UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10

Episode 4

Kimberly’s p.o.v continues

“Yes ma’am” I answered stupidly battling with my thought if this is the end for me knowing what she’s capable of doing.
Of course, if she can kill her best friend in cold blood then who am I?
“What the fvck are you doing here?” She thundered, hands akimbo, her eyes not leaving my jacket.
Gosh! I better not get caught.
Ma’am my grandmom used to live here. I..I was just stopping by to see the place” I stuttered sheepishly.
What? Did I just give myself away to this woman?
She is surely gonna ask who my grandmom was and I’m so dead.
I felt a churning in my stomach.
But surprisingly she didn’t say a word. She only nodded and walked towards her car.
Wow! She never ceases to amaze me.
Just when you expect her to be hot, she’s cold.
She sped off in her car not looking twice at my direction.
Now what I don’t understand is how she knew I was here.

I got home but she isn’t here yet. She seemed to be more out of the house these days.
“Whatever” I hissed loudly and rushed to my room to check on the video.
It didn’t take long to play the video but then I heard footsteps towards my door and I immediately switch it off.
My boss called out and I ran to the door.
He has never entered my room for once.
He preferred standing at the door when he wanted to talk to me.
“Where’s my wife, her number is not reachable. Do you have any idea where she is?”
He asked immediately I opened the door.
“No, I don’t” I wanted to add something else but I kept quiet looking down.
Can he leave already please? I need to check out that video.
“Fine then. Make peri-peri chicken for me. I’ll be in my study” he added and left.
God…why did this man decide to come home now?
“Fvck your peri-peri chicken! Fvck youuu. ” I cussed. What a nerve!

I arranged my room and went straight to the kitchen for the Peri Peri rubbish.
Within 15 minutes I was done and served him in his study.
He took a bite and smiled at me like a little school boy eating candy.
“Thank you” he said in his husky baritone voice.
I would have reciprocated the smile if it was any other day but he just ruined my adventure for God’s sake!
I faked a smile and left the room. Lord knew my mind was on that video tape.

Mrs Bergson’s POV

I don’t know what my maid is up to. She keeps on tampering with the places I hold so dear to my life and my marriage.
Firstly it was the pink room, now it is where I killed Fay. This God forsaken building.
The evil spirit in me has refused to reveal anything to me
Is it because I have not done sacrifices for sometime now?
Even with that I don’t regret selling myself to the spirit.
After all, it makes me more powerful and influential.
But I think I’m beginning to lose some of those powers since Bergson brought this maid.
No, I don’t. That can’t happened. It’s my mind that’s playing me.
I assured myself and shook my head negatively.
It’s time to visit The Engondo Temple I once again
I smiled devilishly. This time probably to strengthen my powers and to cover my tracks well.
The pink ring on my right finger shone brightly signalling danger at home.
“God….what is this girl up to this time?” I muttered as I frowned at the ring.
“Nice job The Great Engondo. I’ll surely sacrifice at your Temple this weekend”
I said and smiled wickedly and drove off.
I entered the house and the first place I went to was the pink room but it seems nothing is happening here.
I groaned in frustration. Then realisation down on me that Kimberly may be up to something funny in her room.

Kimberly’s POV

The video started playing and what I saw shocked me. My blood ran cold.
“What? She actually killed her”
I folded my hands across my bossom and stared at the screen with popping eyes.

Really Kimberly, you’ve been stalking me?
I couldn’t believe my ears. The devil is here again.
I sprung to my feet and faced her. I realised the video was still playing, so I switched it off.
Kimberly who are you? She thundered and her eyes flashed fire.
Did I see well? I said it. She’s a devil or probably a ghost. No I think she is a…. She cuts in with a hard slap on my cheeks.
Where did you get the video from Kimberly Jackson? ” she asked impatiently and was about to add another slap when the husband budged in.
“What video baby?” Mr Bergson asked looking directly at his wife.
Immediately she changed her mood.
“She took my favorite movie from where I kept in the kitchen and I got mad” she said trying to fake a smile.
“Really? Leave the movie for now honey. Come and get a massage. You need rest for now. You can handle that later. Right?
“Yea..yea” she responded slowly and disappointedly.
I stood there lost. Was now thinking about my life and my family and most especially my mom who had warned me on this mission.

Mrs Bergson’s POV

“I’m gonna kill this little b!tch. I swear you won’t see the next day. I swear with my life. ”
I said as I strolled down the hallway with my husband who has no idea of what video that was.

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