UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10


By Godsmercy

Episode 5

Mrs Bergson’s POV continues

I couldn’t even concentrate on the massage my husband was giving me.
Any other day I would have handed him a medal but today is the most miserable day in my life just because of some lost b!tch.
Where did she get the video from for crying out loud?
It’s like my head is gonna burst any time soon.
My husband must not see this video because he’ll surely hand me to the cops.
I know Ethan Bergson, he doesn’t tolerate nonsense and he’s definitely not going to take the fact that I killed Fay.
He had loved her with every breath in him and that was what killed me.
He was always so addicted to Fay and ignored all my advances.
I was so jealous of Fay and her marriage so I had no option than to kill that lucky b!tch and take her place.
I know Ethan doesn’t really love me the way he loved Fay but I don’t care. After all, we have a son together.
I’m going crazy already. Why did he bring Kimberly to this house?
I won’t wait till weekend, I must visit The Great Engondo for sacrifices.
But I seriously want to kill this stupid sticky b!tch.
Oh my I hope she has not done anything to the video yet.
What if she has sent the video to the cops already or whoever had sent her?
I swear I was battling with too many thoughts in my head.
Then I decided to do something. That stupid should be outta that room immediately.
“Ehmm… Honey, could you ring Kimberly to start preparing dinner? I said to my husband.
“Alright ” he retorted.
“Thanks so much for the wonderful massage. I said seduc.tively and pecked his lips.
“I should have a shower now”. I added and left to the bathroom not really to take a shower but to think things through.
“Okay baby” he replied and sat on the bed watching my retreating figure.
But I didn’t like the look he gave me!

Mr Bergson’s POV

Lisa must think I’m stupid. Really?
I smiled mischievously when she left to the bathroom.
The last line of their conversation played in my head once again
“””Really Kimberly you have been stalking me?””
I heard when she slapped her real hard.
Why did she use the word “stalking ”
Something is wrong somewhere and if I must find out, I must play along with her.
When she entered the bathroom, I left to Kim’s room.
Usually I don’t enter her room. I always stop at the door way but today is a different day.
“Good the door is not locked” I breathed in satisfaction.
I entered the room. It looked quite neat with all girly stuffs.
I went straight to her chest of drawers and searched all of them but couldn’t find it.
Where the hell did she keep it? Just as I was about to turn I saw a black like material sticking out of her pillows.
I picked it and it was the fcking video.
D@mn! Quite lucky! I threw my hands in the air heroically.
I smiled at her inexperience to hide something as sensitive as this.
I left the room to my study. I slide in the video with trembling hands wondering what it’s all about.
Did Lisa cheat on me? Did she involve in some dirty business and doesn’t want me to know about it?
All these kept running in my head as I tried to play the video.
I wanted to see what’s in the video but at the same time I was nervous.

The world stopped as I saw Lisa pulled the trigger and shot my late wife, Fay.
I watched as Fay was lying there in the pool of her own blood.
Some of her hitmen hurriedly carried an old woman, a lady and a small boy, I guess 6 or 7years old away.
Where are they taking them to? But that’s not the issue for now.
So Lisa actually killed Fay, her best friend and their friend, Belinda is serving a jail term for it?.
I sat there mouth agaped. Blood rushed through my head. It was as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest.
I clenched my fist. Lisa I will kill you with my bare hands I swear.
How did she even make me marry her? What I feel for her now is nothing but pure hatred.
No, let me act like nothing happened and see what she’s gonna do to Kimberly.
No, what if this devil end up hurting her like she did to Fay and Belinda?
“Kimberly, God bless the day I found you. You are truly a blessing” I said to myself.
I need to find out where she got the video from and why she’s taking so much interest in it.

Momma Ella’s pov

“Nina don’t you think that girl is taking too long to return?” I asked my daughter.
“Let’s trust in her strength Momma. I believe she’s working things out and soon she’ll get us outta this place” my daughter responded.
Though I didn’t see her face but there was strong conviction in her voice. A small played in the corner of my lips.
She’s a strong girl. Her son Lian was fast asleep.
I don’t know what happened today. That devil forgot to tie and cover our mouths as usual after giving us food.
She looked miserable today. She wasn’t her usual self.
My daughter and I talked about a lot of things while our freedom lasted.

Mr Bergson’s pov

Just when I thought I have had enough, I heard voices from where my wife calls the pink room.
Wonders! I exclaimed. Today is the day of wonders!
I tried the door with one of the keys in my bunch of keys and it opened.
I opened the door and receive another shock of my life.
And old woman, a lady and a boy of six or seven just the same way I saw it in the video.
I stood there tongue tied as they also look at me in shock.
“Lisa Petkoff! I breathed frustratingly.
“But who is Kimberly? That’s what I need to find out first!

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