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Episode 38

“April is your sister?” She asked and Maria nodded. “This is unbelievably,” Missy muttered.

“What’s wrong? Do you know her?” Maria asked. “Your sister is my brother’s girlfriend,” she blunted.

“Did you run out of things to say and decided to make up this lie?” She asked.

“I would not lie about such thing, I don’t want us to be related. Not even in my wildest dream,” she spat.

“Me neither, so stop making things up,” Maria snapped. “What’s going on in here? The breakfast is getting cold,” Monica said standing beside Maria.

“Missy here said April is her brother’s girlfriend,” Maria said sarcastically. “Did you?” Monica asked.

“Yes and it’s the truth,” she replied. “Are you sure it’s April? People tend to look alike,” Monica said.

“I am not mistaken, this lady,” she pointed at the picture. “Which is your sister, is my older brother’s girlfriend,” she stated.

Monica and Maria shared a glance before Monica asked, “How long have they been dating?”

“He brought her home weeks ago, and she has been living with us since then,” she replied.

“April stopped coming home weeks ago,” Maria said. “She has been in your house all this while,” Monica added.

“We need to tell Grace,” Maria said and Monica nodded. “Before you inform whoever it is you want to inform, there is something you should know,” she said and they gave her extra attention.

“Their work is illegal,” she blunted. “W… what are you talking about?” Monica asked.

“My brother works for the vice president, and the vice president steals the country’s food for him. You must have heard about the food scarcity,” she said.

“Yes,” they answered in unison. “My brother and April helps him with it,” she blunted.

“April is a thief?” Maria exclaimed. “That was why I left home. It was hard to believe that someone you think you know is actually a total stranger,” she sighed.

“You are just making things up,” Maria said. “What do you think made me come to my worst enemy house?” Missy asked

“All this could have been planned, right Monica?” Maria asked, Monica just stared at nothing trying to grasp everything justt just heard.

“I don’t know what to say,” she replies, simply. “Well I do, this wtch is not going to poison our minds,” she said and Missy got out of bed.

“Thanks for the hospitality but I really should leave, I’ll leave an evidence soon,” she said before storming out of the room.

“You don’t believe her do you? April might be bad but she is not a criminal,” Maria said, trying to convince Monica who seemed confused.

“I don’t know Maria, we once caught April smoking, I think we should just call Grace,” She suggested.

“I can’t believe you,” Maria said and left the room. Monica walked towards April’s picture and asked, “What have you become?”



“What are you talking about?” Blair asked. “How long do you think you can hide the truth?” Grace replied.

“How did you find out?” Blair asked. “Even after finding out I thought it was just my imagination,” Grace muttered.

“I have to tell the president,” she said. Blair rushed to the bed and sat beside her, “you can’t do that, they are going to ki.ll my daughter,” she pleaded at the verge of crying.

“How did that innocent girl get caught up in all this?” She asked. “She was kidnapped in her way from school, they threatened to ki.ll her, but I pleaded and they agreed to spare her,” she explained and sniffed in.

She has been keeping it all to herself for a long time but now, she gets to let it all out.

“Who are THEY?” Grace asked, Blair will be her key to finding our those that have been turning the country upside down.

“You don’t have to be scared, I promise to help you and your daughter,” she assured after noticing the fears in her eyes.

“You can’t help us, you are not the real First Lady,” she cried. “As long as I wear this face I am the real First Lady,” she stated.

Blair wiped her face and answered,”The vice president is behind everything,” she blunted.

“The Vice President?” Grace asked as her eyes widened. “Yes, he is the master mind and he needs to be stopped. He also murdered the President’s parents, he is the definition of mon$ter,” she cried.

“We have to tell the president, did he tell you where he was going?” Grace asked. “I heard something about him meeting the Senator, he said he is going to put an end to the problems,” she answered.

“Ethan got it all wrong, we have to stop him,” Grace said and reached for her phone.

A text messages from the twins displayed on her phone, it reads;

~April is working for the vice president, they steal foods. We have to talk in person for better explanation~

‘April is working for our parents ki.ller!’ She growled inwardly.

“Is something wrong?” Blair asked. “No, nothing,” she replied.

She dialed Ethans number but he was not picking up.

“You should keep trying,” Blair said and she nodded.



Later in the afternoon it was all over the news that, trailers containing food were found in front of the country warehouse.

People were given foods for free and an apology letter was written on the trailers

~sorry you had to go through pains~

“Our battles is over,” Ethan said as they all watched the news. Vice President Manuel tightened his fist, that was the first time Rob will be failing him.

How did they get the food? He wondered. “We also know the culprit,” Ethan blunted.

Manual felt save because the president suspects the senator anyway.

“And a witness,” he added and Manuel felt heat all of a sudden. “Come in,” he said and the door opened to reveal someone Manuel never expect.


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