UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10


By Godsmercy

Episode 9

Momma Ella’s pov

When Mr Bergson freed us from the pink room, the first thing I did was to call the police.
I didn’t really tell the police she was a murderer but that she abducted us and kept us in captivity for more than 3 years.
So they had to come here for her arrest.
Well Mr Bergson I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was going to do this but this is about my family.
She must pay for what she made us pass through.
But I’m still contemplating whether to tell them the awful or not.
When she came out, she was shocked I was the one that called the police.
The look she gave me can bring a dead man to life but who cares?
Mrs Bergson was arrested and taken to the police cell.
What surprised me was Mr Bergson not questioning why I called the police.
He only watched the police taking his wife away and went straight into the house afterwards.


Mrs Bergson’s pov

Ethan has not been taking my calls since I was arrested.
I know he’s very mad at me but he should consider that I’m his wife and the mother of his only child.
I’ve made several attempts to kill that w!tch but some stupid powers in the mansion wouldn’t allow me.
I don’t know if my own powers is now working against me in the mansion.
The evil spirit in me suddenly showed Kimberly walking alone on the street in a large screen.
I can’t be more happy in my life. This is the best opportunity to strike.
Nonsense! she wants to be an heroin in this movie but I’m sorry you messed up with the wrong person.
Now let’s see who wins b!tch! I cussed as my spirit left my body in form of a thick black shadow.

Kimberly’s pov

Mr Bergson had gone to Paris to attend international business conference one week ago to return today.
I’ve not heard from his wife since she was arrested. I believe she is communicating with her husband.
Bryan has to gone for holidays with his granny and I am the only one in the mansion.
Sometimes I get scared of Mrs Bergson’s hitmen or magical attacks but it seems she has given up.
Nah I don’t think so because two days ago I saw a shadow beneath my bedroom door coming into the room but something I can’t tell stopped it.


Today I decided to visit Diana, my friend.
She screamed her lungs out when she saw me.
We talked about a lot of things ranging from what was going on with the Bergsons, my family and my love life.
I informed her that my family had moved to Texas.
My mum was always complaining about staying in this part of US.
She told me how my ex came back regretting ever breaking up with me and all that.
I told her I’m no longer interested and we can never go back together.


She accompanied me to the gate while we exchange a warm passionate hug.
I didn’t want to take any cab today. I just want to stroll to see what’s going in the the environment I’ve not been to for a long time.
I don’t know if I’m seeing well or whether it’s a figment of my imagination but I think I saw a thick black shadow towering over me.
What is Mrs Bergson up to? Please tell her not to. I’m on this street all alone.
I think I was so stupid for not minding my business and worst not moving out with my family to Texas.

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