UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10

Episode 2

Kimberly’s p.o.v continues

I wanted to shout at the figures my eyes rested on but my tougue tightened.
Unbelievable Mrs Bergson is such a devil.
A woman in her late fifties, a lady in her early thirties and a small boy of 7 years.
Their hands were tied to their backs.
They looked worn out and pale. I’m sure that the Jezebel has not fed them well.
I was as furious as hell when I saw the handiwork of Mrs Bergson.
I tightened my jaw and clenched my fist promising myself to get to the roots of this fvcking matter.

Who are these people? And why are they here?
That’s the first question you should have asked. My sub conscious suggested immediately.
The older woman’s slight cough snapped me outta my thought.
I guess she was trying to say something when I heard the door slammed.
That should come from the main door. I thought as I gestured to them that I’ll return later.
Lord helped me I was fast enough to fled the area because immediately I left the pink room, the devil walked in.
She paused and tried to catch her breath .
Woow seems something was telling her to rush home to her beloved pink room.

I smirked mischievously at the thought as I stylishly escaped the hall way.
I heaved a sigh of relief when I got to my room.
I was now wondering what she would have done to me if she had seen me.
Okay now, I don’t think the husband is aware of what is going on in his mansion.
This is the point where I believe my mission will be accomplished against all odds.

Well dearies, something dreadful happened on the eve of Christmas 3 years ago and I’m the only witness who’s willing to dig into how it exactly happened.
And I think those people in the pink room can do that for me.
The final outcome of my mission is going to shock the world. Trust me.

Mrs Bergson’s POV

I was so disturbed till I couldn’t bear it anymore than to come home.
I had the feeling that something strange is happening in that sweet pink room.
Is someone trying to break into the room? I asked in my thought.
No, I don’t think so, I replied as I tilt my head to the left.
It better not be, because I’ll kill whoever that it is without a second thought.
Nobody must know who I am especially my husband because the day he does my marriage is over. I know him.
He will gladly hand me to the government.
The thought of that made me shiver.
I rushed to the room with my heart beating fast.
The good life I’m enjoying now depends on this room. The pink room is my life.
I got to the room and found everything as I left.
“Did anyone come in here?” I shouted but not too loud.
They shook their heads negatively and I sighed softly.
“Good” I remarked as I gave them a deadly glare.

Kimberly’s p.o.v

I sat on the kitchen stool still thinking how someone could be this wicked.
I can still recognise the old woman at least though she used to live across the street.
But why is she tied down there? Does it mean she knows the secret?
If she does, how do I get such important information from her?
God…. this is hard.. Diana had said it. What if I lose my life in the process of letting the whole world know who their sweet Mrs Bergson is?
I ran my hands through my head thinking aloud.
Just then the door clicked open. I looked up immediately and our eyes met.
“Kimberly you broke into the pink room?” Mrs Bergson questioned coldly looking straight into my eyes.
I blinked and looked away. I had to think fast if not she’ll skin me alive.
But is she a spirit or something?

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