UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10

Episode 8

Mr Bergson’s pov

She hesitated for seconds before she finally spoke.
“I’m Kimberly Jackson. I didn’t really come here to work as a maid.”
“I took the job so I can expose the wickedness of Lisa Bergson, your wife.”
“I have always suspected her to be the killer of your wife.”
“Though I’ve not watched the video yet…I…”
“I took the video and she is the killer”. I interrupted her and she gasped.
“Don’t let me stop you please continue. I said.
“Sir, I’m an undercover maid. I…I’m really sorry” she said and looked down.
“No…I’m not angry. Your effort is quite commendable. I can’t believe someone can actually do what you’re doing. Taking such a risk just to expose a criminal” I said with a wide grin
“Now, we must not let our guards down. I’m suspecting her to be possessed or something”.
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed a thing like that” I arched my brow and she nodded.
“So she might want to harm you and I don’t want that happen.”
“I want you to be very careful and report any suspicious movement she makes to me.”
“I need to get someone that can track her every move.”
“We are a team now, right? I asked
“Yes sir” she retorted .
“Good” I said almost in a whisper.
“What if she has some magical powers Mr Bergson? ” she asked curiously.
“Leave that to me”. I said.
I don’t really know how to handle that aspect but for a reason I don’t know.
I didn’t want her to feel insecure. I want her to know that I can protect her.

Kimberly’s pov

“Leave that to me” he assured me.
Now this is the point that is confusing.
Does he also has magical powers like his wife?
Nah! I don’t think so. He doesn’t look like it.
So I’ll leave now? I asked.
Yea…let me know what happen next.
I turned on the door handle and I heard
“How about those in the pink room? He asked.
“I really don’t know but they told me she locked them in there” I answered.
“Kim! How did you do it?” he asked sternly.
“How did I do what?” I asked confused.
How did you know about it and I didn’t?” He asked amazed.
“Because I’m an undercover maid” I retorted and he nodded with a smirk rubbing his temples.


2 weeks later

Mrs Bergson’s pov

I made all the necessary sacrifices at the Great Engondo Temple and the spirit finally spoke.
Its voice was as that of a rushing water ready to swallow.
I bet a newbie will easily get scared but I stood my ground having being used to the system.
“Lis..a…a..a.” The voice called out sending sparks of fire all over the temple.
“Great one!” I responded and the same time excited that he had accepted my sacrifice.
I knelt down with my right knee and looked down.
“I have seen your offering and I have come to tell you what will become of you in future”
“Yes Great one” I prayed in my heart that it should be in my favour.
“Y..o..u..r.. F.u.t.u.r.e is U.n.c.e.r.t.a.i.n.”
He thundered and my heart skipped.
“You have flouted my orders by skipping the sacrifices ”
“Gr..eat one. Please what can I do to pacify you?
“No pacification this time human” he retorted angrily.
He appeared this time in dragon like form.
“Use your magical powers. I cannot do anything for you at this moment until when I am appeased” it said and disappeared leaving me speechless.
I dare not speak again after it had gone. It’s considered insolence.
I could not believe my ears. I can’t lose my husband.
I love him so much and neither him nor the world should know I killed Fay. It is going to be damnable.
I was so lose. I thought I had overcome and was not frequent with the sacrifices.
Not until my husband brought that w!tch into the house.
Today is your final day I must kill you and that’s final.


I made plans on how to kill that w!tch. If not through my magical powers, then through my hitmen.
But when I got home I met the most shocking humiliating ordeal of my life.
As soon as I entered the bedroom I met my husband fuming as hell.
“Lisa Petkoff why the hell did you kill Fay? “he blurted and my blood stopped flowing.
I was shaking. I couldn’t control myself, so I allowed my body to drop to the floor.
I sat there on the floor trying to take in the question.
Kimberly oh! Kimberly. I should have killed her on time. Damn it! Stupid Lisa.
“Talk woman” he clipped.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about honey” I managed to lie. I know I was wasting my time with such lies.
“So the video is fake, is that what you’re saying? He asked.
Oh my d@mn d@mn d@mn. The video. Kimberly.
“Now listen. In case you’re planning on hurting Kimberly.”
“I took the video myself from her room when she was in the kitchen that day you argued with her about the video ”
“You had better start telling me why you did it”
“I…I killed her please I’m sorry please. I was jealous. I was stupid. I was…..
“Shut up! You pervert” he added And made to slap me and I flinched.
Then I heard the siren. The end has come. I almost peed in my pant.
“Ethan you called the police?” I asked. He didn’t answer but stood there looking at me confused.

Mr Bergson’s pov

I was as confused as Lisa. Who called the police? Is it Kimberly?

Kimberly’s pov

Why is Mr Bergson rushing things. I thought he said he would take things slow.
It’s too early to call the police. I thought aloud as I covered Bryan with a duvet and close the door behind me.
I went straight to the window to see if I’m dreaming or something.
I can’t wait to see that murderer getting handcuffed. I smirked with a cheeky grin.
But the person that stepped out of the police van shocked me.
What? How?…. I stood there my eyes popping out.

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