UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10


By Godsmercy

Episode 7

Mr Bergson’s pov

Shall we? I gestured to Lisa my so called wife.
She pulled out a chair and sat down while I did mine.
I couldn’t help looking at Lisa. I feel like strangling her.
There was a suffocating silence as we had the most suspicious dinner ever.
She kept on avoiding my eyes. It seems she has sensed danger.
I wanted to ask her what on earth made her kill Fay.
I also would loved her to tell me why Belinda is the one serving the jail term instead of her..
And the most confusing part of it would be how I ended up with this desperate wh0re.
Well, I think the best to do is to act like an idi0t about the whole matter while I watch out her disposition towards Kimberly.

Mrs Bergson’s POV

Something is definitely wrong. My husband is behaving quite strange today.
I kept on shifting on my seat, I don’t feel comfortable at all.
I can’t even look him in the eye. His gaze is piercing into my soul.
I’ve lost my appetite already. I can’t wait for the dinner to be over so I can ask that little w!tch what the hell she told my husband.
“Honey are you okay? You barely touch your food?” My husband suddenly asked looking at me intently.
“I’m a little sick” I lied pretending to be sick.
“What’s wrong.” He asked with concern in his voice.
“I. ..I’m having headache so I’ll just take medicine and after dinner and rest later”. I lied still concentrating on my food.
“Sure. Make sure you rest baby. So sorry about that, you will get well soon okay?” He said smiling brightly at me.
“Okay dear.” I reciprocated the smile though not from my heart.
I’m beginning to relax now. It seems Kimberly hasn’t told him anything yet.
That’s why I have to kill her before she does.
We finished dinner and what my husband said shocked me.
“Baby. Make sure you take your medicine and rest properly and of course I’ll be watching you from the CCTV camera in our room”
“You’re too cunny. So I don’t want you to step out of that bedroom.”
“You’ve been complaining of fever and headache lately. Who knows if you’re pregnant.”
“I don’t want anything to happen to you and the baby.”
“And we are going for a test in the hospital tomorrow”. He added.
“Get all the rest that you need baby and don’t exert yourself.”
“And remember Bryan is not back yet from mum’s place, so no one will disturb you”. He winked and then added.
“Do you want me to carry you to the bedroom? He asked playfully.
“Nope. I’ll be fine” . I faked a smile.
“Okay dear” he pecked my cheeks and left.
What the hell! CCTV camera in the bedroom?
This fvcking guy has just ruined my plans.
Fvck! I cussed.

Mr Bergson’s POV

When she lied to me that she is sick, I came up with an idea quickly.
She thought she is the boss but I will show her I’m the master planner.
I knew she was making up the sickness so as to challenge Kim about the video.
I left her there in the livingroom stranded and frustrated.
I laughed in Chinese and left to my study room. W!tch!
I got to my study and rang Kimberly.
She came to the office looking bold as ever.

She didn’t look frail as she did hours ago.
She looked more like an undercover cop.
“Kimberly who are you?”. Tell me the truth. ” I asked her.

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