UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10

Episode 6

Mr Bergson’s pov

I stood there for over 2 minutes without saying a word.
I need to trade carefully with Lisa. She’s more dangerous than I thought.
I left the room with a million thoughts in my head
I was so angry to the point that I wanted to hand over this heartless b!tch to the cops.
But then, I must take things slow. I still can’t believe that useless b!tch killed the love of my life.
“Lisa, I’ll make sure you rot in jail” it’s a promise. I said raising my right hand as I walked through the hallway to the kitchen.
“Who is Kimberly?
“Who is Kimberly?
Keeps on ringing in my head. I’m leaving with total strangers in my house.
The funny part of it was I that I almost doubted the paternity of my son if not for the fact he’s my replica in everything.
Kimberly was not in the kitchen as I expected but in the dinning arranging the table for dinner.
“Kim”. I called out sharply. She looked up at me scared and surprised.
I guessed she got scared because I called her out of no where.
She’s supposed to inform us that dinner is ready but here I am. Surprised because I called her Kim for the first time instead of Kimberly.
Nevertheless, I love the feel of her name in my tongue.
Now don’t read an unholy meaning into that. It’s not what you’re thinking.
“Sir” she responded questioningly.
“Who are you?” I blurted.
“Who are you to my wife, Lisa?
“In fact, in general, what do you know about her? I asked her all in one breath while giving her an impatient look.
“Mr Bergson… I don’t know what…” I didn’t allow her to land when I cut in sharply.
“Don’t play all innocent with me Kim. Or do you want to rot in jail with Lisa?” I threatened and watched her reaction.
“No…s..ir” she stuttered her reply.
“Then talk” I thundered.
“I….don’t know much about her sir but I suspect her as the killer of your late wife.”
“That was why I decided to take a job here as a maid so as to know who the actual killer was”
“I used to live in the house opposite the building where the murder took place”
“And I can still remember how she raced out of the building when the cops arrived.”
“Her movement was that of suspicion, so I decided to.. to…to do this.”
“Please don’t jail me I’m innocent please” she narrated.
I sighed heavily and wonder how someone as young as her can take such a risk just to expose a criminal.
Quite commendable! I remarked.
“Fine Kim, I want you to pretend like nothing happened.”
“Let me handle this” I assured.
“And are you aware of those in The pink room? I asked arching my brow. She nodded.
I was about to add how come she knew and I wasn’t when she winked and i heard Lisa’s footsteps descending the stairs.

Mrs Bergson’s/Lisa’s pov

I came out of the bathroom but my husband was not there.
Always in his study. Who cares! I cuss and strolled to the kitchen to see that ungrateful w!tch but she was not there as well.
Impressive! I remarked as the evil spirit in me made me disappear from the kitchen and I was now descending the stairs.
I found her discussing with my husband.
My heart skipped. Sweat broke out of my forehead.
“What’s the chatting about?” I asked myself as I drew closer.
I barely heard their conversation. They were talking in low voices.
But they stopped talking as soon as I approached them.
Did that stupid w!tch see I was coming?. Then you surely have few hours to live!

Kimberly’s pov

One hell of a house! I saw her entered the kitchen through the door but all of a sudden she’s decending the stairs.
I winked at Mr Bergson signalling danger and he understood immediately.
“So sir I’ll just make the orange juice ready if that’s what you want”
I suggested while maintaining a serious face.
I dare not look at the demon in human form standing before me.

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