UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10


By Godsmercy

Episode 3

Kimberly’s p.o.v

I swallowed a non existing saliva and shook my head negatively.
I didn’t want to say a word so I don’t fumble.
She looked at me sternly as I kept maintaining an innocent face.
She cat walked out of the kitchen and left me speechless.
“Wonders! I exclaimed and glanced at the meal timeble for what to prepare for dinner.


I made a little dance as I watched the boss taking out his family for dinner.
“I feel gooooood. Pinky pinky here I come” please don’t scold me too much. I’m always too dramatic.

I entered the room with a video and a tape recorder.
Once I entered smile crept on the lips of the old woman.
I untied their hands quickly and gave them some water to drink.
“She killed her” blurted the old woman immediately she gulped down the water.
“Who killed who?” I asked surprised.
I can’t remember having any discussion with her about something like that.
“Mrs Bergson killed Fay” she stated not shifting her gaze from me.
Now Fay was Mr Bergson’s first wife but was killed in cold blood on a Christmas eve in a remote village in Miami where she went for charity trip.
“She did?” I asked again not believing my ears.
I thought she odered a hitman but she actually did it herself to her best friend.
From what I read about her, they used to be three but Fay was killed while Belinda was sent to prison for the murder.
She seemed to have covered her tracks well but not anymore.
What I don’t understand is why she didn’t kill these ones like others.
“Do you have evidence? ” I asked arching my brow.
“I can testify ” she retorted
“No, you can’t that’s dangerous” I cautioned.
“She..she..buried something… I think a video tape in the building that the murder took place immediately she heard the police siren but I don’t know exactly what it was.” She began.
“That was when she odered her men to abduct me when she realized I was watching” sheer weakness caused her to leaned back on her seat.
“Okay? So I can go there may be I’ll find enough evidence” I suggested and she nodded in agreement.
“I’ll soon get you guys outta this place but I need time and I have to be very careful” I said.
“She’s dangerous but we trust you. Go you’re a strong woman” she said with a weak smile and I reciprocated.
“I got to go now” I announced and tied them as they were and locked the door behind me.

“What a world! Three popular friends!”
She killed one and send another to jail for it.
Now I need to be very careful with this woman.
The next step should be going to that building, get the evidence and go straight to Annabel’s lawyer, but is it going to be that easy?
The whole thing looks crazy to me. Am I really doing the right thing?.
Annabel doesn’t even know me not to talk of her lawyer.
Well, Kimberly is just trying to uncover an age long injustice in US.
I’m sorry Mrs Bergson, I don’t know why I’m making this my business.


I got little Bryan ready for school this morning and was about leaving for the kitchen when Mr Bergson said I should go with the driver to Bryan’s school since the mother is sick. Sick? I asked in my thought.
“This is wonderful” I exclaimed under my breath.
Good opportunity to go to that building.
I hurried to my room and got dressed.

Few minutes we left in Mr Bergson’s car with little Bryan cuddling me like some kitty. I smiled at the thought.
We dropped Bryan at school and I instructed the driver to drive straight to Bengasi.
You’re wondering why the driver didn’t object? Object what exactly? Common I’m the boss right now.
What if Mr Bergson had sent me on another errand. Winks.

We got there and the place looked quite messed up.
I entered the building and a particular place caught my attention.
I took a few steps to the place and saw something emerged out of the ground.
Quite interesting! I took it out quickly shaking off the sand.
I looked at it carefully and realised it is the video tape packaged in a flashy plastic.
My joy knew no bounds as I’m now one on one with the video that will shock the world.
I rushed out of the building in a heart beat because of how scary it was and met an angry Mrs Bergson giving me the most deadly stare I have ever seen.
Thank God the tape is kind of small so l stylishly put it in the small pocket of my jacket.
Okay now I’m convinced today that this woman is a spirit and up to something funny.
“Kimberly?” She called out questioningly.
By now I was cooking the most convincing lies of the century!

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