UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 1 – 10

Episode 10

White Shadow’s pov

Wow it’s the girl I’ve been trying to protect from Lisa but why is she all alone on this dangerous street.
Too bad she can’t hear me I would have advised her to take a cab.
I got up from where I was sitting and trailed behind her.
I was admiring her beauty and her feminine curves when I saw Lisa again appearing before her in form of a thick black shadow as usual.
I flew immediately and blocked her movement on her.
We exchanged serious looks. I’m sure the girl couldn’t hear us but she was looking confused at the two shadows.
“Lisa stay away from her. Why are you so self-centered?” I asked her blinking away tears.
“What’s your problem Fay? You’re dead and gone, so stop acting like you’re human.” She said.
“Except you want me to kill you the second time.” She blurted angrily and I smirked.
That got me more angry. I think it’s time for me to teach this mortal a lesson.
“Lisa this is not when you killed me. I was weak then. I bet you you wouldn’t like what I will do to you” I stated
“Remember I’m no mortal, I can destroy you if I want.”
“And don’t ever think of hurting that girl because she is under my close watch ”
“I’m the spirits that has been resisting your attacks in the mansion.”
“I like her zeal. She has made up her mind to expose the evil you did to me and Belinda ”
“I don’t want to harm you so you can stay alive and face the consequences of your actions”
“Lisa you betrayed me. I thought you were my friend”
“See what you did to Belinda for the crime she knew nothing about but you framed her”
“Shut up…shut up…you ghost. You don’t have the right to say that to me.”
“Who told you I was your friend? I was only going about with you because you were rich and famous “her words pierced my heart I couldn’t help but cry.
How wish I can come back to life, I would have learnt not to trust anyone.
“Fine Lisa. You won then but not again. This time you’re the loser” I said as the girl reaches the mansion and luckily Ethan was at home.
I whistled and a small wind but strong enough took Lisa to the police cell.
I smiled and sat down in the garden area where I used to sit when I was a mortal.
I sat there and watched the girl entered the mansion but before she closed the door she looked back searching for those shadows I guess.

Kimberly’s pov

The thick black shadow was about to attack me but another shadow I think white in colour stopped it.
I increased my pace and didn’t want to look nor think twice.
How I wish Mr Bergson is at home already.
God I’m so scared. I’ve been hearing stories about ghosts and spirits and how they attack humans. That makes me more scared.
And now I’m a victim. I’ve seen the black shadow before but which one is the White shadow?
I made haste and entered the mansion.
But just before I closed the door. I looked back for the shadows but couldn’t find any.
I heaved a sigh of relief and entered inside and went up to my room.
I guess Mr Bergson is sleeping already after all it is late.
I took a quick shower, wore my pyjamas, prayed for God’s protection and went to bed.


Mr Bergson’s pov

I don’t give a fck about what will happen to my reputation.
I’ll just hand over the video to the police now that I’m back.
She killed, she is a murderer and deserves to die .
I can take care of my son. I know Fay will be happy if at all she has feelings when she learnt that justice is done.
I went to bed but couldn’t sleep so I decided to go down to the sitting room for a bottle of vodka since I couldn’t find on in the mini bar in my bedroom.

Kimberly’s pov

I kept on having stupid and scary dreams about ghosts and spirits.
I got scared that Mrs Bergson may come in and attack me.
I know Mr Bergson will never come to the direction of my room especially in the night.
And besides all the rooms in the mansion are sound proof. No one will hear me if anything happens.
I went to downstairs to the sitting room in case of any attack.
But when I got down Mr Bergson was already standing in the bar area of the sitting room.
He turned and looked at me as if he was seeing me for the first time.

Mr Bergson’s pov

I turned at once and saw Kim standing before me with a look of surprise on her face.
I’m sure she couldn’t sleep either. I blinked more than twice and swallowed hard.
I think I’m only noticing how beautiful and s*xy she looks for the first time.
D@mn it! She is so cute. I poured the drink and gupled down at once and fled to the bedroom before I lose my self control.
Now I can’t concentrate on Lisa nor anything else.
My head is full of images of Kimberly.

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