glare.

“You are going to waste your energy on this low life, you really want to do that?” Monica asked. “L…low life? You just called me a low life,” Missy mumbled in disbelief.

“Isn’t that what you are? Only a low life like you will ruin others’ things,” she blunted. “And steal,” Maria added.

“You are a thief now!” Monica exclaimed. “I’m not a thief! Only poor and wretched people like you steal,” she snapped.

“Do you really know the definition of wretched? You are a perfect example you know,” Maria retorted. “How dare you?!” Missy sneered standing up.

“What are you going to do? H it us? Go ahead, you will definitely be expelled by the time the principal knows all about your deeds,” Monica threatened.

“You have only twenty minutes to return what you stole,” Maria said. “What if I don’t?” She dared. “Then you will be out of school, we have enough evidence sweetheart,” Monica said and turn to Maria “lets go.” Thdy walked away with a smirk.

Felix just watched in awe, they are really cute when they stand up for themselves. He turned to leave when his phone beep indicating a message, he removed it from his pocket to see a message from his dad.

He groaned as he typed a reply, * I’ll be there* the last thing he wants is the work finding out that his dad is the vice president.

Missy tapped him and gave him Maria’s phone, he smiled and wanted to say something but she walked away immediately.



“You are home,” April said with a smile as Missy walked in. “Why are you still here?” She asked and jumped on the couch.

“I’m leaving tonight you don’t have to worry about my presence,” she replied. “I wish everyone I hate will just disappear,” she thought out loud.

April heard her and knew something was up but Missy being a rude girl she decided not to.

She was just waiting for Rob to return, he will take her to the secret house where the vice president runs all his dirty business.

He asked everyone to meet there, he said he has something to announce to them. Missy sat up as she heard someone walk in, “you are home early,” Rob said as he sat on a couch.

“Want me to go back?” She asked and Rob could tell she was not in the best mood. “Did something happen in school?” He asked.

“Nothing,” she denied. “There’s a welcome party for the vice president son tomorrow night do you want to come?” He asked.

“No,” she relied without thinking about it. “Too bad, I wanted to get you a new dress for the party,” he said and she raised her head immediately.

“Don’t you dare go to that party without me,” she growled jokingly and he laughed


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