WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End

Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 21


Adams drove as fast as he could till they got there. Immediately the car stopped,Annabel opened the door and rushed into the hospital while Adams followed her.

She met someone on the way and asked for her father’s ward number

“Ward 103″Was the reply

She rushed to the ward and wasn’t allowed entrance. So she went to the waiting corner and met Lisa with one of the bodyguards Alexa hired for them.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End.

She went and held him

“How did this happen?” She asked shaking him

“I’ll explain ma”He said


Mr. Williams was in his shop that evening arranging some provisions on the wooden shelf when suddenly the shop caught fire. He was a little far from the door and struggled to run out but the fire was a rapid one and spread everywhere immediately making it hard for him to through.

He tried his best but the smoke was making him weaker and weaker. The bodyguards rushed into the fire and were searching for him,calling his name but his voice was too hoarse for him to reply.

In an instant,a shelf fell almost hitting him on the head but thank God,one of the bodyguards was strong enough to whisk him away from there. They rushed him to the hospital and called Annabel before calling Lisa.

Assuming they didn’t get to him on time,Mr.Williams would have been dead by now.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End

After hearing the whole story,Annabel burst into tears as Adams tried to calm her down. The doctor came out of her father’s ward and she went to him

“Doctor please how’s my father?”Her voice shook as she asked

“We need to do operation”The doctor replied

“Operation? Why?”Lisa asked

“Well your father is an asthematic patient”

“What!!!”She exclaimed

“And the smoke has really affected him”

“Please treat him. I can’t afford to loose my dad”Annabel said

“We will but you have to make a payment of 7 million dollars”

Annabel gasped

“7 million dollars? Where am I gonna get that kind of money from?”Annabel plopped down on the chair in frustration

“I’m sorry ma’am but you have to pay first”The doctor said and turned to leave but Adams voice stopped him in his tracks. He was so focused on Annabel that he didn’t notice Adams was there.

“Doctor Joe”Adams called

“Good evening Mr. Adams. Good to see you”He laughed nervously

“Commence treatment immediately as I call my manager”

The doctor nodded and left immediately. He wouldn’t dare disobey Adams. Even if Adams order him to do it for free,he would still obey. He called the nurses and they took him to the theater

“Adams that’s not necessary”Annabel tried stopping him but his mind was made up

He had to go through the pain of seeing the lady he loved so much cry. He discovered there was a fragile side to this tough woman in front of him.

Her family is her greatest weakness

Adams called manager kim and told him to transfer the money into the hospital bank account and it was done.

“Thank you so much”Annabel said

Lisa hugged him

“Thanks Adams. I owe you one”She said pulling away from the hug

“Sorry for ruining our dinner”Annabel apologized but he waved it off

“There is always a next time”He said

Few minutes later…

The doctor came out and informed them that the operation was successful. He told them to go home and come back to see him the next day.

They reluctantly left and Adams dropped them at their house before heading to his.

Annabel entered her room and her phone rang. She saw that it was an unknown number but she picked it up anyway

She was the first to speak


📞Hello Annabel

She heard a snicker from the person and knew who it was


📞The one and only. How does it feel to be left in a dilemma with no where to turn to?

📞You did this? Why?

📞Simple. Stay away from Adams

📞But I have nothing to do with him. I’m only his secretary

📞Then quit


📞You heard me well. You’re lucky your father survived this one but next time I won’t be too lenient. I’ll kill him and Lisa too and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it

Annabel was scared

📞Please don’t harm them. I’ll quit

📞You better do that. And just so you know,I have eyes everywhere. I’m watching your every move

Charlotte concluded and ended the call with a smile of victory plastered on her face. She never knew Annabel could be this vulnerable. Now that she knows her weakness,she was going to use it against her.

Annabel threw her phone on the bed and wept.

Things are happening so fast that she has no chance of retaliation. She was angry and sad at same time.

She took out a piece of paper and drafted her resignation letter.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End


Annabel refused to go to work the next day so Alexa came to visit her. She explained everything to Alexa in tears.

“This is absurd.Why is Charlotte doing this? Is it because of a man?”Alexa asked no one in particular

Annabel sniffles

“Come on Annie…Stop all these. Where’s that strong lady in you huh? Why must you cry over Charlotte’s threats?”

“I can’t help it. My family is involved here. I’m scared”

“Okay. Cheer up,I’ll tighten the security around them. Are you okay with that?”

“You’ll do that for me?”

“Yes Annabel”

“Thank you” Annabel hugged her

“So what about Adams? You love him don’t you?”

Annabel was quiet for a while

“Yes I love him but I can’t see him now that Charlotte is watching me so I’m gonna resign from work for now”

“I understand” Alexa nodded

“Oh I forgot to congratulate you and Richard” Annabel said smiling for the first time since yesterday

“It’s no problem”

“It seems you guys are meant for each other”

“Same way you and Adams are made for each other. He loves you Annie even if he doesn’t show it”

Annabel smiled

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End


Her dad was discharged from the hospital and came home. He had lost his shop but he was alive and that’s all that matters.

Annabel was happy her dad was back and safe. She dressed up and headed for Adams company with her resignation letter.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End

Under a tree in an isolated place,Charlotte leaned on her car waiting for someone.

She was wearing a mini red gown with slim hands and a black jacket with black boots. Her hair was packed in a ponytail and she was wearing sunglasses.

She smiled when she saw the person she was waiting for.

Hailey finally arrived and stood inn front of her

“Good afternoon Charlotte” She smiled

“Hailey,any news from the company”She said

“Yes. Annnabel hasn’t come to work for the past three days. Adams has tried contacting her several times but I think she’s practically avoiding him”

“Exactly what I want. That lady thinks she’s so smart and can take Adams away from me but what she doesn’t know is when Charlotte Vegas brings out the monster in her,people get hurt”

Hailey gulped in fear

“Hailey,you’re my eyes in that office so watch everything happening there and give me feedback okay?”


Charlotte brought out 2000 dollar notes from her car and gave it to Hailey before leaving.

Hailey smiled. It really felt good to see Annabel in a dilemma. Ever since they got a job at Adams company,Annabel had been getting the most attention so she decided to team up with Charlotte and teach her a lesson.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End


Annabel entered with a heavy heart. She had no choice but to do this.

She took the elevator to Adams office and knocked

Adams had not been himself since she stopped coming to work and worse she isn’t picking his calls and is avoiding him.

He heard a knock on the door

“Come in”He answered solemnly

Annabel walked in and his face lit up immediately he saw her.

“Annabel” He called

She strode to his table and dropped her letter

“What’s this?”He asked

“It’s my resignation letter sir”She replied and his face turned pale

“Resignation letter? What for?”

“I’m no longer working here. I quit”


“I know you’ve done a lot for me Adams and I appreciate it. Thank you for helping me treat my father. I promise to pay you back when I get a new job. Goodbye Adams” She turned to leave

He stood up

“Annabel wait…please don’t leave”

“My hands are tied Adams. I have no choice”

“You can’t just go. Not like this”He begged and tears dropped from her eyes

“I’m sorry”She turned the door knob but his last three words shocked her

“I love you”

She stiffened and turned to face him

“What?”She was shocked

“Yes Annabel I love you. Don’t do this to me. I can’t bear this anymore”

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 21 – The End

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